July 1, 2018: Year 9; Edition 13
Hi, All ~

A mere 59 days remain before the Ninth Annual NOVA Open.

And it is going to be simply amazing.

Once again, the staff put in a herculean effort to bring you our best ever lineup of organized play, seminars, previews, special guests, vendors, board games and, by far, the coolest ever Foundation Lounge experience to date.

If you've followed the newsletter, you know all about these things. Today, I want to draw your attention to something very important to me and which is uniquely special at the NOVA Open. When we attend conventions, we look forward to connecting and reconnecting with friends - those we attend with and those we meet there. This happens at NOVA Open, to be sure.

What I've noticed over the years - that which well and truly stands out - is the way our volunteers and attendees band together to make it a long weekend of bonding with each other and creating new friendships. Is it the Foundation Lounge, the warm way in which we all greet each other, the con amenities which seem to minimize attendees' need to leave to do other things, or the common charitable goal we all share? I don't really know, but I've never quite seen a venue where it is so easy to make lifelong friends out of strangers in just a matter of days.

If it's your first time at the NOVA Open, don't miss out on this element to the con. Take time to visit the Foundation Lounge, check out the huge array of vendors, and introduce yourself freely to anyone who seems interesting or in need of a smile. Our special guests, volunteers, vendors, and attendees love the social experiences at NOVA Open, and are always ready to make a new acquaintance who shares their hobbies and interests. Furthermore, make sure you return the warm hello when someone else introduces themselves. It might just be me checking in to see if you're having a great time 😉.

Pay very close attention to the newsletter and any e-mails you receive from the NOVA Open over the next 8 weeks. We've got even more great information to share going forward, and you don't want to miss it! We simply cannot wait to welcome you in August.

Very Best,
Mike Brandt
With today's announcement by Warhammer TV that Kill Teams will release in July, we are letting you know NOVA Open will have Kill Teams organized play events this year! When we know more, you'll know more! In the meantime, we can tell you this: NOVA Open's members of the Mournival Games Workshop 40K playtesting team are excited to prepare a high-quality informative primer that will be ready on Day One of release. Stay tuned as Games Workshop unveils more and more of this sure-to-be incredible game. While he can't talk about it, NOVA's CEO gets an excited glint in his eye any time he hears Kill Teams mentioned, so it's sure to be exciting! Warhammer TV and Warhammer Community are the places to watch for more info; NOVA Open attendees may also want to keep an eye out for future newsletters - we'll share what we can when we can.
Watch the WHTV Teaser for Kill Teams here: https://www.facebook.com/WarhammerTVteam/videos/610940722634243/
The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation began operating in 2013. Its mission, as a non-profit, is fundraising to demonstrate the compassion and generosity of the world-wide tabletop wargamer community. To date, over $130,000 has been donated to numerous charities – primarily, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House Foundation.

This summer’s TWENTY-TWO (22) SUMMER RAFFLES will focus on those three amazing charities.



This morning, at 12:00am on July 1st, the 2018 Summer Raffles went live. The Artists’ Consortium – those renowned hobbyists who volunteer their time and energy to creating and painting models, detachments and armies for NOCF – continues to grow, and the results of their dedication are evident in this summer’s twenty-two (22) raffles!

Thank them by purchasing tickets. They have worked tirelessly to provide you with an amazing slate of offerings to help raise funds for their named charities, and .95 cents of every dollar you spend on tickets will go directly to those charities. The .05 cents remaining covers PayPal fees and the cost of shipping to the winners – anywhere in the world!

You can also help the NOCF, which has donated over $130,000 since 2013 on behalf of the compassionate and generous world-wide community of tabletop wargamers. How? Boost the signal and share the NOCF, its website, and the raffle pages with your friends, gaming buddies, on your blogs and in your social media outlets. If you are a podcaster and wish to interview an artist or member of NOCF, email customerservice@novaopen.com

These are RAFFLES, not auctions. Everyone with a ticket has a chance to win. Last year, the NOCF set a goal of raising $50K with the 2017 Summer Raffles, and you met it! This year - with what Dave Taylor describes as “arguably the best collection of offerings we’ve had so far” - we are hoping you will smash our $60K summer goal. Though the excitement is surely about owning any one or more of the 22 lots in this raffle, the actual result is in the world’s acknowledgment of this community through powerful and significant contributions.

Here are some important things to note about how the NOCF raffles work:

  • Tickets can be purchased from ANYWHERE in the world via the website (novaopenfoundation.org). Sales will close at 12:00 noon on Sunday, September 2, 2018.

  • The drawings will take place, and winners announced, at NOVA Open 2018 on September 2 – but you do not have to be present at NOVA Open to win. NOCF will ship anywhere in the world with a valid mailing address.

