July 2016 | Issue #34

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To advance the indwelling Life of Christ in all believers by providing online media, article reviews , and book resources!  It is our goal to reach the Church with the revival message couched in terms of the exchanged life, which is desperately needed.
- Dr. Charles R. Solomon | Dr. Stephen R. Phinney
Johnson _ Grace

Dr. Johnson is one of our more compassionate and articulate writers and his God-given view on the topic of Grace is refreshing and to the point!  
-Dr. Stephen Phinney

With a library full of books about Grace, why this one?   Speaking from his own pain and experience, and combining a wealth of Biblical Knowledge in a very transparent way, Dr. James Johnson provides a much needed realignment of the meaning and application of God's Love to the heart of man.  Here is the long awaited road map for the serious Christ Follower to navigate into the undiscovered country of God's Love found in the Most Neglected Person of the Trinity.

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Jamil Thomas Aim4Faith

IOM is pleased to introduce to you Jamil Thomas. Dr. Phinney & Jamil have been friends & committed prayer partners for the persecuted saints in Pakistan - both have a deep love for the Muslim people.

NEWS | A Pakistani Christian abused and beaten for selling ice cream to Muslim women and children. 42-year-old, Khaleel Masih was bashed by a mob in a village in District Kasur for selling ice cream. "Christians are untouchables," the mob chanted, while beating him. Therefore, they should not be allowed to sell edibles to Muslims.  Read The Story | More About Aim4Faith

Jack the Journey Children_s Series

Finally, a children's story you can trust, with the teachings of the believer's identity in Christ.  With story teller and animator Dr. Stephen Phinney, you can walk the "Gold Brick Road" with Jack, as he discovers the power of the indwelling Life of Jesus.

With over 200 episodes planned and 100 already posted, you can make use of these stories in "Children's Church," as a private family story time, or simply to enrich your day.  Jack now has his own App - go to your Play Store on your phone, search out Sermon.net, download the App, type in Dr. Phinney in search bar, and then tap and go. 

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IM Music Video
Identity Matters Productions

RISEN | Music Video (4:57 min)

Identity Matters Productions, in partnership with Matt Maher, brings you Risen Through Identity - a worship video connecting the believer to identity in Christ through Matt's powerful rendition of Risen in Christ.  We hope you are blessed! Visit Matt at: http://www.mattmahermusic.com/ 
Matt Maher Saints Music
Matt Maher | Saints And Sinners

Best Matt Maher Album to date. Beautiful and inspirational lyrics, as well as music. The Deluxe edition is well worth it!!!

Canadian-born Christian singer/songwriter Matt Maher returns with a collection of upbeat tunes that explore both personal topics and heartfelt Christ-centered devotions with his fifth widely available album, Saints and Sinners. The album was written during a time of personal uncertainty for Maher, who looked to his music and his faith in Christ for guidance.  Listen Now
Handbook to Happiness
Handbook to Happiness

Do you want to read a book that most likely will go down in Church history as a classic?  You might want to consider being blessed by this one!  

The Church has faithfully taught Christ's death and resurrection for us; now, the same faithfulness must be exercised in our death and resurrection with Him - from a partial to a complete gospel message and a New Reformation!  - Charles Solomon

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GFI Intro Video

GFI EXPLAINED | Video (5:44 min)

John Woodward gives a brief overview of GFI's message and ministry. We encourage you to join the REVIVAL NOW CAMPAIGN powered by Grace Fellowship International & IOM America.
IM Light Of Identity
Identity Matters Productions

LIGHT OF IDENTITY | Inspirational Video (1:24)

Identity Matters Productions is an outreach of IOM America. This short film is to quickly state that the Light and Life of Jesus Christ is the identity marker of the WHO in the believer.
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