July 2015

I hope you are enjoying these sunshine-filled summer days. At Pebbles and Stones we are excited to be sending our very first electronic newsletter to better connect with you. In 2015 we have seen God move mightily by His Spirit through Pebbles and Stones trainings and through our groups that meet around the world. Lives are being transformed as God's children of all ages are learning to hear His voice.

In addition to updating our newsletter, we are also upgrading our website. You can look forward to more photos and stories on our fresh, new Pebbles and Stones website which will be live by the end of the summer. I pray that you are experiencing the kindness of the Father in every area of your life. 

Kathleen Trock-Molhoek, founder of Pebbles and Stones
Joseph doesn't need these sticks anymore!
Joseph racing across the school yard. 
Pebbles and Stones journaling time.

  Walking, Leaping & Praising God

Joseph is part of a Pebbles and Stones group in Kenya lead by teacher Paul Barasa of Africa Hope Academy. In March, Joseph was admitted to the hospital where he underwent ankle surgery but, after nearly three months, his ankle was not healing properly so Teacher Paul asked for prayer.   


Not only did we join Teacher Paul and the group in prayer for Joseph, but we also sent funds which were used for a follow-up medical visit and a course of antibiotics.  Teacher Paul writes, "The gift you recently relayed to me [is] a great blessing. I used it for further medication and, thank God, Joseph has started walking without using the sticks to support him! This love is great to me. God bless you abundantly. Kindly remember us in prayer."

Teacher Paul is one of more than 200 leaders who attended the December 2014 training in Bikeke, Kenya and he immediately implemented the Pebbles and Stones ministry model in his community.  He is facing real need with lack of teaching materials, but even more so, his students are hungry.  At Pebbles and Stones we are thanking God for the privilege of adding Teacher Paul's school to our monthly support program.   This monthly gift of $150- provides a nutritious meal for all sixty-three students during their weekly Pebbles and Stones group meeting at Africa Hope Academy


We continue to stand in awe of the goodness of God in the lives of His children as we hear testimonies like Joseph's.  We marvel at God's ability to connect us with others around the world.  Thank you for continuing to partner with Pebbles and Stones to help meet spiritual, physical and emotional needs in the communities in which we gather.  


Africa Hope Academy Students with Teacher Paul (right).

  Join us in July for a training in Detroit

Our next Pebbles and Stones training will be held on  Saturday July 18th, 2015  from  11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m . at Ward Church in Northville, Michigan. 

Lunch will be provided and there is no cost to attend, but a reservation is required.    Click here to RSVP for the training! 

Some of the topics of Kathleen's teaching include:
  • an introduction to Pebbles and Stones
  • listening, journaling, sharing and praying
  • teaching flexible lessons
  • understanding intergenerational community
  • the Seven Learning Styles
  • implementing the Pebbles and Stones model
  • Healing of the Heart

"Teaching children to talk with God creates a safe environment where the Father can reveal truth to them." 

     - Kathleen Trock-Molhoek

The Pebbles and Stones model encourages participants of all ages to listen for God's voice and respond to Him.  We are intentional about bringing the generations together to experience God's love in community.  


The main components of the Pebbles and Stones model include worship, a story from the Word, listening to what God is saying through the story, then journaling, sharing and praying together. Journaling through pictures gives children and adults a richer language to explore and express their interior journey toward knowing God.  


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