TTC Scholarship Update
November 2014
 The Southern Academy of Etiquette Teaches Formal Dining Etiquette at TTC

"Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot."

- Clarence Thomas


On Friday, November 7th Avery Johnson, Owner/Operator of The  Southern Academy of Etiquette, volunteered to teach 50 students proper dining etiquette demonstrating both Continental and American eating styles. Students were excited to practice good table manners and eagerly requested additional future workshops on etiquette.

The TTC Culinary team prepared a wonderful meal to accompany the lessons.Paula Mckinney, a Senior at Hollis F. Price, enjoyed the experience and said, "The information that I heard today will better my future by preparing me for going out in the corporate world and eating 'fancy.' If my boss or someone of importance takes me out to eat, I will know what to do and how to act."

Avery Johnson showed great passion while facilitating the etiquette training and stated, "The best part about teaching etiquette is seeing students 'light up' when they learn the new skills. They are inquisitive, and they want to learn more. Observing how I have made a difference in their lives is the most humbling part of teaching etiquette skills."


Bon Appetit!


Happy Thanksgiving - Our Cup Overflows 




We are truly blessed by each of you who support our organization and provide our trainees with the resources they need
to achieve their full potential.  

For all that you do we say thank you and wish you and yours a
Very Happy Thanksgiving! 


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