How to Manage Grief During Back to School Time
Back to school means different things for different parents. There may be a sense of excitement and relief that the holidays are finally over, or maybe nerves and apprehension for first time parents. 

For bereaved parents and loved ones, this back to school period can be intensely challenging. It may come as a harsh reminder that your special child will not be going to school this year, another milestone event they will miss. 

Outpourings of support are common during special holidays, like Christmas or Mother’s/Father’s Day, or significant personal days like birthdays and death days. 

But back to school is different. Families may feel alone and isolated. It is often these fairly normal life occurrences that can trigger bereaved families and throw them back into the depths of their grief.

AUGUST 26, 2021

Be Proactive in Healing
Therapy is often helpful to sort out the intense emotions associated with your grief.

Find a Balance
At times you will feel overwhelmed with emotions, and at other times, you will feel distant from them. Work towards a balance.

Write in your Journal
Keep track of fond memories you had with your loved one or write a letter to your loved one updating them on your current life.

Honour your Loved One
Share stories of fond memories with those around you.

Contact Julien's House
Grief is a journey that need not be travelled alone. Through our peer-to-peer support called “companioning” we have well trained volunteers who have experienced grief through the loss of a loved one or have experience in bereavement support.

Please recognize this day by lighting a candle on Sunday, August 26th at 7pm to remember all of the children who have lost their lives too soon.
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AUGUST 30, 2021
Support a Grieving Friend
Offer to support your friend in whatever way they need. Check in on them, understand the grieving process, listen more, let them cry, ask questions, offer practical help, be willing to sit in silence, and remember important dates.

Engage in Self-Care
Everyone grieves in their unique way. Go for a walk outside, call a friend, listen to music, write in a journal, go for a bike ride, join a bereavement group and engage in small acts of kindness for others and yourself.

Join a Restorative Activity
Restorative Activities help with gaining some balance in your life. They can provide the breathing space and breaks from grief your body needs to reconcile your loss and boost your mood (Julien's House).

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