  • Winners will be contacted directly, via the email associated with their PayPal receipt, no later than 9/5/2018. The email will arrive from novacharites@gmail.com.

  • Tickets are either $2 or $5; they may or may not be limited. Checkout requires a minimum $10 sale. This minimum ensures that the maximum percentage of each ticket purchased will benefit the designated charitable cause.

  • No members of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc., Board of Directors, and no member of the NOVA Open Executive Committee, are eligible to win. NOCF artists are eligible to win any item other than those they worked on.
Only   $40.00

Order your NOVA Open X-Wing Mat TODAY. This is our shortest presale window to date - open for two weeks only ... act now or pay $45 at the convention.

The NOVA Open is proud to offer this vibrant mat to our attendees early. Artwork by our own Roy Scales, with our thanks!

Only   $20.00

Order your NOVA Open Destiny Mat TODAY. This is our shortest presale window to date - open for two weeks only ... act now or pay $25 at the convention.

The NOVA Open is proud to offer Roy Scales' artwork for Destiny players, as well. Limited quantities at the convention; ensure you own one of these by pre ordering now.

The Champions of the Age of Sigmar are about to be unleashed! PlayFusion and Games Workshop have combined their mighty talents to bring you " Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions" the physical and digital trading card game.

Build your forces around four champions and defeat your opponent!

PlayFusion CEO and co-founder Mark Gerhard shared: "Partnering with Games Workshop fulfills a lifelong dream of contributing to the Warhammer universe. The majority of our team and I grew up part of the Warhammer community, so it’s a huge honour for all of us to not only partner with such an iconic British company but also to contribute to one of the original and best fantasy IPs in the world. We are really passionate about developing a rich and innovative new way for the community and beyond to experience the Age of Sigmar.

PlayFusion will be heading to NOVA Open 2018 where they will offer several days of demos in their Regency level location; Forge World will be selling the product. Don't miss it!
On June 21, Mike Brandt spoke to Forge the Narrative. You can listen to this episode here to get Mike’s tips on tournament prep and enjoyment, his thoughts on our NOVA Family, and observations from individual games at the London GT.

On June 22, The Best General interviewed Mike about his win at London GT, where Mike talked about the growing pains of running and expanding a major event, the importance of the community’s experience in shaping 8th edition, and (of course) his four ordinary Tauroxes. You can listen in here
Remembrancer's Retreat, a Horus Heresy Podcast, recently interview NOVA Open's 30K lead, Marc Raley. Listen to it here http://bit.ly/2JKQOuW

Dave Taylor spoke to Remembrancers' Retreat-A 30K Horus Heresy Podcast in a mini episode, about this year's NOCF raffles. You can listen to the podcast here .

Stop by the Foundation Lounge on Thursday evening, between 5:30 and 7:30pm to meet the cast and crew of Remembrancer's Retreat. They are Keg Night donors to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation in support of the Lounge and they will have the mic during those hours. Stop by and show the love by joining the NOCF in thanking them for their support.

If you want to contribute to the cause, let us know by writing to:

Che ck this out: Gamers make movie about gamers:
Assembly Required Kickstarter     http://kck.st/2La7UCY
TERRAIN DAY - July 14th
We Still NEED You!!
(Recognize Mike in this graphic?!)

We have at least one more terrain build ahead - 7/14 - before we turn out attention to packing swag, raffles and prizes! It is these final call-outs that make a year of preparation worthwhile.

Black Maria Designs has donated a large amount of terrain to NOVA Open 2018 tables. They will be on hand at the 7/14 terrain day helping our growing team of amazing builder volunteers build, prime and paint those donations. Learn the tips and tricks that make this terrain great for your game tables!

Can we count on you? All events take place at our Lorton facility; evites are sent the Monday ahead of each event.

Email customerservice@novaopen.com if you wish to be added to the staff list.If you don't receive you evite, check your spam folder and then write customer service - we want you on the team!
If you're new to the area, or not on the current distribution list, contact customerservice@novaopen.com. Watch your inbox for the EVITE invitation which lands about a week before each terrain day.

Follow the progress of NOVA Open's terrain builds at
Blog managed by our Minister of Terrain, Bob Likins

JULY 14th - 10:00 AM
Park on any yellow painted curbs

The 2018 NOVA Open schedule is always current. Take time to review - fill in any gaps in your own plans for the convention.

