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Welcome to our latest newsletter. Fall harvest of our Asian Pears is just a little over a month away! What is your favorite variety? Let us know which varieties of our Asian Pears you are looking forward to tasting this Fall.

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The Pear Speaks:

I'll be using these for stocking stuffers!  

 - Walt, Lehigh Valley

    July 2016

Holiday Glow.

holiday pear tree
All that hot summer sun really is the happy holiday glow of Christmas in July!

Enjoy the spirit of the season for the remaining days of July during our early holiday gift giving special. Online shopping is certainly a festive way to keep cool, too. Visit our website for delicious Christmas in July specials and promo codes; valid through end of July.

Our gift boxes of fresh Asian Pears make the most wonderful holiday gifts; Christmas in July is a cool opportunity to shop, even before our crew has begun harvesting our pears. Shop now and your purchases of fresh pear gift boxes will ship on a date of your choosing between September and December.

Questions about delayed shipping for Christmas in July purchases of our fresh pears? Please reach out to us.

Growing Gifts.

Outdoors, at our orchard, final thinning of our pears has been completed.

All summer long, the crew has been selecting from each cluster of young pears, the best looking and strongest of Asian Pears. All other fruit is removed. The remaining Asian Pears now have loads of room to grow big, sweet and delicious as they bask in the Summer sun.  Soon they'll be ready for the holiday gift season.

Pear for the teacher? 

back 2 school pears
Throughout August and September, we'll be educating everyone with fun, back to school ideas via our website.

However, parents and teachers are already gearing up for healthy ideas for their students.  Adopt-A-Tree is sweet, natural science for the mind, soul & belly. Our nine ounce package of dried Asian Pears is clever and tasty for the backpack with its resealable pouch bag of sweet goodness.

If your teacher is tired of apples, how about some fresh Asian Pears to welcome a favorite teacher as the Fall semester gets underway? Want to welcome a particularly enterprising group of students back to school? Our fresh Asian Pears will start the school year off sweetly.

News buzz. 

Honey Jar Go!
The wait is over! Our soft-colored, lightly sweet and rich Asian Pear Blossom Honey is back in stock and is now available for shipping direct to you!

This honey is fresh from our bees' pollination this past Spring. Hundreds of English Honeybees visited our many Asian Pear Trees to make this delectable and popular honey.


Agrodulce Pork Burger
Never too many burger recipes for summer, right?  We've been grillin' away and thought you'd enjoy this creative pork burger made with our Asian Pear spread. 
Download the recipe for this creative patio grill dish from Chef Lesle.

Visit our recipes page for more Subarashii cuisine to create at home.

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