Volume 29 | July 1, 2020
HSC Launches Official "From Street to Home" Campaign to Add Shelter Beds
Housing is healthcare. Through the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing the lack of shelter and access to permanent housing in a more gripping way, as spaces have lessened capacity due to required physical distancing. People who have no home are not able to “stay home” to isolate and reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Temporary stays in emergency shelter are proven to lead to longer stays in permanent housing.

The shelter on the Campus has a Certificate of Occupancy for 700 people and a 15-year old stipulation on a maximum bed capacity of 425 while the population of Phoenix has grown, rents have increased, income has not increased at the same pace, and creation of new affordable housing units has not kept up.

The partnership of HSC, CASS, St. Vincent de Paul and Andre House have the buildings to safely shelter up to 800 people every night and to provide weather relief shelter for another 200 people when needed. This is our ask of the City. Let us shelter more people in the buildings we have. Let us continue to connect people experiencing homelessness with transformational services with improved outcomes because people had a place to sleep.

Please follow us at fromstreettohome.org and on social media for ways to get involved. And show your support during the July 13th information presentation to Central City Village Planning Committee.

Housing is healthcare. And for those with no home, the journey begins with shelter.
We need at least 60,000 bottles of water per month to keep our clients hydrated and healthy. Our next bottled water donation drop-off at 15th Avenue & Harrison is Saturday, July 18th from 9am to noon, and it couldn’t be easier. You pull up and our staff will remove the donations from your vehicle. Call Ivan Orozco at 602-282-0849 or email   volunteer@hsc-az.org   for more information.

You may also contribute online and help us purchase water in bulk at discounted prices:    https://donorbox.org/hsc .

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