Watch for new events and seminars and stay on the newsletter distribution for news, changes, additions and updates!
What game and events are on your NOVA Open radar this year? Primers can change up until and even after registration. NOVA Open leads are highly responsive to questions, commentary and input. E-Mail  customerservice@novaopen.com 
Click any event title to see the Primer. If your event primer is not linked here, visit novaopenstore.com - they will be available for viewing there first. 
It was our initial plan to put the finishing touches on our Warhammer 40,000 GT/Invitational missions and format two month ahead of the con this year. We hit it! Since last week's revision and feedback, we've finalized the primer. Thanks to an unprecedented (and wonderful) level of feedback and engagement from the community, we're proud to say these are our very best missions to date. This is no mean feat by the 40K team, given the impact our missions have had on ITC and the general tournament scene. These represent our final tweaks for 2018:

  • Tailored Ops clarified in terms of how scoring multiple points off the same unit-kill works. We intended this to apply only to Strike the Rank and File, Marked for Death, Shoot the Big Ones, Headhunter, and Titanslayer. Thus, we now renumbered the Tailored Ops so these 5 are #s 6-10, and clarified you may not earn the same point for the same unit kill on #s 6-10 only. Long story short, if you kill 2 units in a turn that you both Marked for Death and satisfy another of 6-10 (such as Shoot the Big Ones), you can only score one point for each. However, if your third Tailored Op is Moment of Bloodshed, you would also score that for killing 2+ units in a turn.
  • Heart of the Matter replaced. Heart of the Matter became a cautionary tale in how iterative mission design can occasionally render a certain criteria obsolete. Our revisions over the past year sought to make it difficult to a) automatically/very easily score all 12 Tailored Ops points, and b) score more than 1 point a turn from most Tailored Ops. In so doing, Heart of the Matter went from simply an end-game checkbox (for having your Warlord close to the center of the table) to a very oddball requirement that your Warlord end at least 4 turns in contact w/ the center of the table. The result wasn't so much hard to achieve as not worth selecting for most players, and thus became obsolete. We replaced it with Breakthrough.
  • Breakthrough added. The new secondary requires you to START your turn with one (or more) of your units WHOLLY in the enemy Deployment Zone. On face value, many armies can achieve this. However, it's important to note the unlikelihood of doing so on Turn 1 and the inability to score more than 1 point a turn for this. Moreover, since it is scored at the start of one of your turns, your opponent always has the opportunity to kill the offending unit. On the plus side, it enables you to force difficult firing solutions upon an opponent who outguns you by using mobile units to dive into their deployment zone in difficult-to-assault flank locations (i.e. do they keep outgunning you by killing optimal targets, or do they stop you from scoring points?). It also retains a balance in the number of mobility/board-control Ops available for selection. A founding principle of the missions is that armies can score points off Tailored Ops by focusing on killing OR getting to the right places on the board, so outgunned (or out-board-controlled) armies can still win by playing a better game.
  • Time Policy Expanded and Updated. The NOVA Open's expanded time policy is designed to ensure the greatest number of games finish on time, so players enjoy as much of their gaming experience as possible.
  1. Instead of calling "Time Remaining," we will be calling generally expected milestones your games should be at. While the primer includes specific details, we've learned over the years that even very competitive players generally do not have a firm association of where they should be relative to time. For example, if you are still finishing deployment with 2 hours left in the Round, most players simply think "2 hours, that's plenty of time," when in fact you're close to a half hour behind for the average 3 hour Round! So judges will be focusing on where you should be at, not exactly how many minutes remain (though there's still a clear schedule and we'll remind you of it).
  2. While we will not be using chess clocks on every table, nor expecting you to perfectly align with our milestones (plus we want everyone to be able to relax enough to enjoy themselves!), judges and refs will be able to use these milestones as a set of guidelines to assist in making calls to help games finish that may be falling too far behind. While "help" will generally be in the form of encouragement to stay on pace, we reserve the right to apply a chess clock to games we feel will benefit from it for fair completion. Also take note that we are far more comfortable with a game getting 5 of 6 turns without excessive judge involvement, than only getting 3 or 4.
  3. In support of empowering players to finish games on time, we will attempt to release pairings for each round as early as possible (and ideally ~15 minutes) before the round begins. As soon as we can process results and push pairings, we will. Make sure to put Best Coast Pairings on your phone app (if you have a compatible smart phone) so you know the moment your particular pairings go up! Players who happen to be able to start their Rounds earlier as a result are more than welcome to do so.
Board games are back at NOVA Open, and we have some exciting events planned. Once you have your Convention Access or Day Pass, entry into tournaments is free. Availability is on a first come/ first serve basis, so sign up at www.novaopenstore.com to lock in your seat today.

Here is a short list of the fun you can expect at NOVA Open 2018:

  • Board Game Library: Board Games at NOVA Open would not be possible without the help of our amazing sponsors. Join us in thanking ATLANTIS GAMES & COMICS for providing our Board Game Library again. Check out dozens of games, including favorites like Pandemic, Catan, Ticket to Ride and more – for kids of all ages!

