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  Date:  Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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  Topic:  The New Paid Sick Leave Law and More 
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Eileen Perry 

AFWA - Silicon Valley Chapter President

I am about to begin what could be the most challenging year yet for myself.  It may seem daunting, but it is very exciting to me to take on each new challenge I have set for myself this year. One thing that keeps me going is the positivity and support I receive from my fellow AFWA members in addition to regular support from family and friends.  Of course my family and friends give positive support no matter what however, it is incredibly reassuring to hear it from my AFWA peers; many of whom have families on top of many other obligations comparable to my own. AFWA members understand, because they too are accounting or financial professionals. 


Last month, the board members met to discuss the strategic plan for the current year. The board this year is highly dedicated.  The meeting started late; however, we managed to quickly set our goals, finalize the budget, have lunch, and get our ideas lined out for speakers well in advance with five minutes left to spare!  Talk about women who know how to get in there and get it done! 


In addition to each one being active board members, each have families and obligations of their own to tend to outside of AFWA.  It is inspiring to hear their stories which keeps me motivated for my future.

Again, I highly recommend anyone in accounting or finance to get involved with the AFWA association.  Come meet friendly faces, network, and gain your own network of support and hope for your future.  You can start by joining us at our July monthly member meeting. See our events calendar for more details.




California New Paid Sick Leave Law
by Rona Layton


California's new Paid Sick Leave law goes into effect on July 1, 2015. 
Are you ready?  

The substantive part of the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 ("Paid Sick Leave") has just gone into effect, and a bill to amend it is already winding its way through the Legislature.  


This program will provide up-to-the-minute information on implementing the Paid Sick Leave law, which applies to  almost all employers in the state.  Additionally, as time allows, we will focus on the various minimum wage ordinances around the Bay Area, and how the January 1, 2016 state-wide minimum wage increase will affect both exempt and nonexempt employees. 


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It happened pretty quickly: Rona Layton discovered a passion for business and the law. She also tapped into the tremendous satisfaction that comes from working with people who love their jobs. (In a nutshell, that describes both business owners and human resources professionals.)


For more than 25 years, Ms. Layton has been practicing employment law representing management interests. A graduate of the Santa Clara University School of Law, she specializes in serving small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit corporations. For more than a quarter century, she has been dealing with the issues that affect employers, ranging fromemployee relations to personnel policies, wage-and-hour matters to harassment,discrimination and wrongful termination.

Ms. Layton represents clients before the State and Federal Courts, the State Labor Commissioner, Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Workers Compensation Appeals Board, and the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.


She frequently presents employment seminars before various organizations around the Bay Area. She also presents in-house employment law training on topics such as sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, and disciplining employees. Ms Layton is legal counsel to the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. She actively participates with the Employment Law Section and the Law Related Education Committee of the Santa Clara County Bar Association. Ms Layton also teaches Employment Law as an adjunct professor in the Human Resources Master's Program at Golden Gate University. Among Ms. Layton's pro bono activities is the law-intensive act of fostering kittens to be put up for adoption. In her spare time, she enjoys dark chocolate and Giants games (indulging them separately as well as together).



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JULY NEWSAccountability


                                                   Diana Patton, CPA, CFP 


As I write this article I am beyond excited that I am serving as your National President for this 2015-2016 year.  It is hard to believe my term has come, since it was not that many years ago while attending my first Annual Conference I meet Mary Feeney Bonawitz PHD.  Mary was the National President at that time, and her leadership and friendship encouraged me to think beyond just my local chapter. And to further realize that AFWA is a national organization. Mary, along with Janet Wade, got me involved beyond the chapter and I am so grateful to both. I have met so many members, made so many friends, and have had great opportunities as a result of my involvement.  continue reading 



Alexander Hamilton will share the $10 bill, which will feature the first woman on American paper currency in more than 100 years, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced Thursday.


Lew said he would announce which woman was chosen before the end of the year, after the administration seeks national input this summer.


"America's currency is a way for our nation to make a statement about who we are and what we stand for," Lew said. "Our paper bills - and the images of great American leaders and symbols they depict - have long been a way for us to honor our past and express our values."


Martha Washington and Pocahontas were each featured on paper currency more than 100 years ago, Treasury officials said.


The announcement comes after much speculation in recent weeks that a woman would be on a new paper note.



from Huffington Post 
by Tilman Ehrbeck  

Research suggests that women might be better money managers than men. Recent studies, for example, have found that women investors have more patience for long-term returns and exhibit greater self-control, which leads them to less impulsive, risky decisions.


