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Juliet Canha

A Short Bio...
Back in 1994, the Lord spoke to me through some elders at a prophetic presbytery. The word they gave to me said that I was to serve God's people as an "encourager."  The heart of the message was to seek to comfort others, with the same comfort I have received from the Lord, because so many of my brothers and sisters in God's house need encouragement.

Since that time, God has faithfully led me on a journey of equipping for the work of ministry that He has called me to. I am a graduate of Bible school, a licensed minister, and a certified Christian counselor. About 4 years ago, God inspired me through one of my college professors, to start sending out regular devotionals through e-mail. I now have a blog site where I post these devotionals on a weekly basis.

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I have had the privilege of being a part of Kansas City Healing Community for the past few years. My husband, Randy and I recently co-led a marriage class for KCHC, and we fully support their hearts for "encouraging" God's people!

KCHC Hopes You Can Be Encouraged By Juliet

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"Spiritual Wholeness and Emotional Comfort" 
by Juliet Canha

"One counseling session with Juliet led me to actions that very quickly brought me out of a 10 year stronghold I'd been seeking freedom from for years.  Juliet reminded me that
 the Lord is on my side. She reminded me, while I was in a deep valley of shadows, that the Lord is abounding with goodness that He wants to shower me with. That reminder was just what I needed to let go of the mental limitations I had put on the Lord and let Him work true miracles in my life."
- Megan R. Handy - KCHC
Juliet Also Offers Christian Counseling
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(Juliet Charges $40 per individual session and $50 for couples)