July 16, 2020 | Issue #50
Updates on Day Services and Health Care
Starting today, our COVID-19 updates will be shared with our weekly Notes from The Arc. This doesn’t change our updates’ relevance, as uncertain and atypical times continue!

Our day-employment services offered by MassHealth and the Department of Developmental Services will change significantly as re-opening occurs. This is due to funding as much as it is due to distance limitations caused by the pandemic – limitation in vehicles and limitations in buildings. We know that COVID-19 is transferred through close contact – many of the participants have other medical conditions that need to be considered and others cannot safely practice social distance. Keep reading.
Next week, The Arc is offering a two-part webinar series on trauma and trauma-informed care on Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to register for this in demand webinar series now.
Our #DontCutUsOut campaign is still going strong. Starting today, you can now email, tweet, and call the state leadership to ensure adequate funding for services during re-opening. Act now.
We are pleased to launch our new plain language page, Protect Yourself: Keeping Yourself Safe When Going Out . It contains resources for self-advocates and their supporters to use as Massachusetts reopens.
The Arc of Massachusetts has also just launched our updated Voting Resource Center. Use this as a one stop shop to find all the information you need about voting and disability rights in the 2020 Election.
COVID-19 Updates
On July 20, Leo will be joined in his Monday webinar by Whitney Moyer, the Chief of Long Term Services & Supports (LTSS) at MassHealth. Register for this session.
Sponsor Spotlight

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