  • Tournaments: A full slate of board game tournaments for both casual and strategic games is planned. Review the comprehensive schedule of events on the following pages. Don’t forget to go online and sign up.

  • Demos and Learn-to-Play: Learn how to play games you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t found the time to dive into.

Experienced staff from NOVA Open will be available to teach and answer any questions you might have. Register for scheduled games or stop by anytime to see what might be going on. Return to this link between now and August 15 to check for ongoing updates!
It all started in a small corner of the Shire, in a sleepy village called Netley Marsh. There lived a quiet little hobbit whose childhood was filled with nothing more sinister than scrumping apples and running through farmers' fields. He soon grew to be a giant among Hobbits, and it became his duty to spread news of Middle-earth far and wide. This hobbit, called Adam-Troke, soon learned of Games Workshop and the Strategy Battle Game which would consume his life and include mystical flights to foreign lands in great metal eagles. 

Today, Adam-Troke finds himself bursting at the seams with knowledge recently gleaned from secret meetings. Though he knows he cannot share - YET - he is equally aware the responsibility is upon his shoulders to announce all of this news to the entire community. What does he know? How will he reveal these hidden truths? Where and When?!

The future of Games Workshop's Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game will be revealed! Adam-Troke will discuss expected updates and plans for the future of the game - and they are exciting! Expect more as this hobbit is filled with ridiculous trivia he would throw your way for no other reason than good measure!

Details are finalized: Adam-Troke will reveal in person, at NOVA Open 2018 - Friday, August 31 at 10:00pm. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to sit at the hairy feet of the master, a self-proclaimed hobbit since age 10!
Robin Cruddace, lead rules writer for Citadel Book and Box Games Studio, and the man behind Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition, will be replacing Jervis Johnson at NOVA Open 2018. Join us in welcoming this great addition to the Games Workshop Community Team.

Robin had this to say, "I'm really excited to be attending the NOVA Open for the first time; it's going to be great to meet and talk with fellow hobbyists face-to-face, peruse all the different armies on display, and check out the latest tactics on the battlefield."
For those who are familiar with NOVA Open, you have come to expect paper tickets for seminar attendance in your badge package when you arrive at registration. For 2018, the NOVA Open has automated the process by transferring the check-in process to our instructors or to NOVA Open staff. The one of these individuals will be taking attendance before each class. Be kind - this is new to them, as well.

At the convention - If you'd like to attend a seminar that you have not previously signed up for, you must register at the Badge & Ticket counter located next to Check-In on the Independence level.  

EXCEPTION: There will be paper tickets for large scale events (specifically, the 9 listed below); take time to ensure those tickets are in your badge when you arrive at registration:
  1. Your Actions Determine Your Future - A Star Wars: Destiny Discussion 
  2. Stay on Target - A Competitive X-Wing Discussion
  3. Games Workshop Preview Event 
  4. Games Workshop Presents: Writing for Black Library
  5. Games Workshop: Developing the Community
  6. Games Workshop: Meet the Studio 
  7. Games Workshop: Meet the Studio 
  8. How to YouTube: Technical Details
  9. How to YouTube: Content, Branding, and Promotion

Please email customerservice@novaopen.com with questions.
Seminar sales have picked up; make sure you register now before the seminar you want is sold out. The NOVA Open is always a great opportunity to learn awesome new skills for all sorts of gamers and hobbyists. 

The NOVA Open is bringing our attendees 85 seminars from some of the best painters and instructors from around the world. Seminars range from display to hobby seminars for all levels; including specialty seminars on topics like 3D printing, lighting, terrain, starting a YouTube channel, and unlocking your inner hero.  

Take this opportunity to improve your paining, learn to paint faster, or learn a whole new technique!

Many of the seminars will provide you techniques to improve your hobby or display painting across numerous genres and categories (Star Wars, Infinity, Games Workshop, Internationally Renowned Instructors, Display focus, Terrain, and many more)

Star Wars Focused Seminars include:
  • Your Actions Determine Your Future – A Star Wars Destiny Discussion featuring game designer Jeremy Zwirn
  • Stay on Target – A Competitive X-Wing Discussion
  • Introduction to Painting X-Wing Miniatures taught by Madeline of LIghtCraft Miniature Studios
  • Highlight and Shading Inorganic Miniatures taught by Madeline of LIghtCraft miniature Studios
Infinity Focused Seminar Includes:
  • Corvus Belli Exclusive Q&A featuring Gutier Lusquinos
Internationally Renown and Limited Seminars include:
Display focused Seminars include:
  • Building a Display Base with Matt DiPietro
  • Dramatic Lighting taught by Roman Lappat
  • Intro to Scenic Basing taught by Shoshie Bauer
  • Mast of Reality taught by Sam Lenz
  • Monster Flesh: Painting Non-human Skin with Matt DiPietro
  • Understanding Textures with Matt DiPietro
Hobby Focused Seminars include:
  • Designing Colors for Space Marine Armies with Alfonso ‘Banshee’ Giraldes (seminar includes 5 Primaris Space Marines
  • Speed Painting to Above Tabletop with Stiff Neck Studio
  • Games Workshop Hobby classes with Duncan Rhodes
  • Layering for Smoothness taught by Sam Lenz
  • Intro to Airbrushing with White Metal Games

