July 2014

Hot! And Bothered.

Oh the joys of summer; sitting around your private pool sipping a fruity drink while your darling children play quietly together in the water, all the while listening to classical music and having a foot massage. What? It doesn't sound like what you have going on at your house? Is it a bit more like heat-induced chaos? Do you have sweaty, demanding, bored people?
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Cathi Cohen


At the end of every Stepping Stones Group  we ask parents to write a letter to their child. The letters are wonderful and I think you will all enjoy this one:

Ode to Stepping Stones
(to the tune of Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue")

Well, I left home at a quarter to four
To be here at the Stepping Stones door
To finish my course and see the friends I've made
This time last year was hard, I hate to mention
With the teachers saying I couldn't pay attention
Life ain't easy for a boy like me
I'd forget my homework everyday
And get mad when I couldn't play
I'd feel confused and punch anything I'd see
I'd have trouble focusing my head
And some girl'd giggle and I'd get red
Life ain't easy for a boy like me
But Mom and Dad said they would help my though
And suddenly before I knew
We were driving here in the snow, sludge and, mud

Sometimes I didn't like to come
Rather stay home, sit and chew gum
So there for awhile I'd kick like a mule and bite like a crocodile

But I knew that I would have to try
To change my behavior or cry
Life ain't easy for a boy like me
So I learned to read social cues
Learned all about "Stop, Think and Do"
Learned to argue fair and be aware

Of the ways to cope with the stress of life
With my problem and other strife
Life ain't easy for a boy like me

Now when I get mad I count to ten
Go with the flow, or breathe deep again
Hit a padded wall, or squeeze on a stress ball

But the one thing that I'd like to do
Is to say thank you to all of you
For helping me come away with a different point of view

Especially Miss Rebecca, Elisa and Ginny, too
For all your patience in giving me a clue
That's why life is getting easier for a boy like me

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