In the spirit of Governor Dewine’s recent order, we strongly recommend that everyone attending Mass wear a mask if they are able. Please keep in mind, however that some individuals cannot wear masks due to health, mental or emotional issues. It is not our place to question or judge a person’s reasons for not wearing a mask. 
Let us all be kind and respectful to everyone around us.
Can't We All Just Get Along?

In this time of negativity and rage, there are signs of hope all around us. Please take three minutes of your day to view this video - you'll be glad you did!

The gift card scam is going around again.
Please, DO NOT respond to these messages/emails and report them if you receive one. They are not coming from Fr. John or anyone affiliated with St. Chris. The SCAM texts/emails usually address you by name from someone posing to be Fr. John, asking for gift cards for a friend in need or something to that effect.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES would a priest, or any member of the parish, school, or child care staff, ever send you a text or email asking you for gift cards.
If this happens to you, please notify Bonnie at the parish office and report the incident as suggested below:
  • If it is an email, look up the SCAM REPORTING procedures for your email platform.
  • If it is via an iPhone text message, tap Report Junk under the message. You can also block unwanted messages and calls. 
  • If it is via any other text message service, please contact your cell phone service provider for further guidance.
The Bulletin as a Spiritual Resource

Have you read the bulletin lately ... I mean, really read it?

Think of it as "getting seconds" on the nourishment you received from participating in the Mass. Journey deeper into God's Word by reading the short devotions and reflecting on the questions provided for each reading from the weekend Mass. Take home a bulletin this weekend and continue to nourish the seed that was planted in your heart. The bulletin is also available via the parish website, publisher link ( click on image above), and myParish app.

Speaking of devotions... Did you know that Fr. John has been writing some AMAZING daily devotions on his Facebook page? If you are looking for a short and sweet, yet very impacting resource on the Gospel reading each day, check out our parish Facebook page, as we will now be sharing his daily devotions on our page.
Happening This Month

Back by popular demand... Imaging God: Photography as a Spiritual Practice.

You may have spent time mindlessly scrolling through the images on your phone, but have you ever considered praying with them? Join us as we explore how taking photos can help us recognize and examine God’s presence in our daily lives. This program involves three online gatherings via Zoom (a video conferencing platform: The first session will offer an overview of the prayer process and a theme for the week; the second and third will be opportunities to share our images and reflections on God’s presence. 

When: Tuesdays, July 14, 21, and 28 at 7:00pm, 
Where: via Zoom 
What you need: a smartphone or a camera, and a way to access Zoom on your computer or tablet. 
Thank you for your generosity and continued support. Give online by clicking on the icon above or mail in a gift/payment.
LIVE STREAM MASS now with Facebook LIVE!

Unable to attend Mass? Join us for 9:00am Sunday Mass at St. Christopher via live-stream on our parish website and Facebook LIVE ! We will soon have details regarding how to watch live stream via our custom channel coming soon on Roku or Fire TV apps.

Care to hear the homily again? Homilies once again will be posted on the parish website , Facebook , myParish app and also available on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify , Apple Podcast , and Google Podcast .