  • Prep & Assemble MDF Terrain taught by Death Ray Designs
  • Painting MDF Terrain (Factory New) taught by Death Ray Designs
  • Painting MDF Terrain (Rust and Ruin) taught by Death Ray Designs
  • Modifying MDF Terrain (Destruction and Rubble) taught by Death Ray Designs
Specialty Seminars include:
  • Introduction to 3D Modeling and Printing for Wargaming
  • How to Youtube: Technical Details
  • How to Youtube: Content, Branding, and Promotion
  • Unlock your Inner Hero
Games Workshop Seminars:
  • Games Workshop: Meet the Studio with Jervis Johnson and Pete Foley
  • Games Workshop: Developing the Community
  • Games Workshop Preview Event 
Games Workshop's Andy Smillie, Pete Foley, and members of the Warhammer Community team will host the latest Games Workshop Preview for 2018 at the NOVA Open this year. This event is fast become famous as the largest of sneak peaks and reveals of what's to come in the Worlds of Warhammer.

250 seats available ~ more than 210 claimed!

Sign up today and be among the first to find out what's next: Could it be new rules, miniatures, or even games? Even we don't know! If you only attend one seminar this year at NOVA Open 2018, it should be this one.

The seminar is free , as long as you have a Convention Access Pass (CAP), and will take place, Wednesday, August 30, 2018 from 7:30-9:00 pm at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City (location of the convention). 

Attendees must sign up for the seminar at:

NOVA Open's check-in desk will open no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, 8/30; arrive early to pick up your access pass and seminar ticket.
In the world of art, many individuals may throw around labels naming one artist or another as forerunners in the craft. In the case of painter and sculptor Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes, however, the title of “forerunner” is merited. As instructor to world famous artists such as Roman Lappat, Raffa Picca, and Ruben Martinez, Banshee emerged from the rich fabric of Madrid’s artistic heritage to become one of the first professional miniature painters in Europe before working at major studios like Knight Models and Forge World. Given his credentials, the NOVA Open is incredibly excited that he will be teaching several classes at NOVA Open 2018, including Ambiance Class 75mm and Designing Colors for Space Marine Armies.

The NOVA Open had the unique opportunity to speak with Banshee about his work, inspiration, and career. In part one of our interview, we discuss what inspired the artist to pick up the brush, how the combination of Spain and European culture shaped his work, and the way that he has influenced an entire generation of artists in the hobby.

NOVA Open: At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to become an artist? What was that "a-ha" moment like for you?

Banshee: All my life, I was connected with art somehow. I started drawing at a very early age and I was always talented with artistic disciplines. I practiced piano, theater, drawing, painting, so somehow it was always with me, in me, and near to me. My father was passionate about painting and the Prado Museum was a most usual weekend activity. At school, I was always drawing. When I had to decide what degree to pick in the university, though, I was not courageous enough to pick fine arts. I decided to go for advertising and marketing, thinking that this would be more beneficial for me.

After some years working in different jobs, including graphic design and advertisement, I realized how sad I felt for not painting or sculpting 24 hours a day. I decided to jump to a professional artist's life when Knight Models called me to offer me the main painter position. I had worked as a main painter in my university period, doing it at the same time as my studies. At some point, I felt that my soul forced me to pick this path. Somehow, I always knew it.

NOVA Open: How did Spain's long history of great artists influence your work? How did your visits to museums like the Prado, the Thyssen, and the Reina Sofia guide your path as an artist?

Banshee: Definitively, I was influenced by all this. Spain is full of art. And on the other hand, the golden era of the Golden Demon forced us to travel to many other European contests in the UK, Germany, Italy, or France. These experiences were crucial for us so we could learn from other painters, techniques and styles. For me, I had always been a backpacker traveler, so I had visited almost every main museum in Europe. The distances here are small in comparison with the U.S. or Canada, so we have many possible influences close to us if you are a good observer and you really want to learn.

