Summer 2013:

Have you felt the heat?

If you're in certain offices you may have felt more heat than you care to while sitting at a desk. Our Sterling office relocated in July to a new space that was masterfully renovated by Ken Ivey with much help from Vicente Sorto, Michael Wijdoogen, Mick Spring, Brian Catts, Kevin Regan, Rick Casamento and Alex Pampaloni. Only a few hiccups came with the move and one of them lingers still as the air conditioning system has a mind of its own.

Val Front Desk
Sterling Branch Receptionist Valerie Williams
answers calls in the new office space.

In San Antonio we're becoming acclimated to the heat of the day and the heat of business. We've had so many opportunities for work in San Antonio that we have had to call for reinforcements (see Honorary Corner). Meanwhile Nathan Curby took his Emergency Services experience gained in Northern VA and put it to use in Texas signing multiple projects, some small and others quite large in size. From Baltimore to the Carolinas, the continued dedication and diligence across all the branches has produced positive momentum in business even in the face of stiff competition and the occasional internal friction.


Yes, these continue to be exciting and hot times for Jenkins. We are surely blessed on both ends with the opportunities we have from our valued clients as well as the folks executing the work. From property owners and insurance carriers we hear time and again how impressive our staff and contractors are and the excellent work done. With every success comes the reminder that we must stay humble and focused on the One that makes it all possible. "Heads down, prayers up".


Miami isn't the only one with a "U"

Jenkins University is our training program that teaches new hires the principles, core values and tools needed to perform their job the Jenkins way.  (Look for more on JU down the road, Logan is working on developing continuing education for all employees even beyond the initial hire requirements.) Our ideal is to continuously have four employees in the University who are receiving training in all functions of the company and become proficient and prepared to be placed in any office location when a need arises.  In the past thirty days, we have placed all four of the most recent graduates in permanent positions throughout the company.


Kevin Radman, former USMC Officer and handyman from Philadelphia, spent 7 months in Jenkins University and has now transferred to the San Antonio office to become our second Project Manager in the SW District region.


Derrick Williams, who has worked for Jenkins for years as a lead carpenter and the past three as a draftsman in the Architectural

Department, is following his passion for project management. He has become our third full time Estimator/Project Manager in the rapidly growing Baltimore Branch.


Chris Palmer came to us from New Jersey.  He worked for Granite Transformations at the time, but has trained for 7 months in Jenkins U and is now being placed in the Rockville office.   He will be fulfilling the need for a fifth Estimator/Project Manager at this location.


Mike Hussa, a former Van Metre Homes superstar who has worked for two years in Jenkins' Estimate Review Department, will take an Estimator/Project Manager position in Sterling that was recently vacated by Joe Edwards move to Fredericksburg.

Honorary Corner:
Kevin Radman
Kevin Radman has been with the Jenkins family since January 2013. He earned his bachelors in education at Patrick Henry College in 2005 and served as an artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps from July 2005 to September 2009. He was deployed twice, onboard a ship in the Persian Gulf in 2007, and to Iraq in 2008-2009 as an operations advisor to the Iraqi military. He and his lovely wife Rebecca have two children, Judah (2) and Sienna (9 months). After 6 months in Jenkins University, Kevin and his family have hit the ground running in San Antonio, as Kevin serves Jenkins as a Small Claims Estimator/Project Manager.
Kevin Radman Honorary Corner
Kevin Radman, left,
Small Claims Estimator/Project Manager with Jenkins Restorations.



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