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Hi there

So much has been happening here on the inner realms since the powerful solstice and super moon this time last month. We had a beautiful solstice ceremony with so much validation of the inspired work with the plant and tree kingdoms. The process itself has been provided as a separate mp3 so you can use it over and over again. You can view some of the feedback from participants, and still purchase the webcast + mp3 here

There is a breath of freedom and excitement around, even while the so-called 3d world around us seems to become ever more insane. I have come across a number of people in the past month who are 'taking on new assignments', following their heart to pursue new ways of being in the world. There is a great rightness about the changes that are taking place and those who are brave enough to follow these callings. It is the call of the soul into action in the world in a different way. If you are feeling drawn in different directions, I recommend you follow your inner guidance and listen to your heart.

During this very intense month, there have been a plethora of chaotic energies, mercury was retrograde impacting communications, and perhaps some of you may have also experienced some strange goings on with the internet. Many sites of an alternative educational nature have been  prevented from loading properly over the past few weeks & these do not appear to have had anything to do with solar activity. When this happens to me, I simply leave my computer for a while and go and do something else for a while rather than allow myself to get frustrated with it. Don't allow yourself to get dragged into any lower emotional states - this is an ongoing challenge for all of us in our general interatcions with life and more and more important that we anchor ourselves into a 'unified core' in our beingness.

We have also traversed a sequence of 10 GAP days in July which were about seeding the changes for walking in to a new 'year'. More powerful impulses from the cosmic energetic environment are urging us into deeper transformation and integration as we have yet another full 'supermoon' today, followed by the Day out of Time (July 25th) and start of the new year (July 26th), followed closely by The Grand sextile on July 29th. 
The keywords for the influence of this full moon from astrologer Lynda Hill are :
"Spiritual retreats in natural surroundings. Finding new areas to work with spirit. Creating civilization out of natural elements. Hard work to create places of sanctuary and learning. Places once revered now tourist attractions. Forging links to new worlds. Missions and missionaries. Bringing faith to the "new world." Brotherhoods. Places that house and protect" You can read Lynda's complete article here.

Add to this, the upcoming Grand Sextile, whose influences are described as :
1. The opportunity for the power of love and beauty to overcome the power of war and religion
2. The opportunity for  the power of beauty to transform materialism
3. The power of transformation to bring about our highest hopes and dreams through the power of love,

and we can perhaps begin to see how powerful this time is for realignment and right action. When our actions in the world are directed from a place of the integrated and 'Whole Self" expressed from a place of Sacred or Divine Love, we become the vehicles for great change.

During the month of July, I personally traversed through some beautiful transformations, leading ultimately to a retrieval of soul fragments that represented a merging of Divine Masculine/Feminine and Child within me. It is way to much to try and explain here, but the effect has been profound with a deep and residing peace and a fresh perspective of the unified Self. The ancestral masculine-feminine wounds have been healed sufficiently for the Divine inner re-union to take place. This was a direct exoerience of the truth of spiritual alchemy and what is known as Divine Grace.

When we sincerely desire to be of service in the world, your God Self hears you and does indeed answer your calls.

Some of these insights and tools will be shared with you in the new and inspired Teleclass series, designed to assist you in clearing and healing any remaining wounds to enable that personal, yet sacred re-union to take place. (See Below : From Fragmentation to Wholeness) As we heal all of our own Masculine wounds, we will see the external displays of the damaged masculine (and feminine) beginning to dwindle. The morphogenetic fields become realigned with a memory of wholeness, and the external battlefield fades. It is what we came here to do and the power is within each and every one of us.

The power of the diamond is coming into its own as the vehicle for the ultimate spiritual alchemy! I will also be sharing more ancient wisdoms, powerful insights and deep journeying with you in the teleclasses.

I look forward to the next phase of sharing this amazing journey with you as we unfold the new paradigm.

