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July / August 2020 Newsletter
SCDOT advocacy update:
Bike Ped Safety Action Plan
PCC continues to communicate with SCDOT about the upcoming Bike Ped Safety Action Plan. Recall we advocated for this plan with SCDOT, as part of a comprehensive, multi-year policy campaign, in coordination with our SC Livable Communities Alliance. The formulation of this statewide Plan is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2020. PCC will likely be a key stakeholder, helping SCDOT reach out to other stakeholders statewide.
SCDOT advocacy update:
Complete Streets policy
We last reported the SCDOT Secretary of Transportation was developing the Departmental Directive for Complete Streets. This policy would direct central SCDOT priorities, in planning and safety and design, with a more equitable approach to all modes, in a data driven process, focusing on the whole context-sensitive street, all road users, with better coordination with local governments and citizens. We continue to advocate for this central policy. Stay tuned for a possible Action Alert, in coordination with our SC Livable Communities Alliance, since SCDOT has temporarily gone dormant in our communications with them on this important policy initiative. We will see this multi-year, comprehensive policy campaign through to completion.
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PCC Board: seeking nominations!
The PCC Governance committee is now accepting nominations for the 2021-2024 board term. Please submit nominations here. We are seeking nominations from a diverse set of applicants, while hoping to diversify our board. Nominations or applications will be accepted from people throughout the state, from all disciplines, all backgrounds, all experience levels, who believe in our current mission and work. PCC's board is a board-elected-board, and elections occur before the July 1, 2021 start date.
FestiVelo Rescheduled to 2021
Due to ongoing complications from Covid-19, the Festivelo team reluctantly concluded that it is appropriate to reschedule this year's event to next year, 2021. The new date is November 10-14, 2021. For more info, see the event website here.

A consequence of this change is FestiVelo will be unable to direct proceeds this year to PCC, the statewide voice of bike and walk advocacy in South Carolina. We encourage you to make a donation to PCC to support this important work.

-Charles Fox and the FestiVelo team
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Good Reads: Speed Limits & Vision Zero
We're reading a lot about speed management these days, since mitigating it can bring huge traffic safety benefits for everyone. It's becoming a larger part of the safe streets conversation among many partners. Yet a lesson learned is enforcement should occur in tandem with engineering, something we often hear engineers say when lower enforcement limits are proposed (posted speed limits) "artificially".

See what Atlanta recently accomplished in this article here, passing policy to make 25mph the standard speed limit downtown, in tandem with engineering. Then read about Greenville's "20 is Plenty" campaign, now gaining real traction. Columbia has also seen speed limit reductions occur in multiple neighborhoods, often in tandem with engineering changes.

For more info, NACTO has a new framework here for setting speed limits. Vision Zero has a similar plan, laying out the need for a 3 pronged approach: Better Street Design, Automated Speed Enforcement, & Safe Speed Limits. New York City's Transportation Alternatives organization recently their "Case for Self-Enforcing Streets", a direct response to recent public outcry. As we set our legislative agenda for the coming year, we're curious your thoughts on Automated Speed Enforcement - tell us your opinions here.
Local Spotlights:
Charleston and Greenville recent advocacy
Charleston Moves continues to advocate for Open Streets. In June, Charleston Moves worked with the immediate need for making room for public space changes from covid-19, by working to formulate Open Streets recommendations. Stay tuned to their outreach for updates.

Charleston Moves worked with the City of Charleston’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee, where they serve with many others, including staff from multiple City Departments. These were the first proposals moving forward.

  1. South Market Street: full closure between Church and State Streets.
  2. Wentworth Street: between Meeting and King Streets for expanded bike access.
  3. Parklet opportunities, with Upper King Street and Avondale being potential locations and an op-in program for businesses.
Bike Walk Greenville continues to advocate for maintaining funding for important infrastructure in Greenville County. When the economic effects of Covid-19 threatened to impact important funding streams, Bike Walk Greenville stepped in; read about their advocacy here.

This group also continues to move forward with their 20 is Plenty campaign. See their latest presentation to their City Council here, which is a great snapshot in this evolving campaign to bring greater safety to vulnerable road users through speed management.

See PCC's blurb above about the emerging issues of speed management, especially as it relates to proper implementation through equitable enforcement.
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