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 July 2015 Newsletter

Graduation Day

On July 22nd DMA students celebrated graduation. In keeping with DMA tradition, students marked their promotion to the next level by saying goodbye to their current teachers, passing through a door on stage, and being welcomed by their new teachers on the other side. Other highlights of the event included  a poem read by grade 6 and a traditional dance performed by the secondary students in recognition of Guanacaste Day. The event ended with a small party and everyone saying good-bye for the summer.



Guiones Beach Reforestation
In Partnership with Costas Verdes

During the month of July, DMA students planted more than 200 local tree species in Guiones Beach in coordination with Barri-Guiones Reforestation Program led by Costas Verdes.  This program plans to bring back the beach forest to our beautiful coastline. One hundred of the planted trees had been cared for at DMA's green house until they were big and strong enough for planting. DMA also sponsored transportation for local school children to attend the planting event. We invite all families to be involved in this great project!



Yoga for LE
By Nicole Koch

We would like to thank Nicole Koch, yogi and mother of Bill, Cody and Thea, for an amazing yoga session with the Lower Elementary students. What a beautiful view to see so many children enjoying a yoga class surrounded by nature and under our new roof. 


Walk Against Drugs
Supporting Local Initiatives

On Monday, the 22nd of June the Secondary School was invited to participate in the "Walk Against Drugs", held by the 11th graders at the Colegio Bocas de Nosara. DMA students enjoyed meeting new friends and making memories with students from the other area school. The walk began at the Nosara soccer field and ended at the Colegio. Students shared a delicious meal, participated in the Acto Civico activities, and watched as they performed songs and dances. It was a great opportunity for Del Mar students to make connections with the Colegio and they look forward to more activities with them in the future.


Open House

Third Annual Event

On June 26 th , the students of Del Mar Academy presented games, ethnic food, poems, artwork and a wax museum to their parents and guests. Some of the parents were challenged in 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' and 'Tico Monopoly'. We all learned about Galileo, the Wright Brothers, and Leonardo da Vinci as we entered the 'Wax Museum' presentation where students portrayed many historical people.





Upper Elementary

The 5th and 6th grade Upper Elementary classes went on an outing on June 19th to learn about the "Always Changing Program".  Special thanks to Dr. Alejandro for teaching the boys' lesson and for providing the Mala Noche Restaurant as the setting.  The girls' meeting took place at La Luna, thanks to Angelina Fraser.  We also wish to express our gratitude to the girls' instructors, Jamie Mac and Pam Martinez.  Both groups learned important lessons about the early stages of puberty.


Environmental Festival

You are what you eat

In commemoration of World Environment Day on June 3 rd , this year's theme "You are what you eat" was presented in all the games and at various stations the children visited during the DMA Environmental Festival.


The day began with an aerial photo of the entire student body, our fantastic staff and many parents. Representing our Environmental Theme, the photo spelled out the legend: EAT WELL. The program continued with thirteen games, lead by the Middle School children, which were alsoconsistent with the Eat Well theme.


This exciting day finished with a great video of this year's achievements, the presentation of the finalists of the environmental drawing and writing contests, and a presentation about healthy food by Hilde Schirmer and John Simmonds.


Our thanks to Surfing Nosara for donating the photo drone and special thanks to the amazing photographer, James Reed.  Our gratitude goes to the Environmental Committee for their hard work  organizing this event and for the 'greenhouse' structure that was built using funds raised by the committee.



Environmental Drawing and Writing Contest

You Are What You Eat

We would like to thank all the children for participating in the drawing and writing contests and congratulate all our finalists.  Our winner for this year Tee shirt contest is sixth grade student, Angelo Villalobos.

After all students´votes were tallied, Angelo´s drawing won the most votes.