Obviously, culturally, if you were born in Spain, you have a bit of an advantage because my country has art in our blood and roots and many of the main inspirations of my art studies do come from the Spanish tradition: from [Diego] Velazquez to [Francisco] Goya or [Pablo] Picasso, but especially [Joaquin] Sorolla, a Spanish post-impressionist who is one of my top three painters of all times. His control of brushstrokes, light, colors and how to create specific ambiance and moods is outstanding. Also, I have been able to see his artwork many times - his house, which is now is a museum, is literally a 20-minute walk from my parents’ home. Seeing these pieces so easily have been a big, big influence for sure.

NOVA Open: How has the miniature painting scene in Spain inspired your work? What makes it special compared to other painting communities in other European countries and the United States? 

Banshee: Well, to be fair, Jose Palomares ( Big Child Creative’s art director) and I were the first fantasy painters who became professional full-time artists in Spain. Back at this time, there were a few historical painters that were making money with their work, but only three or four that were painting as a full-time job. It was a very amateur scene. Jose and I, started becoming professionals around 2004 or so. The truth is that, coming from the scene of fantasy painting, Jose and I were the first real professionals. And to be very sincere, about 50 percent of the professionals of the painting community in the world, they have been my students at some point.

In Spain, probably 90 percent of them were, and the new and younger generations are apprentices of my students. Sergio Calvo and David Arroba were students of Ruben Martinez who was my student many years ago. I’m trying not to look arrogant, but maybe my classes had inspired more people than vice versa, at least in Spain. Marc Masclans, Emuse, Ruben Martinez (the painting manager at BigChild Creatives), Diego Esteban (Hera Models, BoS Monte San Savino), Javier Gonzalez "Arsies," Miguel Matias, Rodrigo Cipres, Pedro Souto (Lotina and Forge World), Elias Alonso (Scale 75), and Volomir - all these guys and many others who I might not remember, they have been my students.

The same with many international painters who are very known right now, some of them they were my students before becoming popular and some others when they were already masters such as Ben Komets or Roman Lappat, people like Andy Wardle, Matt DiPietro, Caleb Wissenback, Aaron Lovejoy, Raffaele Picca, many, many painters. I have been very lucky and I feel honored to be part of their careers, sometimes bringing them some inspiration or planting some seeds. That’s actually my main focus and I am 120 percent committed to teaching, which actually is my main job for many years.

I think that Jose and I, we were very influenced by a certain style of colors and contrast coming from the historical side of the field in the 90’s, and combined with the fantasy masters at the beginning of the 2000´s in France. We had the chance to meet, compete against and share with them. So we developed a certain style that later was spread by many, many courses and workshops and by the very popular (but now extinct) forum of the Spanish team. That big community grew from our styles or processes or experiences. I think that what happened in Spain from 2003, it was the seeds of what is happening right now, something similar to what Roman Lappat had achieved in Germany and Europe a bit later than us, but there are big similarities.

And concerning my old style, I don’t think I have big influences from a community, but I would say that Jose Palomares. He was my main inspiration, mainly because we had worked together in so many projects - especially Andrea Miniatures and Knight Models. Somehow we became brother in arms, and rivals and competitors sometimes, too! Watching him working was always a flame for me in order to be able to improve. My other influences were classic masters, especially Raul Latorre, Bill Horan, and Mike Blank. I am an old man, hahaha.

Stay tuned for part two of our interview with Banshee in the next edition of the NOVA Open Newsletter.
Forge World Event Exclusives (listed below) are a range of products which are only available at the events they attend - including NOVA Open 2018.

Forge World will host a Staff Only Sale for those volunteers who participate in set up between Monday and Wednesday (August 27-29) at Lorton or the Hyatt Regency. The sale will take place ahead of the Games Workshop Preview Event. Pick up your badge and Staff Ribbon at registration when it opens on Wednesday. Plan to attend the Staff Only Sale at Forge World's Vendor space - EXCLUSIVELY FOR STAFF - from 5:30-6:30 pm that evening.

Forge World will host a SuperNOVA Only Sale on Thursday, August 30, 2018, from 8:00-9:30am. Wear your SuperNOVA badge to the Forge World booth!
  • Retro Land Speeder
  • Alpharius
  • Cataphractii Praetor with Combi-Weapon & Hammer
  • Traitor Cataphractii Librarian
  • Beta Warlord Head
  • WHW Chaos Dwarf
  • Imperial Knight VIII
  • Legio Custodes Tribune Ixion Hale
  • Grak and Crumbleberry, The Right Stuff
  • Alfrid Lickspittle
  • The Heirs Or Erebor. Thorin Oakenshield, Fili the Dwarf and Kili the Dwarf 
  • The King's Companions: Balin the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf, Gloin the Dwarfr and Oin the Dwarf
  • The Three Brothers: Ori the Dwarf, Nori the Dwarf and Dori the Dwarf
  • The Cousins: Bifur the Dwarf, Bofur the Dwarf and Bombur the Dwarf
KR Multicase will be back at NOVA Open this year. If you’re planning to attend and are excited to add to your growing collection of the latest carrying solutions from KR Multicase, take some time and think about pre-ordering today!

