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July 10 Greetings

I have another idea for our inspirational signs out in front of our building. You know the bumper stickers that say “Got…milk”? Well how about we follow that old advertising campaign, and change it up a little….to say: “Got…legacy?”

As I previously shared, I’ve been on a roll recently in participating in memorial services. And then yesterday I drove by the remains of this horrific car accident on Pioneer Parkway, which looked like it involved the loss of life. And of course, we have the threat of the ongoing virus strains. This all has me soberly looking at my life and the life we collectively try to live by faith. These events continue to remind me that our life is “like a mist that appears for a brief time and then vanishes” (James 4:14). Everything and everyone is temporary. And the human memory goes only for maybe one or two generations, and then all that we have said and done will indeed be forgotten.

The only legacy that we can be a part of that will last is one that is connected to eternity. What kind of impact are we having on the souls of humanity? What kinds of things do we pray about? Are we focused on the Big Picture…or just what’s in front of us at the moment? We so often can get caught up in our own vision for things. We get so easily disappointed in others and in organizations. Forgetting the temporariness of life, our expectations can run all over the place.

I have been a part of two church start-ups: one that never got off the ground; and one that started, but did not end up the way our original team planned, and has none of the original team as a part of it. I continue to learn that the church as a whole is really out of our hands. If the Holy Spirit is not behind it, it will falter. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether Aunt Marsha or Uncle Jack paid for the pews and the tables…the only legacy that remains are the souls that were cared for and loved and nurtured by that church. We learn to let go of our sense of earthly ownership in spiritual matters, and become aware of what is invisibly happening around us—the Kingdom of God in our midst is growing.

There seems to be a growing sense of urgency in the air. As we look in the mirror, we indeed see that we are aging… As we look around the earth, it is also aging… And very much hot and on fire! Everything is temporary. And yet, we are blessed to be a part of Emmanuel Lutheran—a church that has stuck around for a while, and is impacting people with eternity: divine love, grace, truth and purpose. We are connected to helping people discover what it means to really live and to leave a legacy!

At a recent memorial service I was a part of, we learned the man did not come to know Jesus until he was 55 years old. He had stated, “I hope most of the first part of my life is forgotten and forgiven”. He spent the last 30 or so years of his life very intentionally serving God and his neighbor. Even in his death his memorial service was very encouraging and uplifting: he had created a variety of ministries and supported many others.

May we too continue to dream big and prayerfully consider what the Lord has for us to do in the coming days. For we do not know how long those days will last. Got…..legacy?

Here's a beautiful rendition and reminder for us:

We don't require masks during worship for who have been vaccinated, but feel free to wear one if you feel more comfortable, or if you or a loved one have health issues that necessitate it.

Please be careful about wearing strong scents to church.

Our Endowment Committee will be awarding their 2020 grants tomorrow!


Outreach News

Our July Mission Outreach partner is Stepping Stones Ministries. Their Work Day at the store is Monday, July 12. Restocking and reorganizing are among their needs. Let Mary Jensen in the church office know you will be there!

We are collecting backpacks and school supplies for the Humboldt Unified School District until July 30.

The Navajo Lutheran Mission is our August Mission Outreach partner and we will receive a wish list from Pastor Kate for the Mission.


We are busy getting ready for our VBS weekend at the end of this month! Click on the flyer to take a closer look.

Please spread the word, and…we are still looking for some volunteers! If you can commit to Friday night, that’s great! If you can commit to the 9-12 Saturday, that’s great…if you can commit to 12-4pm Saturday, that’s great too! Get the hint..? We’ll take ya where and when you can be there!! Please keep us in prayer as we try to reach out to the community to invite local children!

A Vitalant blood drive is scheduled at Emmanuel:

Monday, July 19, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.: Emmanuel Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall!!!

Most people can donate blood, and we hope that you will roll up your sleeve and give a gift of life.

Make an appointment between services tomorrow in the narthex. We will will need volunteers to help after worship next Sunday, July 18, to move all the tables and chairs out of the Fellowship Hall to prepare. Plan to be at the church at noon!

Vitalant - Home

While there is no inherent risk of getting coronavirus when you donate blood, donors and staff are required to wear masks or reasonable cloth-based face coverings. Read our COVID-19 FAQs.

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A Bible verse for today:

I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well. For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God…

2 Timothy 1:5-6

Peace in Christ,


Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Prescott Valley, AZ

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