Every day we meet people who are new to homelessness. With a quick set of questions we assess if a “diversion” or reunification with family is a viable option.
Recently a young woman named Bernalita came into the Brian Garcia Welcome Center seeking assistance. She and her then boyfriend had just completed a 30-day treatment program. Without a housing plan she found herself back on the streets. Bernalita shared that her boyfriend started using drugs again. In fear of her relapsing, she knew it was best for her to split from her boyfriend and go home to her family in Gallup, NM. She knew that with her family she would have the support to stay clean. 

HSC staff confirmed that Bernalita was welcome to stay with her family and purchased bus fare. Bernalita arrived safely in Gallup and is now living with her family.

These connections back to family, friends and support networks are one of the most kind and dignified ways that we help people to find their way from street to home.