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July 17 Greetings

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A monsoon is a seasonal change in the direction of the prevailing, or strongest, winds of a region. (National Geographic Society)

The monsoon brings rains that can help reverse the downward draw from reservoirs; it is also important to farmers who depend on natural rainfall. The monsoon fuels the growth of summer grasses, which can make or break southwestern ranchers struggling to eke out a living in harsh desert lands. Southwest summers can be especially harsh in years when the monsoon falters, leaving shriveled plants and baked soil in its wake. It also brings flash floods, dust storms, strong winds, lightning, and dangerous fires that can harm people and property. In the Southwest, lightning has ignited more than 2,300 fires annually since 2001, burning approximately 277,000 acres per year. For much of the Southwest, the monsoon season sparks the fire season but also can bring the fire season to a close after the first few weeks of rainfall. (Climas.arizona.edu)

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Southwestern Monsoon

The monsoon brings rains that can help reverse the downward draw from reservoirs; it is also important to farmers who depend on natural rainfall. The monsoon fuels the growth of summer grasses, which can make or break southwestern ranchers struggling to eke out a living in harsh desert lands.

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The storms of life can be very revealing. They can reveal areas that need attention. They can reveal things that have been neglected. They can reveal who is able to adjust and who might be more resistant to change. They can reveal people’s priorities. They can reveal people’s level of commitment to their values and their communities. They can push people to make decisions they may have been on the fence about. The storms may cause tragic loss for some, while at the same time provide opportunity for others. Storms reveal our need to ask for help, and reach out for support.


Not all storms are as big and obvious as a monsoon or a pandemic. But storms are familiar to all of humankind. I went through a mini-storm this week. I had to make a phone call to someone I was having a conflict with. Let the mind games begin! I don’t know about you, but I choose to torture myself by mentally walking through 95 scenarios of how the conversation might go prior to making the call. And I’m not exaggerating about the 95—by the time I called, I was exhausted thinking about the what-if’s! I really made this storm worse for myself. It pretty-well ruled my week. The good news is, toward the end of the week, I spoke with two close friends and requested their prayers for my dilemma. These moments of prayer really did calm me down. And the best news is…the conversation actually went much better than I’d anticipated!

There is One who is with us through all our storms, whether the storms happen to us, or whether we cause them ourselves. During this season of Monsoon, may we all feel the cleansing and refreshing Spirit moving in our lives. If we feel dry spiritually, may we seek the water that doesn’t leave us thirsty. If we need grace and forgiveness, may we come seeking like the Samaritan woman, who had a life-changing encounter with Christ at the well. And if we’re needing direction, may we feel the wind of the Holy Spirit in our sails.

And please stay safe!!

We don't require masks during worship for who have been vaccinated, but feel free to wear one if you feel more comfortable, or if you or a loved one have health issues that necessitate it.

Please be careful about wearing strong scents to church.

Outreach News

Our July Mission Outreach partner is Stepping Stones Ministries.

We are collecting backpacks and school supplies for the Humboldt Unified School District until July 30.

The Navajo Lutheran Mission is our August Mission Outreach partner and we will receive a wish list from Pastor Kate for the Mission.


We are busy getting ready for our VBS weekend at the end of this month! Click on the flyer to take a closer look.

Please spread the word…we are still looking for some volunteers! If you can commit to Friday night, that’s great! If you can commit to the 9am-12pm Saturday, that’s great…if you can commit to 12-4pm Saturday, that’s great too! Get the hint? We’ll take ya where and when you can be there!! Click here to register as a volunteer.

Please keep us in prayer as we try to reach out to the community to invite local children. And if you would like to deliver flyers to invite children or grandchildren, let me know!

Our blood drive is Monday, July 19, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.: Emmanuel Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall!

Click here to make an appointment online, and walk-ins are welcome! We need volunteers to help after worship tomorrow to move all the tables and chairs out of the Fellowship Hall. Plan to be at the church at noon!

Singing through the sunshine and through the storms helps carry us through it all:


A Bible verse for today:

For you have been a stronghold to the poor, a stronghold to the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.

Isaiah 25:4

Peace in Christ,


Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Prescott Valley, AZ

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