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July 1, 2020 | Issue 8
Big Birthday Month!
Two of our lovely Smithfield residents reached significant milestones this past month. Celine Fish, a nearly lifelong Smithfield resident, turned 100 and Nina Zanni turned 105.

Nina Zanni shared some of her insights on life with us below.

Her secret to a long life?
Never ate breakfast, lived on Italian Food, only washed her face with soap and water, took her vitamins, and only tan your legs and back in the sun never your face and don’t forget the night cream. She also says she has good genes – her mom lived until 103 and her two sisters are still living and in their 90’s. Nina also said to make sure you go to your doctor physical every year. Her husband refused to go and when they found his cancer it was too late.

How has the world changed from your youth to now? 
When she was a “tot” there were no cars but they did have a horse and buggy. Her father finally got a car when she was a teenager but you had to crank it to get it started. You couldn’t go out at night because there were no street lights and you couldn’t find your way home. No electricity and no fridges you cooled everything in an ice box. 

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Being a mom to her 4 children and traveling. After her husband Guido retired they traveled everywhere. The only destination she has never been to is China!
Nina said at this age she has been through it all and has had a wonderful enjoyable life. She always says “Go on with your life the way God wants you to live”.
Legal vs. Illegal Fireworks
In Rhode Island, only ground and hand-held sparkling devices (“sparklers”) are legal for use by the general public. These devices are ground-based or hand-held devices that produce a shower of white, gold, or colored sparks as their primary pyrotechnic effect. Additional effects may include a colored flame, an audible crackling effect, an audible whistle effect, and smoke. These devices do not rise into the air, do not fire inserts or projectiles into the air, and do not explode or produce a report. (A mild audible crackling-type effect is not considered to be a report.) Ground-based or hand-held devices that produce a cloud of smoke as their sole pyrotechnic effect are also included in this category.

Rhode Island General Law § 11-13-1 states that no one can sell, use or possess display fireworks or aerial consumer fireworks. Certain fireworks and devices that are exempt from the definitions of display fireworks and aerial consumer fireworks include but are not limited to:

Ground-based & hand-held sparkling devices, fountains, Illuminating torches, wheels, spinners, flitter sparklers Sparklers, party poppers, snappers, toy smoke devices, snakes, glow worms, wire sparklers and dipped sticks.

“Illegal Fireworks....
Any firecrackers, rockets, mortars, or any other device that launches a projectile and/or makes a "bang"/detonation/report are illegal per RIGL § 11-13-1.

To file a complaint or report the use of illegal fireworks, contact the Smithfield Police Department at 401-231-2500. DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 to report fireworks or loud noises.

Police Chief's Corner
On June 20, 2020, the Smithfield Police Department demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to duty by ensuring that the Black Lives Matter march/rally was safe for all involved. The march began at Deerfield Park and ended at the Smithfield High School track where a speaking program capped off the event. Smithfield Police Officers closely monitored the march and provided hydration for the participants.

Fire Chief's Corner
What is social distancing?
Limiting face-to-face contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home.

To practice social or physical distancing stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people.

In addition to  everyday steps to prevent COVID-19 , keeping space between you and others is one of the best tools we have to avoid being exposed to this virus and slowing its spread locally and across the country and world.

Limit close contact with others outside your household in indoor and outdoor spaces. Since people can spread the virus before they know they are sick, it is important to stay away from others when possible, even if you—or they—have no symptoms. Social distancing is especially important for  people who are at higher risk  for severe illness from COVID-19.

Many people have personal circumstances or situations that present challenges with practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please see the following guidance for additional recommendations and considerations.

These topics can be found at

This information has been provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Refuse and Recycling
Elementary Reconfiguration Project Update
Summer is officially here and the construction teams at Anna M. McCabe, Raymond C. LaPerche, and the Old County Road Elementary schools are completing sitework and selective demolition.
At McCabe, the General Contractor has already poured sections of the new addition’s foundation. New sanitary and storm water drainage runs, including over a dozen manholes and other structures, have been put in place. The scope of this project also calls for new underground electric service to the school and National Grid has already set a new utility pole. Grading and site work have also been moving forward to prepare for paving work related to the improved student drop-off and bus-loop traffic patterns. Inside the building, crews are working to get the new electric room up and running, and work is about to begin on the new fire-protection system which will include extensive sprinkler work.
At LaPerche, work includes excavating and installation of drainage structures and piping. General grading throughout the site as well as grading for spillway ponds and bio-retention areas is ongoing. Excavation for the perimeter footing of the new addition was recently completed and the contractor is installing formwork and rebar in preparation for concrete. Trenching and preparation for the new electrical service is complete.
Old County Road is undergoing selective demolition. Crews have taken down the original main entrance and some architectural elements to make way for new construction. Selective demolition for the improved fire-protection, electrical system, and administrative area is also taking place.
And for interested bird watchers, McCabe has another pair of Killdeer’s nesting on site; this time only inches away from where work is taking place. Earlier this spring, two separate pairs of this federally protected species made their nests within the construction zone, and the Project Team took steps to make sure they were not disturbed as the project advanced. All eight eggs hatched and the parents successfully led their chicks off site.
Agendas, minutes, and presentations are posted on the school construction update page.
 Smithfield COVID-19
Support Fund
The Town of Smithfield has partnered up with John J. Tassoni,Jr. to create a COVID-19 Support Fund to help Smithfield residents who are in need of assistance.
Gift Cards or Donations can be delivered or mailed to:
Smithfield Town Hall
c/o Town Manager, Randy Rossi
64 Farnum Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917
Donations can also be accepted electronically through PayPal!
  • Accepting Applications for the Smithfield Youth Council

  • The Town Manager is now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Smithfield Youth Council.
  • The primary function of the Youth Council is to serve as a communications link between young residents of the Town and Town Government. Through the creation of this youth council the Smithfield Town Council and the Town of Smithfield have sent the message that our youth represent not only our future, but our present. 

  • Vacancies for Town Boards and Commissions

  • The Town is currently seeking volunteers to serve on various boards and commissions. These boards and commissions act as advisory committees to the Town Council. Town residents with an interest in serving on any of these boards or commissions are encouraged to apply.
  • Interested parties should submit a letter of interest to the Town Manager’s Office, 64 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917 along with an application form. A letter of interest may contain your interest or experience in the field of each particular board or commission that you are applying for and, optionally, resume information.
  • Check online for board & commission vacancies at Onboard click the “Run Report” button on the left of that page.

  • Smithfield Samaritans

  • The Smithfield Town Council has an initiative program called “Smithfield Samaritans,” and encourages anyone in the community to self-nominate or submit a name to the Town Manager, of a Smithfield resident or business in town who is doing or has performed an act of kindness or a good deed that is notable or charitable.
  • The Town Council will review all nominations that are submitted and will each month select one individual or business to be recognized with a citation and the opportunity to speak at the council meeting explaining their good deeds “on the record.”
  • The nomination form is available online here as well as printed copies available in Town Hall.
It is our hope that the number of subscribers will continue to grow over time in an effort to reach most households and businesses in Town. If you have friends or family that may be interested in receiving our electronic newsletter, please forward them a copy. Subscribing to the electronic newsletter is easy and painless.
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