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The Sun is
good for You...
...get your
 Vitamin D!
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Enjoy Summer, Enjoy the Sun, and Have Fun!
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 Learn more information on why:
* The SUN is GOOD for you
* You need SUNLIGHT to prevent cancer
* Adequate  VITAMIN D3  is beneficial
* Most Sunscreens are toxic


You can enjoy summer, the sun, and not get sunburn!

Standard Process Supplements to the rescue!


  Sunburn Prevention

Take 4-6 of both Cataplex F & Calcium Lactate 2 hours prior

to sun exposure, and consider taking 2-4 tablets of

Cataplex F a day during summer.

Indications for Cataplex F: Sun sensitivity, sun  poisoning, sunburn, heat prostration, dry skin, poor hair quality, and hypervitiminosis D. Cataplex F also supports the thyroid and the body's natural response to inflammation.

 Sunburn Remedy


 Apply full strength Apple Cider Vinegar (Eden or Bragg's) immediately

 let dry then apply the following depending on the severity
 Mild: Pure Aloe Vera (Aubrey Organics) then coconut oil lotion
  Moderate: USF Ointment (Standard Process)
  Severe: Chlorophyll Ointment (Standard Process) especially healing for severe burns

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Repels Mosquitos, Fleas, and Ticks.


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    Natural Hair and Body Care at AHH


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 -TOP TEN Toxic Chemicals found in products

-What does "NATURAL" mean?

-"NON-TOXIC" doesn't mean SAFE 

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Deodorant, Skin & Facial Tonic, Therapeutic Living Clay, Body Moisturizers & Creams, Facial and Body Bars, Beauty Balm, Dental Powder, Tooth Soap, Mouth Wash, Body Liquid Soap, Lip Balms, and Hair Products!

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