Please Make Calls To Get Animals Out of Circuses!

Tuesday, 6/18!

SB 313 (Hueso) Circus Cruelty Prevention Act goes to Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife for a vote on
Tuesday, June 18th at 9am, State Capitol, Room 444!

Please call your state Assemblymember and say
"Please Vote Yes on SB 313!"

Assembly Water Parks & Wildlife Committee Members

Garcia, Eduardo Chair  (D) 916-319-2056

Gallagher, James , Vice Chair (R) 916-319-2003

Bigelow, Frank , Member (R) 916-319-2005

Choi, Steven , Member (R) 916-319-2068

Chu, Kansen Member (D) 916-319-2025

Friedman, Laura Member (D) 916-319-2043

Garcia, Cristina Member (D) 916-319-2058
Gloria, Todd Member (D) 916-319-2078

Kalra, Ash , Member (D) 916-319-2027
Levine, Marc Member (D) 916-319-2010

Rubio, Blanca Member (D) 916-319-2048

Salas, Rudy Jr. Member (D) 916-319-2032

Wood, Jim Member (D) 916-319-2002