July 15, 2020
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A Cycle Of New Leadership
Rev. Dr. Michael Chittum, Executive Director
The Annual Meeting for the NACCC, whether in person or virtual, is significant for many reasons. One reason that may not be given much thought is the leadership changes that take place. While the NACCC’s structure allows much continuity in leadership, the changes that take place are still significant.

This year, for example, there are 3 new people on the Board of Directors. That is a third of the voting members. On Leadership Council, again, there are 3 people who are new, which is a third of the voting members. These new leaders will have to catch up on a number of issues. As part of the installation service, I remind the delegate body to pray for the elected leadership of the NACCC. This is part of the reason why. Those elected to leadership serve faithfully and for many hours to do the work of the NACCC between Annual Meetings; there are leaders who are just beginning their service. This new cycle of leadership deserves our thanks and our prayers.
Virtual Annual Meeting a Success!
Thanks to the hard work of NACCC Leadership and Staff, our Virtual Annual Meeting was attended by over 200 people on Saturday, June 27th, followed by a Worship Service on Sunday, June 28th. These events were recorded and can be found on our website .

Additionally, short videos were recorded by representatives of leadership, ministry councils, CFTS and various task teams. These reports would have been given live in Portland, Maine this year at the 66th Annual Meeting & Conference. Please take a moment to catch up with the latest accomplishments by our leadership team.
News and Needs of our Missions
Julie Robie, Missions Administrator

News and Needs of our Missions is published quarterly with updates, pictures, prayer requests and a brief list of needed items. It offers a snapshot of national and international mission activity so that you can see how each mission is doing and how your donations are being used. If you would like to receive News and Needs by email when it is published, please contact Julie Robie to be added to the mailing list. Current and back issues are posted on the website under News for You
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