10 May 2019.  Embargo: None
Julie Girling MEP:  Why I will be voting for the Lib Dems in the European Elections
Many of my constituents and supporters have contacted me over the last few weeks to ask for advice on how to vote in the European elections. I appreciate the confidence they have shown in me and the very many sincere messages of regret that I will not be standing for re-election.
I have decided that I will be voting for the Liberal Democrats on 23rd May. This is not a partisan choice I am working on the basis of this being the most likely way to maximise the 'Remain' vote and ultimately achieving a People's Vote. 
This is my thought process.
I will only vote for a Party with a clear and straightforward commitment to a People's Vote and the option of Remaining in the EU. In the South West that means the Lib Dems, Change UK or the Greens. There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing between these three:
1)  Do I support their general political direction (other than Brexit)?  Lib Dems Yes, CUK Yes, Greens No
2)  Do I think they have the infrastructure/experience to function as productive MEPs? Lib Dems yes, Greens Yes, CUK No
3)  Do they have broad appeal, proven electoral success and campaign infrastructure? Lib Dems yes, Greens maybe, CUK No
4)  Have they enjoyed recent success in the local elections? Lib Dem yes, Greens yes, CUK No 
5)  Who has the current political momentum and the most chance of maximising votes for Remain? Lib Dems.
As you can see, by my criteria the Lib Dems are by far the best choice. It doesn't mean I've become a Lib Dem, but they have my vote on this one and that would be my advice to anyone who cares to ask.

Julie Girling MEP


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Julie Girling MEP