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July 25, 2014
July 2014 Update
Hello again, friends, and welcome to the latest MMP update. 

Shipping has almost finished for The Mighty Endeavor EXPANDED Edition preorders, so you should be able to order it from our website any day now. The next box out the chute will be the OCS Korea reprint (see below), followed by VCS Salerno (also below)-depending upon how quickly the brand-new preorder ASL Action Pack #10 (more below) hits its preorder number. Also brand new on preorder is Beyond The Rhine.

Before any of those ships, however, Issue #5 of our all-purpose wargaming magazine Special Ops will debut at the World Boardgaming Championships on August 8 and go on sale on the website shortly thereafter.

We hope these periodic email updates are helpful to you.

Special Ops #5

Special Ops #5 includes the Battle of Bushy Run-a new, complete game-and features articles on ASL, Angola!, Lincoln's War, Storm over Dien Bien Phu, Last Chance for Victory, and It Never Snows. Also included are 2 ASL scenarios, 2 ASLSK scenarios, and a new ASL map board (68).

The Battle of Bushy Run game uses a simplified version of the Iwo Jima: Rage Against the Marines (in Operations Special Magazine Issue #1). The American Indian units use a concealed map and have dummy units to help hide their movement. The British force is a mix of soldiers, grenadiers, and scouts (who can reveal hidden Indian units). To increase replayability, random events occur each turn. There are 10 random event chits and 8 turns, so 2 events each game are not played. Both sides have multiple routes to victory.

The game examines the two days of the Battle of Bushy Run, and allows the players to explore the history of the battle. One player takes the role of the British soldiers and the other controls the Indian warriors.

On August 5th, 1763, an Indian force of several hundred Indian warriors of the Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo and Huron tribes attacked a column of 500 British soldiers marching to relieve the siege of Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh) during Pontiac's Rebellion. The British force, composed of soldiers of the 42nd Highlanders, 77th Highlanders, and 60th Royal Americans, survived repeated Indian attacks during the course of two days and was finally able to advance and relieve Fort Pitt on August 10th.

Special Ops #5 will be available at WBC and will retail for $30.

Preorder Update

OCS Korea Reprint (next to ship; preorder before it's too late)

OCS Korea: The Forgotten War covers the first year of the war and highlights the mobile phases of the battle. Campaign victory is determined most often by the stable positions of the lines (relative to the "neck" of the peninsula). A number of shorter scenarios are also included to allow players to explore specific operations or to use as a training scenario before taking on one of the campaign games.

OCS Korea: The Forgotten War was initially released in 2003. This preorder offering is a reprint of the 9th game in the acclaimed Operational Combat Series, with changes made to address errata and to better conform to the latest OCS series rules.

OCS Korea: The Forgotten War contains:

  • 3 full-color 22"x34" mapsheets
  • 4 full countersheets
  • 1 OCS v4.0 series rulebook
  • 1 Korea: The Forgotten War game specific rulebook
  • 2 OCS v4.0 charts and tables booklets
  • 1 Korea: The Forgotten War charts and tables booklet
  • box and 2 six-sided dice

OCS Korea features 15 scenarios, 5 of which can be played on a single map. We expect OCS Korea to go to press soon, so, get those preorders in now!

VCS Salerno (almost to ready to ship)

MMP is proud to announce the creation of a new series of games, the "Variable Combat Series (VCS)". The series opener is VCS Salerno, a game undertaking the nearly impossible task of depicting the 1943 Allied invasion of Southern Italy and places all of the invading forces on a single mapsheet.

The map is divided into individual sections depicting the main areas of Operation Avalanche. Map Section A depicts the main invasion area at 1 mile per hex. Map Section B, also at 1 mile per hex, contains strategic ports, highways and the main Axis airbase at Foggia. Finally, Map Section C at 3 miles per hex, portrays two other important operations, the capture of Taranto (Operation Slapstick) and the capture of the Calabrian Penninsula (Operation Baytown).

Map sections are linked by using "Transit Tracks", which represent 20-40 miles of terrain and must be controlled to maintain supply. The 6 tracks provide the central focus to any German resistance to the invasion and the goal to any Allied success.

In addition to the historical campaign, which spans 18 game turns, or 4 game turns in the short invasion-only scenario, 3 alternate history scenarios are also included.

VCS Salerno has the following components:

  • Two 22" x 24" full-color maps
  • One and a half sheets of 1/2" counters
  • One VCS Standard rulebook
  • One VCS Salerno Exclusive rulebook
  • One Player Aid Chart
  • Two dice

VCS Salerno is still available on preorder for only $31.50. Don't miss out on your chance to own the premier game of what promises to be an exciting line of games.

OCS Beyond the Rhine 

Beyond the Rhine is our brand-new Operational Combat Series game that depicts the campaign for Northwest Europe from September 1944 to April 1945. It begins with the German Army reeling from a string of near-fatal defeats, and in full retreat to the safety of the West Wall where it hopes to make a stand. The Allies, flush with victory, believe one more push will bring them home for Christmas.

Beyond the Rhine features three monster-sized campaigns that use a 44 x 66-inch map layout and over 1,000 combat units. Also included are several smaller scenarios, including a 9-turn Bulge game played on a special map.

Beyond the Rhine will retail for $134 and is on preorder now for $100.