In the context of family finances in the developing world, these characteristics translate into something that Caitlin Sanford from Bankable Frontier Associates calls "playing defensive". At a recent gathering promoted by the non-profit Women's World Banking on the role of women in financial inclusion, Sanford recalled the story of an East African family that she met during a year-long research project. When the family ran into legal trouble over their makeshift home-brewery business, the woman made sure her husband was taken into custody, not her. The rationale: He simply wouldn't have been able to mobilize their family and friends network in order to raise the required bail money as she did.


Given the central role women play in the family finances in many developing countries, there is some good news in the recently released Global Findex data: The traditional financial access gender gap has narrowed in some countries. In Kenya and Cote d'Ivoire, for example, where technology innovations are driving broader financial inclusion success, there is virtually no difference in access to the new mobile money accounts between women and men. In Tanzania, the access gap by household income is now nearly twice as big as the gap between men and women, suggesting that poverty is a bigger barrier than gender.






Try Some Summertime Work-Life Balance Techniques 


You're a pro at managing the finance and accounting department, but how well do you manage your stress level? All that extra work covering for vacationing colleagues, not to mention having the kids home for the summer, can add up to tension and anxiety. To make it worse, your Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with images of other people enjoying picture-perfect holidays.


While you can't completely eliminate work pressures from your life, you can learn to achieve a healthy work-life balance this summer. As another busy quarterly deadline approaches, step back, take a deep breath and focus on these four stress-management tips:


1. Come to work rested. The best stress-management strategy is completely free and requires you to do absolutely nothing: sleep! Make it a priority to get seven to eight hours of shut-eye every night. If that means skipping "Game of Thrones" and getting to bed by 10 p.m., then so be it. (You can always DVR the episode.) When you get enough sleep, you'll wake up rejuvenated, clearheaded and ready to take on another busy day at the office.


2. Schedule me-time throughout the day. Participating in frequent back-to-back meetings may seem like a business necessity, but information overload can sap your energy and drag you down. Make sure you take time out of your daily schedule to do something just for yourself. Eat a real lunch, away from your desk. Take a brisk walk around the block. Get out of your chair and stretch your legs every hour. Grab a healthy snack. Give yourself time to hit the refresh button before you jump back into work.  


3. Embrace the outdoors. One ofthe best things about summer is that the days are longer. Take advantage of those hours. When you get home from work, there's plenty of daylight left to enjoy a bike ride, walk the dog, go for a run or hit a few balls at the driving range. Many towns have free summertime events such as outdoor concerts, plays and movies. After you spend quality time outside, you'll feel like you've had a mini vacation. 

4. Sign off and unplug. Don't check work emails at night - your boss and colleagues can wait until morning. The same goes for weekends. If you can't get away for a long vacation, go on a three-or four-day weekend break and completely
unplug . Prioritize work-life balance by keeping your two worlds somewhat separate. Yes, you are super busy, and there always seems to be one more thing to do. But having work regularly encroach on your personal life is ultimately counterproductive.



Stress is unavoidable, and sometimes it can be the motivation that helps us do what needs to get done. But too much of it - and too little work-life balance - is unsustainable. So while the days are long and the weather is pleasant, disengage a little and give yourself permission to relax. It'll make a world of difference in your productivity and job satisfaction.


Accountemps, a Robert Half company, is the world's first and largest specialized staffing firm for temporary accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals. Accountemps has more than 340 locations worldwide. More resources, including online job search services and the Accountemps blog, can be found at accountemps.com.





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Eileen Perry

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Nicole Sheets

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Amrit Dhaliwal

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Edronda Guiriba

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Marvel Khan

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Barbara Lietzan

Lois Vega

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Deborah Rosengarten

Immediate Past President:
Nicole Letellier


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Chair: Nicole Sheets


There is an excellent line-up of programs for the Silicon Valley Chapter this year, and most of them qualify for CPE!  Check out the line-up as we have engaged some dynamic and outstanding speakers coming up for 2015.

Speaker: Rona Layton, Attorney
CA New Paid Sick Leave Law


Speaker: Monika Miles, CPA
Sales Tax Hot Topics and SALT issues effecting clients today

Speaker: Dr Frank Wisehart



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2015 AFWA National Conference

Mark your calendars for the 2015 AFWA National Conference to be held October 26-28, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA. 



 Founded in 1938, AFWA/ASWA provides  women in accounting and finance the  leadership, education and networking  opportunities needed to achieve their career  goals. Celebrating 75 years as the only  organization that solely represents the interest  of women in the entire accounting and finance  community. The organization's mission is to  enable women in all accounting and related  fields to achieve their full personal,
professional and economic potential and to  contribute to the future development of their  profession.