It couldn't be easier: Visit www.krmulticase.com and load your cart with your customized wish list. Proceed to check out and select the “Click & Collect from a Show” option ~ then choose NOVA Open.

It gets better: You will then have the option of paying immediately for pick up at the convention – or you can place your order and pay when you get to NOVA Open 2018. KR Multicase wants you satisfied – there is no obligation to buy! In fact, if you would like specific trays at the show for testing and trying out with your models, just pre-order to pay at the show. You could also send them an email or place a call – ( https://www.krmulticase.com/contact-us)- ask them to bring along whatever you want to check out in person.

Pre-orders for custom colored foam will close on August 1; pre-orders for blue-colored foam will close on August 15. Order Today!
HMGS will be sponsoring awards for Historical Single Figure and Historical Machines of War in NOVA Open's 2018 Capital Palette miniature painting competition. There will be three places awarded in each - 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Considered one of the premiere international painting contests, the Capital Palette is a juried, open forum, three-judge event. The contest began in 2013 and has become a recognized force for promoting the excellent artistic endeavors of miniature gamers. HMGS awards were specially added for the first time this year to encourage the tremendous artistic talent of HMGS members and Historicon attendees through participation in the event.

The Capital Palette has recently expanded to include three divisions (Apprentice, Journeyman, Masterclass), six categories in each. It is the expectation of Capital Palette's judges that the new divisions will allow submitting artists to use this format as a better way to judge the progress of their work from show to show, without concerns about what other artists may create. The 2018 panel of judges is led by renowned miniature artist, Dave Taylor ( Dave Taylor Miniatures), who is joined by Roman Lappat ( Massive Voodoo) and Matt DiPietro ( Contrast Miniatures

In this open forum competition, there can be multiple gold, silver, or bronze winners in a category (or no winners), and each exhibitor's work is individually evaluated, receiving the level of award the judges feel their work merits, without regard to the awards given to other pieces in the exhibition. As a Crystal Brush qualifier (held at Adepticon each year), Capital Palette's BEST in SHOW winner will receive contest entry and a choice of merchandise or air fare.

Read more about entry, rules, prizes and judging in the Capital Palette Primer.
The NOVA Open is pleased to announce the judges for Capital Palette 2018:

These three world renowned miniature artists will take on the herculean task of judging hundreds of miniatures across three distinct divisions, potentially awarding six prizes in each division. The new divisions - Apprentice, Journeyman, Masterclass - are explained more fully in the Capital Palette Primer It is expected that submitting artists will use this expanded format to better judge the progress of their work from show to show, without concerns about what other artists may create.

The Capital Palette's 3-judge panel will award gold, silver, and bronze accomplishment awards in each division's 6 (six) categories. In an open forum competition, there can be multiple gold, silver, or bronze winners in a category (or no winners), and each submitting artists’ work is individually evaluated and receives the level of award the judges feel their work merits, without regard to the awards given to other pieces in the competition. Division winners will also receive crystal awards. Please check out Section 2.0 of the primer for a list of additional award categories.

We hope you will consider participating in this miniature art competition. If you do, note the Capital Palette Medaling Ceremony will take place in the Foundation Lounge (rooftop venue) beginning at 2:00pm on Sunday, September 2. Podium Awards in the Masterclass division will take place Sunday evening at the Final Awards Ceremony (approximately 7:00pm). Capital Palette's Best in Show winner will receive entry into CMON's Crystal Brush ( http://www.crystalbrush.com/) with prize.
The Tabletop Olympics (TTO), started in 2014, is a free personal achievement and group competition for anyone who attends the NOVA Open. Players accumulate personal "forever achievement points" and can also form groups of 3 to 20 people to compete against other groups. Points can be amassed individually and/or combined with other attendees if individuals band together for group points. In addition to tracking points for teams during NOVA Open 2018, we will also keep track of cumulative points for individuals that accumulate across NOVA Open conventions.
If individuals form groups, they need a Point of Contact (POC/Captain) and a group name. The POC must verify the name is not already taken by registering it with the NOVA Open. POC must also submit/verify list of NOVA Open registered members. We recommend that individuals form groups early; groups can consist of individuals participating in a range of point generating activities..

