Here's more news you don't 
get  in the US' mainstream 
media:  John Jones 48, one of 
Britain's  top human rights 
lawyers, who  represented Julian 
Assange was  killed last Monday, 
when he was  run over by a 
commuter train.  The death is 
being called a suicide.


British Transport Police were 
called to the West Hampstead 
train  station in North London at 
7:07AM  o n Monday, after a man 
was struck by a  train. He was 
reportedly pronounced dead at 
the scene and his death is not 
being treated as suspicious.

Jones worked on the same team 
as actor, George Clooney's wife 
Amal. He specialized in extradition, 
war crimes and counter-terrorism; 
taking cases from the former 
Y ugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, 
Lebanon and Cambodia.

Jones lived in an expensive home 
in North London, with wife Misa 
Zgonec-Rozej, 40 a director of an 
international law consultancy, and 
his two children.

The news is particularly disturbing, 
host, Bob Beckel recently  appeared 
in a  FOXTV interview and called for 
the  assassination of Julian Assange 
(or  more accurately, "Just kill the 

Assange is believed to be planning 
a strategic "October Surprise" leak 
of a Hillary Clinton email, just prior 
the US Presidential Election. It  
purportedly contains information 
that will definitively put her behind 

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