Have an amazing and transformative last week of July (I have a great meditative energy process on special offer - donation only - which is perfect for alignment with the Day out of Time & Mayan New Year energies. "Accessing Higher Creativity" is available on the promotions page)

In love always

Julie x



When I first began working with the diamond a decade ago, one of the snippets of information received from Spirit was that it would take up to 20 years for me to fully understand the diamond. After a decade of working with it, researching and following all of the guidance given, I can tell you that this message was just so on the mark!

I have dedicated my life to knowing the truth of the diamond grid and each time I learn something new about this beautiful structure, I am given insight into the nature of the soul. It fascinates me even more and keeps me ever inquiring into the nature and depths of our diamond grid of light.

The first decade of knowledge is being compiled into my first book which will be serialised exclusively in Health & Happiness Magazine
will be launched in August, perfectly synchronised with my 52nd birthday and personal Rebirth!
Each month, additional keys will be provided giving you a broad understanding of the gifts the diamond brings you in expanding consciousness.

The serialisation is free to H & H readers, so sign up now to be alerted each time a new chapter is added.
Health & Happiness magazine
This e-mag is also packed with inspirational information and articles across a broad spectrum of issues relevant to thetimes we are living in.

I am happy to be working with Sarah, the founder of the e-mag and very excited about my first book!!  
Promotions and Forthcoming Events


1. I welcome you to a brand new series of teleclasses begins on 27 July with

I am so excited about working and journeying with this information in accordance with where Spirit has taken me this month. This series will take you through a healing and integrating of the Sacred Feminine, Masuline and Child for manifestation in the world from a stronger alignment with Soul. This is the inner alchemy and sacred marriage through healing of soul wounds.
The dates for the recording of these teleclasses have been guided, so that the energies of each one supports the focus for the class. More details are given on the registration page.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

2. On promotion this month : A beautiful meditation offered on a donation only basis, especially for the Day out of Time (25 July) and the Mayan new Year cycle which begins on 26 July.
Higher Creativity will also be included as a free gift with any purchase from Diamond Light World this month!
3. All details for The Diamond Light Grid Teacher Training are now up on the webs page linked above, so if you are a current practitioner and are interested in joining us, please drop me a line : julie@diamondlightworld.com

A Message from White Feather
One of our current Diamond Light Teacher/Practitioners, Ann Menzies-Blythe is running a weekly 'remote' diamond meditation group which is growing and yielding some wonderful results.
Wherever you are in the world, you can simply join in at the appointed time and are provided beforehand with a framework for the meditation that day.

This is free/ donations accepted. If you would like to be a part of this growing world group, please contact Ann at :

Ann works with a guide named White Feather who recently began providing messages for both Ann and the meditation group - the document below is a message given during a session in May which is relevant for us all.

White Feather Message 28-5-13

This is an aspect of our growing telepathic connection facilitated by the Diamond Grid & is a great initiative!

Special links to stimulate expansion of mind and heart.



As always, I hope you will enjoy the links and information selected for you this month!


1. Mind Expanding documentaries  

 A website with free documentaries all feeding your hunger for greater knowledge. Some good ones! 


2. The Powerful Grand Sextile of 29 July - A Cosmic Diamond! 

A powerful planetary alignment supporting us in anchoring in the true essence of Divine Love....an amazing cosmic gift.  



3. James Tyberonn : The Healing Energy of Trees 

    James Tyberonn : Cosmic Crosshairs 

   A few earlier posts by James Tyberonn highlighting the growing communication networks with the plant kingdoms. These were sent to me in the day of the Solstice Cermeony where we made a powerful connection with the trees...perfect timing and information.  


4. What plants talk about 

 A brilliant documentary about the work being done by some dedicated scientists to understand the amazing intelligence of plants and trees. There is a specific section covering the work of a Canadian scientist who looked at the concept of 'Mother Trees' aka as featured in Avatar - mind expanding and truly fascinating work! 


5. Geoengineering   

A very powerful expose of geoengineering. I have been amazed at the numbers of people who don't even notice the changes in the sky. It is well known science and has been for decades now. We know that it is being done, that there are toxins in the trails, what is not fully known yet is the ultimate why?


6. Decoding the Great Normal 

 A great article - never forget who you are and what is possible.  


Diamond Love always, Julie x