Other finalists include:

Most colorful drawings: Marilin García, Kai Shook, Josie Templeton

Funniest drawings: Ben Cohen, Freddy Alfaro, Reid Fong

Most artistic drawing: Noah Korngold

Tee shirt finalists: Camila Castro,Angelo Villalobos, Fiorella Reyes and Sofía Britschgi

Cookbook cover finalist: Valentina Spendliwimmer


Finalists of our environmental written contest:

First grade: Solace Macmillan, Liam Ferrell , Jackson Nichols

Second grade: Norelle Zaken, Lilia Hintz, Sloane Fong

Third grade: Nadav Attar, Amara Graham, Sofía del Mar

Fourth grade: Edie de Graff 

Fifth grade: Jana Saldana and Angela Oliver

Sixth grade: Silvan Von der Weid  





Field Trips

Tempisque River and Monteverde


On Wednesday, July 15th Del Mar Academy Secondary School Students embarked on a trip to Monteverde to learn about and experience a different Costa Rican climate. Students took part in a reforestation project, cleaned trails throughout a reserve, and went on many hikes to learn about the different animals and plants of the area. Students had the opportunity to go on a night walk and were lucky to observe some of Monteverde's very unique animals, not found in Guanacaste, such as the Eyelash Pit Viper, porcupines, and birds that are native to Monteverde. They learned about endophytes, epiphytes, and many other types of plants endemic to those forests. After zip lining through the canopies of primary rain forest, the adventure continued through the town of Santa Elena where they learned about its history. Experienced guides from the area led them on a walk through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The group stayed at the Valle Escondido Hotel, with its impressive view of the Gulf of Nicoya, where they enjoyed recreational time; hiking the trails on the hotel property, playing football, and testing their skills on the hotel's slack line. This trip was a very enriching experience and gave them lots of laughs and fun times to remember.


Río Tempisque

In June, the Lower Elementary took a very exciting fieldtrip to Rio Tempisque Wildlife Refuge. In anticipation of the fieldtrip, the students immersed themselves in research about the location and the animals they hoped to see.


On the morning of the trip, their enthusiasm was evident as we loaded onto three buses and began the two and a half hour drive. Upon arrival we were greeted by our tour guides and an incredible amount of mosquitoes!  Luckily, we were well armed with repellent and the students remained positive with excitement.


The tour through the wildlife refuge was filled with familiar animals and animals that we had never seen before. The opportunity to touch a baby crocodile and the experience of feeding adult crocodiles quickly became the highlight for all.


After lunch the group walked to the river and boarded two boats- a big moment for some who had never been on a boat before. With a lot of patience and many watchful eyes we were able to see a handful of crocodiles in their natural habitat.


At the end of this this exciting day, an exhausted group of students, teachers, and parents boarded the buses for the trip home. This experience was a priceless learning opportunity and will be remembered fondly.  



Community Dance Session
Esperanza School

DMA's Community Committee, along with Ms. Margaret from InMotion Dance Company lead a community dance session on May 23 rd at the local public school Esperanza, bringing the two communities together through dance and pizza! The event was a great success and a good time was had by all.


Thank you to all the Committee members, the parents who brought their children and stayed to support, Ms. Linda Tarlow, InMotion Dance Company and all the students from both Del Mar Academy and Esperanza.  



Nosara Recycling and Education Center
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On May 18 th the Lower and Upper Elementary Programs visited the Nosara Recycling and Education Center.  They learned how their work collecting recyclable material and educating our community about the importance of the 3'Rs (to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) impacts the community in a positive way.


Children gave many creative suggestions of ways each family can reduce the amount of waste produced at home. By walking to the open air dump behind the Center, they had a chance to see firsthand Nosara's solid waste problem and talked about its negative repercussions to our community's health and environment.




DMA Updated Logo

By Graphic Designer Bianca Fernandez Srebnick

We are excited to announce an update to the DMA logo, and express our thanks to graphic designer, Bianca Fernandez Srebnick. Our new logo captures the essence of our school with its location between the ocean and the jungle.  DMA prides itself on caring about the environment as our entire school community works together for a brighter and better future.