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Happy People

          July, 2019

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"The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right 
to pursue happiness. 
You have to 
catch it 
- Author unknown, commonly 
attributed to Benjamin Franklin
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There is a song by the popular country band, Little Big Town, entitled  Happy People, that I am drawn to lately. I wanted to share the lyrics with you in the hopes that you can take the rest of this summer and relax a little bit, take some time to just be happy and enjoy and appreciate what you have and who you are. Just want to add, being happy as long as we are not hurting others or doing anything illegal.

One of my favorite lyrics in the song is "Happy People don't fail, Happy People just learn." We are so frightened of failing sometimes that we don't go out of our comfort zone due to fear. If we looked at experiencing something new as a learning opportunity instead, would you live more of life? 

Two recent experiences where I went out of my comfort zone were giving a presentation to part of my church community and walking a metal plank on an obstacle course that hung out over the ocean. I do not consider myself a great presenter but encourage myself to do it several times a year to learn how to do it better. The metal plank was scary but exciting, as I was the first in my family to attempt the obstacle course on the back of the cruise ship we were on a couple of weeks ago. I learned that I still believe in myself and it's OK to be a little scared.

If you get a chance to listen to the song in its entirety, it's a fun and simple uplifting song. Life doesn't always have to be complicated. Sometimes simple is best. 

Enjoy your summer and Happy 4th of July.
Celebrate our country, each other and be safe.

As always, please pass along this information to someone you feel may benefit from its content.

Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT
305 Miron Drive 
Southlake, TX 76092
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From The Positive Perspective......    

Happy People
By Little Big Town

Happy people don't cheat
Happy people don't lie
They don't judge, or hold a grudge, don't criticize
Happy people don't hate
Happy people don't steal
'Cause all the hurt sure ain't worth all the guilt they feel
If you want to know the secret
Can't buy it, gotta make it
You ain't ever gonna be it
By takin' someone else's away
Never take it for granted
You don't have to understand it
Here's to whatever puts a smile on your face
Whatever makes you happy people
Happy people don't fail
Happy people just learn
Don't think that they're above the push and shove
They just wait their turn
They always got a hand, or a dollar to spare
Know the golden rule, what you're goin' through
Even if they never been there
If you want to know the secret
Can't buy it , gotta make it
You ain't ever gonna be it
By takin' someone else's away
Never take it for granted
You don't have to understand it
Here's to whatever puts a smile on your face
Whatever makes you happy people
These days ain't always easy to find
They're the ones that you want standing by your side
No time for greed, if they need some, give them a slice
And we'll all be happy people
Well life is short
And love is rare
And we all deserve to be happy while we're here
Please listen to the song if you can.  It has a fun beat as well.  

If we look at the situations in life
From The Positive Perspective, we can work through anything.

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I wish you well...