July 2014

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It's time to celebrate the birth of our great country!  We hope you all enjoy the upcoming holiday with friends and family with a bottle of your favorite Martin Ulisse wine!

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Martin Ulisse Trebbiano


Reminiscent of a pinot grigio or an un-oaked chardonnay, the Trebbiano is a light bodied, off-dry, crowd pleaser with the delicate flavors of pear, and apple. This mellow lightly fruity white has a hint of minerality. Its crisp clean finish makes it an "easy to drink" wine that can be had alone or chilled on a hot summer day, and yet, compliments any meal.



Featured Recipe Pairing -

Concetta's Scampi 
Concetta's Scampi
Concetta lives in Abruzzi and is truly an amazing cook, as well as her daughters. They, like all our Martin Ulisse Imports family, put value in God, Family and Food. This is a recipe we were lucky enough to watch her make and enjoy at lunch with her family. Please remember, in Italy, the ingredients they use are always fresh - the oil is from their back yard and full of flavor, and the shrimp was purchased at the Oceanside that morning. If you don't have as fresh of ingredients, try adding a few of the options below to give your sauce a boost. Enjoy this simple dish, which goes great with Martin Ulisse Trebbiano and other clean and crisp whites.


Great Texas Grape Stomp
grape stomp
Great Texas Grape Stomp
 Get your tickets for the 2nd Annual Great Texas Grape Stomp on July 5th at Brewster Street Ice House in our hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas! Grape stomping, wine tasting, fashion show and live music by Clarissa Serna from NBC's The Voice!

Click here for more info - https://www.facebook.com/events/722955647723325/ 
Cooking Spotlight

Our first MU video from Italy! We hope you enjoy this down-to-earth, simple demonstration of how to make Concetta's famous scampi, which is featured above with our Trebbiano this month.  Click here for the complete recipe.
Cooking Spotlight: Concetta's Scampi
Cooking Spotlight: Concetta's Scampi

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Chrissy Martin
Martin Ulisse Imports 
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Oenophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine.
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Wine Spotlight: Trebbiano DAbruzzo - Martin Ulisse Imports
Wine Spotlight: Trebbiano DAbruzzo - Martin Ulisse Imports
Great Texas Grape Stomp 2014
Great Texas Grape Stomp 2014

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MU now in New Mexico!
HUGE thanks to Laura and James with JAG Distributor in New Mexico for a successful kick-off week! We now have accounts in Albuquerque and Santa Fe serving MU wines!!!

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