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I hope you are enjoying this summer and the beautiful weather!
This year is rolling by fast.  Since our last newsletter, the AMTA NJ Chapter-Board held our New Jersey Sate Convention on April 22, 2018 in Somerset, New Jersey.
Our presenter for the  convention's education portion was none other then James Waslaski who is an absolutely phenomenal instructor and provided us with detailed  information and instruction on how best to address injuries relating to both the lower and upper extremities.  If you were unable to attend the April convention, don't worry!  There will be more opportunities to catch  James in action in the near future!
AMTA National will be celebrating 75 years of service.  This year's National AMTA Convention will prove to be bigger and better than 2017.  The line-up of prestigious presenters and exciting courses is quite impressive!  Be sure to join our AMTA-NJ Chapter Board and your fellow AMTA-NJ Chapter members this year in Washington, DC for this cannot-be-missed event!  AMTA NJ Chapter pins will be available for New Jersey therapists to hand out to other AMTA Chapter members over the course of the convention.
AMTA-NJ Chapter Highlights!
Our very own  Robin S. Miccio, MS, LMT, CEIM who coauthored an article on Regional analysis of U.S. Insurance Reimbursement Guidelines for Massage Therapy.  See link below to read  Robin's article in its entirety.  Great job Robin!

Elections were held for AMTA-NJ Chapter Board President, Secretary  and one Board member.  Election results are as follows:
President:  Earline Fair-Edwards
Board Member - Angelina  Wilkinson
Secretary - Kelly  Skellinger
The AMTA-NJ Chapter Community Service Massage Team participated in The Brain Tumor Walk held in Asbury Park, on May 12, 2018.  Weather did not deter participants from eagerly lining up to receive their massages.  I would like to give a special shot out to Jeff Swann,  who is truly a warrior, always willing to lend a hand wherever the need exists.  Jeff truly is a warrior.   The AMTA NJ Chapter Community Service Massage Team also participated in the Monmouth County Mental Health Counselors event  in Colt Neck, New Jersey  on June 15, 2018.  Participants in the event included counselors who assist people in our communities with facing difficult situations on a daily basis.  I'd like to extend one last shot out to Marty Fitzgerald and Adrienne Asta  for their participation. 
If you are still interested on being on the Community Service Massage Team please contact  
Let us welcome on board our new Government Relations Chair - Cynthia Sinicropi-Philibosian, LMBT.  Thank you for all that you bring to the table!  We look forward to working with you in this capacity.  

Welcome New Members - AMTA-NJ Chapter Board 

We are truly pleased to welcome  all new members who  joined this wonderful association in 2018!

You will find opportunities here to enhance your learning and mentorship that will lead you to your next endeavor.

Thank you for selecting  the American Massage Therapy Association NJ Chapter as your chapter to inspire, educate, and  mentor each and every one of you.
Our profession is moving on up!

Welcome Aboard!

Your NJ AMTA Chapter
Education Workshop  - Angie Wilkinson
The AMTA-NJ Chapter Board will be hosting our next continuing education event for CPR and Ethics this September 9, 2018 .  Both events will be held at the Bordentown Elks,11 Amboy Road, Bordentown, NJ. The first session of CPR will be at 9 o'clock am - 12 o'clock.  Then second session will run from1 pm until 3pm.
The cost for the CPR session is $55.00.  Ethics will count for three continuing education credits (CEUs) and Ethics will be provided free of charge to New Jersey Chapter members. A free buffet lunch will be included at no cost to our members.  
Registration for the CPR session is mandatory.  Please click the link to register for CPR.  CPR will be offered in two sessions. Depending on class size you may be require to switch to accommodate the instructor and other participants.    Click here
If you are only taking Ethics please send an email to: Please include in the subject line "Ethics" You can also register for CPR via the AMTA NJ website. 
Thank you, 
Angie Wilkinson, LMT-NJ, BCTMB
Board Member/Event Planner  
Government Relations Report - Cynthia Sinicropi-Philibosian,LMBT
This past year has been busy for the NJ-AMTA Government Relations Committee. The GR Committee continues to monitor activity and proposed bills that may impact the profession of Massage and Bodywork Therapy in New Jersey. NJ-AMTA retains the services of PPAG (Princeton Public Affairs Group - a State and National lobbying firm), who have been instrumental for the past 20 years in assisting AMTA through the regulatory process in New Jersey. PPAG is always available and attentive in responding to the concerns of AMTA. Their efforts have helped to preserve our privilege to practice, and through licensure secure our right to work. On behalf of the chapter membership, the GR Committee with the help of National AMTA and PPAG, is supporting and advocating for the adoption of Proposed Senate Bill S2428 which will"require that massage and bodywork therapists and employers carry professional liability insurance."   This will not affect AMTA members because as a benefit of membership we have liability insurance. This requirement will be beneficial to further assure Consumer Protection, as well as protection for the licensed therapist, in cases of alleged practice wrongdoing. Additionally, ABMP is in alliance with AMTA in support of this proposed bill. The GR Committee strives to meet the purpose of its mission and remains available to help members who may have concerns and problems related to licensure and business practice. Currently the GR committee is working towards creating ways to provide education to AMTA members and municipalities regarding issues and concerns that impact the practice and legislation of Massage and Bodywork Therapy in New Jersey. If you, as a chapter member, have concerns or problems regarding licensure, please reach out via email   We will do our best to help you.
Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep hydrated!
Respectfully Yours,
Cynthia Sinicropi-Philibosian, LMBT
Chair, NJ-AMTA Government Relations

Membership Communication and Research ---- Robin Miccio
If you have not already please read the article on A Regional Analysius of U.S. Insurance Reimburse Guidelnes for Masage Therapy.  Here is the link to review the entire article by Robin Miccio and Virgin Cowen.  
Press here for link for above article  [] 
The Research Corner
Managing pain and fatigue in people with spinal cord injury: a randomized controlled trial feasibility study examining the efficacy of massage therapy.
People with spinal cord injury (SCI) often experience chronic pain and fatigue that is severe to excruciating. Management of this chronic condition is difficult. Current treatments include pharmaceuticals, physical activity, and cognitive behavioral therapy. A limited number of studies found that pain and fatigue can be decreased by regular massage, so this study explores it further.
Membership Media Corner
All AMTA-NJ Members can advertise here for $10.00.
You can post information here such as rooms for rent, selling supplies, and upcoming events.
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