Groups must email customerservice@novaopen.com to register groups. This portal is open through August 15; it is reopened onsite at the NOVA Open when registration opens on Wednesday, August 29 .
In addition to earning points by participating in activities, teams can also earn points through team spirit and good sportsmanship. If a team is witnessed by the NOVA Open Staff supporting their fellow team members in a tournament through cheering or wearing team shirts, they will be awarded bonus points depending how strong their team spirit is. If the NOVA Open Staff witnesses a team member going out of their way to help individuals, they will also be awarded bonus points that is up to the discretion of the staff member.
Winners will have their names permanently emblazoned on the NOVA Open Olympic Torch Trophy. As a participant in the Tabletop Olympics, every individual point earned equals an additional chance of winning a prize in the Final Ceremony Raffles; Check-in required (which adds another entry in your name!) Must be present to win.

Here are some helpful hints to make your check-in at NOVA Open 2018 faster and easier:

  • Ensure your account at novaopenstore.com is set up with your first and last names entered in the correct sequence. To check this, log in to your account and click on your user name in the upper right corner of the screen. When your account info page opens, you can edit if necessary.

  • Why? Your convention badge is printed with the name listed as "first." This is also a good time to insert a nickname if that is your preference.

  • Does your account have a proper email address, one you currently use? If yes, we can contact you; if no, you will not be able to receive important newsletter and splash info.

Final Note: Passes are not mailed. They will waiting for you at registration check-in (or the SuperNOVA desk), when you arrive.

Please email customerservice@novaopen.com with questions.
The NOVA Open is a full 4-day convention with a move-in this year from Monday, August 27th to Wednesday, August 29th - and a move-out day on Sunday, September 2 to Monday, September 3rd. 

Able bodied support staff is needed for move-in and move-out: SERIOUSLY! The NOVA Open moves out of eight storage units using two massive semi tractor trailers into 75,000 square feet of convention space at the Hyatt Regency. We run on volunteers - top to bottom. Every bit of help given is why NOVA Open has become the greatest US East Coast TTWG convention

Non-player staff (aka significant others, parents, family, children) are always needed to help cover any number of daily shifts at registration, badge station, store, raffle desks, gate receipts, SuperNOVA desk, halls, Hobby Haven, seminar rooms and more. Anyone willing to join the Photography crew is also a hot sought-after commodity!  

Make Friends for Life: We'll keep you busy while you're having the Best Time of Your Life (feel free to insert music/lyrics into your head here)!

If you have questions or want to sign up, email: customerservice@novaopen.com.
Hyatt's NOVA Open room block is sold out. We recommend you use the Hyatt link: https://aws.passkey.com/go/NOVA18 first "in case" there is a recent cancellation. If not:

The NOVA Open has contracted with the Marriott Courtyard next door at $99/night with half-price parking. When the Courtyard block is full, NOVA Open will consider contracting with the Marriott Renaissance, located just outside Hyatt's back doors. Marriott booking link: https://bit.ly/2J9hzcO

If anyone runs into trouble booking rooms, let us know and we'll try to help:
Courtyard by Marriott
Arlington Crystal City/Reagan Airport
2899 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202
(just a hundred or so steps from Hyatt's front door)
$99/night ~ 50% discount on parking
Use this Link for Reservations: https://bit.ly/2J9hzcO
Hyatt Regency Important Information

Chesapeake View - Foundation Lounge:
We are pleased to announce that the NOCF Lounge has now been permanently moved to Chesapeake View

NOVA Open Room Block Rates:
  • Single or Double occupancy: $97
  • Three in a Room: $122
  • Four in a Room: $147

Length of Block:
  • The NOVA Open room block begins Saturday, 8/25 and ends Monday, 9/3 - keep in mind, it looks like NOVA Open will be underway late afternoon of Wednesday, 8/29

  • The Washington DC area hotels have adopted policy (this includes Hyatt and surrounding properties) which will put a hold of $50 for incidentals at check-in ... FOR EACH NIGHT YOU BOOKED. This will typically impact only those using debit cards (as opposed to credit cards). Regardless, if you plan to be on site Wed-Mon (5 nights), a hold of $250 will be put on your card. No incidental charges to your room = full release upon check out.

Check In / Check Out:
  • Check in is 3:00pm; Check out is 12:00pm. Early check in and late checkout requests, booking upgrades to rooms and suites, may receive additional charges.

Departure Fee:
  • A one-night rate fee "can be" assessed if an attendee fails to give Hyatt a 24-hour notice of early departure.

Roll Away Bed Fee:
  • One-time fee of $25 for a roll away bed; limited / request early.

When Hyatt is Sold Out:
  • Contact NOVA Open (customerservice@novaopen.com) if you are unable to book at Hyatt; this will notify us of any issues and allow us to expand the block. NOVA Open is negotiating room rates and perks at surrounding hotels (like 2017) ahead of expected Hyatt sell out - which well could be BEFORE registration launches on March 1. Receiving and reading the NOVA Open bi-weekly newsletters is the best way to stay informed and prepared.
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