Day of Days

SCS Day of Days is both massive and extremely playable, giving players a unique appreciation for the issues involved at the beginning of the invasion. The importance of the initial air-drops, the real potential for brutal German counterattacks, and the need to get off the beaches quickly, all these come into sharp focus within the clean and fast-playing framework of the Standard Combat Series. Players can tackle the US landings separately as single-map scenarios, the Commonwealth landings on two maps, and of course there is the Whole Enchilada.

Day of Days will contain:

  • Game specific scenario/rulebook
  • SCS 1.7 rules
  • Four 11" x 17" setup charts
  • Four 22" x 34" maps
  • Eight countersheets
  • Two 6-sided dice

Day of Days will retail for $120 and is on preorder now for $90.

Monty's Gamble: Market Garden Reprint

Monty's Gamble: Market Garden is a reprinting of MMP's highly acclaimed area movement game on Operation Market Garden simulating the Allied attack in Holland and the German response. The Allies must land paratroopers, seize key bridges, and get XXX Corps up "Hell's Highway" to relieve the British paratroopers in Arnhem, all while the Germans are attempting to break the supply line.

Also included in this all new updated version of Monty's Gamble is Fortress Holland: 1940. Originally published in Operations Special Magazine #2 this expansion contains 100+ counters and rules and depicts the German invasion of Holland from May 10 to May 12 1940.


  • One unmounted mapsheet
  • Three countersheets
  • One rulebook
  • Four setup cards
  • Four 6-sided dice

Monty's Gamble will retail for $60 and is on preorder now for $45.

ASL Action Pack 10

Action Pack 10 features two new 8" x 22" maps (69 and 70) of largely open countryside with a small village, and 8 new scenarios:

  • Best Think Again (Russians vs Germans, June 1941, Saudinikai, Russia)
  • Show Of Force (Germans vs Russians, March 1943, Graiworon, Ukraine)
  • Operation Kutuzov (Russians vs Germans, July 1943, Otrada, Russia)
  • Food Fight (Russian Partisans vs Ukrainian Partisans, April 1944, Hrabivka, Ukraine)
  • Strike Up The Band (Germans vs Americans, August 1944, Lesquern, France)
  • Last Laurels (Russians vs Germans, October 1944, Mihaly, Hungary)
  • Bare Foot Beating (Chinese vs Japanese, November 1944, Momauk, Burma)
  • Coal In Their Stockings (Americans vs Germans, December 1944, Foy-Notre-Dame, Belgium)

Action Pack #10 will retail for $20 and is on available on preorder for only $15. As with any ASL product, we expect this to hit its P# rather quickly, so don't wait to get your copy preordered!

July Contest

Below is the situation on Turn 8 of a game of Storm over Dien Bien Phu. The game is almost over. The French player has no cards in his hand. The Viet Minh player holds the following cards in his hand, "Giap Demand Success", "75mm Artillery", and "Improved Defenses". All the units on the map are spent, except for those shown below.

Rather than using dice, each player has 11 dice chits with the numbers 2 through 12 on them. A player can select each dice chit only once this turn (so if the 12 dice chit is played on an attack, it cannot be selected again for a later attack).

The Viet Minh player needs to take control of Area 22 or Area 23, while retaining control of Area 17 in order to win.

As the Viet Minh player, what are your impulses in order to secure victory in the shortest time possible?

Assume that the French player will do everything possible to not lose (and he has the same dice chits of 2 though 12 to select from). Poor French play (i.e. voluntarily abandoning Area 22 or 23) will lead to the entry being disqualified.

The winner is the person who can do this in the fewest Viet Minh impulses. In the case of a tie then the player using the lowest total number of Viet Minh dice chits used. n the event of a tie after this, we will choose the winner randomly.

Send answers to Only one entry per person. A winner will be drawn from the pool of correct entries received by 11:59pm Eastern Time, Monday, July 28th, 2014. The winner will receive a free game of MMP's choosing.

Situation - Click here to view bigger image.

Contest Winners

"Perry Sez" Contest (May 2014 Newsletter)

46 entries were received for the "Perry Sez" contest from our May 2014 newsletter. Of those 39 correctly identified the ASL Gun that might be destroyed solely due to being towed as the as the Japanese Year-4 Type 15cm Howitzer and the scenario it appears in as ASLJ18, "The Pinnacle".

And the winner is . . . . Steve Kyle.

Steve will receive a copy of Special Ops #5 which is due to be released at WBC. Congratulations, Steve!

Facebook Contest

Hiroshi Ishida is our big Facebook "Like" Contest. Hiroshi's name was drawn at random from our first 500 "Likes" and has won a free copy of one of our games.

Support Update

Be sure to stop by the MMP website and check our Support menu for any questions or problems with our games. You'll find links to the latest errata, downloadable rulebooks, links to VASSAL modules for a large selection of MMP games as well as a new cyberboard module for Storm Over Dien Bien Phu. We have also recently taken over support of the GCACW pages originally maintained by Ed Beach and reorganized and updated our ASL/ASLSK errata and support pages.

World Boardgaming Championships

WBC is just around the corner. Make sure you stop by the MMP demonstration table and check out what we are working on for the future. We will be playtesting the upcoming Normandy HASL and showing off a slew of upcoming MMP game titles. Special Ops #5 will be available in our vendor area when it opens on Friday, as well as a huge selection of new products released since last WBC, including titles like Reluctant Enemies, Storm Over Dien Bien Phu, ASL Starter Kit #1 Tenth Anniversary Edition, Decision at Elst, and Last Chance for Victory.

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