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When your standard markets tell you "no," 
give us a chance 
to say YES!!

If you have a Personal Lines risk that your standard markets have declined or are non-renewing, please send it to us to see if we can help!   


Our companies are open to difficult situations, and we can usually offer a quote with some creative underwriting to address your customers particular situation or risk.


Whether the issue is: 

  • Loss Problems
  • Age of Dwelling
  • Dwelling in Corp. Name 
  • Credit Problems
  • Lower Value
  • Risks in a PC 9 or 10

We like the challenge of helping you write this business!  


Your standard markets may say "NO", but give us the opportunity to say "YES" to your difficult risks! 


Contact Marsha Peck, mpeck@ciusgf.com

Ext 236 today for more info!! 

A few "Fun Facts" 
you didn't know 
about Ruth Elledge...
  1. I was raised in Mt. Olive, IL but have lived in Springfield, MO since 1990.  I still call Mt. Olive home.
  2. I am a farmer's daughter and a farmer's grand-daughter (on both sides).   
  3. I did all sports in high school (but in my small town that was only softball, volleyball & track). 
  4. In high school senior year, I was voted Biggest Troublemaker, Biggest Mouth and Most Pep.
  5. I went to Miss Hickey's Business School (yes I said Miss Hickey's).  
  6. I have been in the insurance industry since I was 19. (I won't tell you how many years of experience, because that would give away my age!)
  7. I have two children: Rachel (23) and Zach (21).  
  8. I have two dogs, Max & Gracie and two cats Cody & Oscar.  (Gracie & Cody are rescue animals - Oscar was a sewer kitten in our neighborhood that we tamed.  Max is my pure bred beagle.)
  9. My favorite pro sports team are St Louis Cardinals and Denver Broncos.
  10. My dream is to be on Survivor.
  11. August 2015 is my 25th wedding anniversary and prior to that I dated my husband for 4 ½ years.  I have been with him more than half my life!  (Oh shoot, I think I just gave away my age range!) 
Stay tuned in upcoming newsletters for more "fun facts" about other CIU employees!!
Come see us at the MAIA Leadership &

Young Agents Conference  in Osage Beach, MO !


Russ Koeneman and Betty Majors will be at Booth #50 with prizes and goodies to give away!  


Be sure to stop by and say "HI!" between all the fun festivities!

Operations can include clearing of the right of way (cutting trees, bulldozing stumps and roots, clearing brush and removing rocks and debris). 
Snow and Ice Removal operations are also acceptable (as long as there is no work on public streets or roads). 

We can offer:
  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Blanket Waiver of Transfer of Rights
  • Construction Project General Aggregate 
  • and more!
Call your underwriter, or send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today!

We ALSO want your Heavy Machinery & Farm Equipment Installation, Service and/or Repair risks!


Acceptable services include:
* ATM equipment

* Boat lifts
* Contractors equipment
* Exercise and fitness equipment
* New equipment installation in factories 
* Farm machinery
* Forklifts
* Gasoline pumps
* Lawn/garden equipment
* Playground equipment
* Textile equipment

Office machinery & appliances

...and much more!! 


Call your underwriter, or send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today!

Commercial Lines:  
Schedule of 11 Rental Duplexes- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1.1mil Prop TIV's $10,320
Liquor Store with Tobacco and Fireworks Sales- $1mil/$2mil GL (Excluding Prod/CoOps); $1.3mil Prop TIV + $1mil Peak Season $15,670
Computer Systems Training Education Services- Multimedia Liability including Contextual E&O and Trademark $1M/$1M limits w/ $10k SIR $6,600
Wrecker Tow Service with Auto Repair, Storage Lot and Warehouse- $1mil/$2mil GL; $300k Prop TIV $5,010
Research Lab/Facility (working w/ electrochemical devices)- $2mil Site Pollution w/ $10k Dedt $3,195
Not-For-Profit Local Airport Authority- $1mil D&O and EPLI w/ $5k D&O Retention; $10k EPLI Retention $3,350
Supermarket- $1mil/$2mil GL; $855k Prop TIV.  $420k annual GR.  Spcl Form, ACV, $1,000 AOP/1% (subject to $5k minimum) wind/hail dedts. $6,625
Hotel/Motel- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1.1mil Prop TIV.  $400k annual GR.  Spcl Form, RC, $2,500 AOP/$5k wind/hail dedts. $9,445
Apartment Complex w/ Pool- $1mil/$2mil GL.  $4.7mil Prop TIV.  84 units.  Broad Form, RC, $2,500 AOP/$50k wind/hail dedts. $30,160
Distributor for liquid pumps used in mines and municipalities (including installation and repair)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $5mil Excess. $16mil annual GR. $87,000
4 Family Dwelling (student housing)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $640k Prop TIV (incl Earthquake). $7,350
Personal Lines:  
DP1, Monoline Adjacent Structure- $40k TIV. $835
DP1, Tenant Occupied Condo Unit- $71k TIV $650
Personal Umbrella- $6mil limit + $1mil UM/UIM. (Includes 2 residences, 7 vehicles, 1 watercraft & 3 drivers.)  $2,470
DP3, Tenant Occupied- $160k TIV, prior total fire loss $1,120