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The Bishops' Call to Prayer
In this Year of Faith, the U.S. Catholic Bishops invite the faithful to pray and fast for the renewal of a culture of life and marriage, and for the protection of religious liberty. The Call to Prayer lasts until Nov. 24, 2013. 
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Five Ways to Participate


1. Fast and abstain from meat on Fridays

2. Pray a daily rosary

3. Prayers of the Faithful at Mass (Spanish)

4. Monthly Holy Hour  (Spanish)

5. Fortnight for Freedom: June 21 -July 4, 2013

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Friday Fast for Life, Marriage
& Religious Liberty 
July 12, 2013
Thank you for participating in the Bishops' Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty! Explore the links on the left side of this newsletter to discover more ways to get involved.  





For married couples whose hearts ache to welcome
a(nother) child into their family: that they may find refuge in Jesus' Sacred Heart, and that His love would fill their hearts and flow to others through them.





As our lives unfold, we may find that they look quite different than we expected, and it may seem as though God does not hear our heart's requests. Times like this can be very painful. But let us recognize that in the midst of the heartache and confusion, there is an invitation.


There is an invitation to run into the arms of the Father as His little child and entrust to Him our fears and disappointments, as well as our hopes and desires. There is an invitation to stop, look and listen: to stop for a moment, to look at our desires more deeply, and to listen to what the Lord may be telling us through them. There is an invitation to surrender everything to Him, plunge deeply into His heart, and allow Him into ours.


Let us draw close to the One who loves us so tenderly and ask that our hearts may be open to see His presence in our lives and that we may trust in His loving care for us.




Did you know? 


Read the stories of three married couples who have faced the ache of infertility, and learn more about resources for effective and morally sound ways to treat the causes of infertility in "Hope for Married Couples Who Want to Have a Child."



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