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July 2015 - What you need to know!
July Pests - Spiders? What to do?

Spiders are arachnids not insects.  Arachnids have 8 legs, no antennae, and 2 body regions.  Insects have 6 legs, 1 pair of antennae, and 3 body regions.  There are about 37,000 species of spiders that have been named.  This represents only about 1/4th the total amount of all spiders.  Luckily only a few types are considered household pests and almost all spiders found in Florida are harmless to humans.  Almost all spiders possess venom, but most cannot penetrate the skin of humans with their fangs... 


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First Things First - When Building a Home
Paul and Sandra Mathies have lived in Naples for 42 years. They have known Phil Hadley most of those years and have used the services of Collier Pest Control, both for their home and for Phil's construction business for over 35 years.

Their courtyard home was designed by Phil, who is with A.V. Builders. Every room has a view of the beautiful courtyard with a pool lined with sparkling, deep blue, glass tiles. 
Enviro Care - What it is and Why you should care

Collier Pest Control recognizes the need to offer an option of a no spray, non-organophosphate pest control treatment. Collier Pest Control searched for an alternative method of pest control, a new system and a non-traditional spraying system.


Collier Pest Control offers the Enviro-Care Pest Control Treatment done Natures Way! A totally new concept of doing pest control. NO ORGANOPHOSPAHATES, NO CARBAMATES, NO CHLORINATED HYDROCARBONS, and absolutely no odors inside your home or business! This new and exciting treatment gives everyone an alternative when concerned about the use of pesticide sprays in their home. The Enviro-Care treatment puts greater emphasis....


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Here's Some Really Cool Pests To Learn About
Florida Midges - What you need to know
Many people have an uncontrollable fear of snakes. Whatever the reason for disfavor, all snakes are beneficial to the balance of life and the animal kingdom. 

The Florida Midge emerge from lakes in astronomical numbers, covering walls of homes, and forming heaps of wispy corpses under outdoor lights. 

They are sometimes called blind mosquitoes because when their multitudes are disturbed in their resting places on lake shore sedges, they rise up with a mosquito-like whine and fly clumsily away among the vegetation, as to recognize a good meal when it walks into their back yard.... .


No Spiders - Guaranteed 6 Months?
Almost all spiders in Florida are harmless to humans.  Only the Black, Brown, Red Widow and the Brown Recluse are poisonous spiders native to Florida. 

If you're fed up with spiders making their unsightly webs around your home, we can clear your home of those dirty looking spider webs for up to 6 months at a time with Collier Pest Control's "No Spider Treatment." 
Meet Our Staff - Nicole Gonzalez

I am a 5th generation born and raised here in Naples and Marco Island. I graduated from Barron High School in 1999.


My mom's family, the Doxsee Family, opened the 2nd clam factory on Marco Island called Doxsee Clam Cannery in 1911. They operated the clam factory until 1947.


My great grandfather, James Harvey Doxsee, served as Collier City's only mayor in 1927. Collier City was an area on Marco Island created in 1927 and dissolved in 1957.


I am married to my husband Ryan for 13 years and have 3 beautiful children.


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Collier Pest Control was awarded the Super Service Award again for 2014
Ann Kamenicky Testimonial for Collier Pest Control

Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wishes to thank all of the Angie List Members for giving Collier Pest Control positive reviews and reports on their network!  


After Angie's List received all of your positive reviews over each of the past years, Angie's List awarded Collier Pest Control with their Super Service Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  This means we received A rated reports....


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Occupational Discounts
Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wants to be supportive of our community and the people that make it work! Collier Pest Control thinks very highly of all people that offer their life to the betterment of our community with their life work. This is why we are a offer pest control OCCUPATIONAL DISCOUNTS to all public service people of our community. Read More - Click Here
Offer Expires 7/31/2015. Proof of service may be required before applying the discount. Excludes Rodent Proofing and Termite Services.
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