July is National Minority
Mental Health Awareness Month

Dear HCC Members:
Hello Everyone, Summer is in full swing and HCC has plans and events going on this summer! This edition of the HCC Newsletter has information and resources on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month as well as current and up-coming HCC projects and events.

For any questions related to information contained in this newsletter or related to youth substance use prevention, please do not hesitate to contact us at  hcc@councilonaddiction.org or (716) 373-4303 ext. 518.

Please follow us on social media! Facebook: @yourlife-yourchoicehcc or Twitter & Instagram: @healthycattco.
Thank you all for that you do in the community!
HCC At The Cattaraugus County Fair
HCC partners will be representing the coalition this year at the Cattaraugus County Fair in Little Valley, NY.  In an effort to bring the community together and to prevent underage drinking, HCC will be sponsoring a “Scavenger Hunt” contest as a unique way to conduct a “Town Hall” meeting.  The focus of the Town Hall is to prevent underage drinking in Cattaraugus County. Please visit our website  www.yourlife-yourchoice.com for complete contest details.  The top prize for the Scavenger Hunt is an Access Pass for a family of (4) to the Holiday Valley Sky High Adventure Park!

 Olean Police "Ticketing" Kids With Free Slurpees For Good Deeds.

Olean Police Department has partnered with Healthy Cattaraugus County for another summer to provide patrols in an effort to educate youth on the dangers of substances as well as prevent youth substance use.  This year, OPD is also ticketing kids with free slurpees for good deeds! Read more

Tackling Mental Health Stigma

Strength Over Silence
Stories Of Courage, Culture And Community
In this ongoing docuseries, NAMI highlights perspectives on mental health from the African American and Latinx communities. Through candid and courageous stories of lived experience, these mental health champions share their resilience and recovery. Read more

 Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Health, Mental Health, and Substance Use in Early Adulthood
Research has shown that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) increase the risk of poor health-related outcomes in later life. Less is known about the consequences of ACEs in early adulthood or among diverse samples. Therefore, we investigated the impacts of differential exposure to ACEs on an urban, minority sample of young adults. Health, mental health, and substance use outcomes were examined alone and in aggregate.  Read more
HCC Is At The Movies

HCC is at the movies! This summer HCC has an advertisement at the Allegany, AMC Movie Theater!  If you are at the movies and see our ad please let us know on social media. This will help create a community effort to spread the message for youth to  “Have a Safe Summer”  without the use of alcohol and others substances!   
Have A "Safe Summer" and prevent Youth Alcohol and Substance use.

Although most teens look forward to summer break, many of them grow bored by the second week of vacation. And sadly, many bored teens spend their summer vacations  staring at their electronics . Read More

Next meeting is August 1st!
Help Is Only A Phone Call Away!
Youth Crisis Hotline Information
  Cattaraugus Community Action
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (888) 945-3970
Olean General Hospital
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (800) 339-5209
24-Hour Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741