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July 2016 Newsletter

Happy summer to you, fans and supporters of sustainable local food and private company investing!

Amelia & Valerie of Sweet Ritual
AFI Funds 6 Deals in First Half of 2016 

Austin Foodshed Investors is on track to surpass internal targets for deal flow in 2016, having closed 6 deals in the first half of the year:
  • Working capital to facilitate the move to a larger space for woman-owned, locally sourced artisinal ice cream maker and retailer Sweet Ritual of Austin, Texas.
  • Construction financing for the buildout of The Cook's Nook culinary incubator and shared commercial kitchen in Austin, Texas.
  • Loan for hoop houses (portable enclosures) for the organic chickens at Tandem Farm Company of Driftwood, Texas.
  • Two transactions for Cat Spring Yaupon Tea of Austin and Cat Spring, Texas:  the first to "prime the pump" supporting a $250k USDA Value-added producer grant and the second for working capital for product line extensions not covered by the Grant.

In all of 2015, AFI's first full year of operation, five deals were funded.

Since founding, AFI has seen 92 deals; 11 have been funded.  All 11 deals are performing on both their financial obligations and impact goals.
Calling All Experts, Mentors, & Service Providers

We're in the beginning phases of compiling information on people and companies that may be helpful to local social-good & sustainable food companies.  

We're looking for mentors, domain-specific experts, and service providers.  We're looking for both folks charging fees and those wishing to volunteer.    Sign up for AFI's Expert Network
Kitchen & Meeting Room Available

Our friends over at Sustainable Food Center want to let you know that they have a both a community room and a commercial kitchen you can rent.  The fully stocked teaching kitchen holds 15 people for hands-on work or 30 for lectures, is solar-powered with a 4-Star Green Energy rating, and includes a commercial dishwasher, double oven, 6-burner gas stove, and a walk-in cooler.

Click for More on SFC's Rental Space
Learn to Be an Impact Investor

Ever buy a great product and wish you could invest in the company?  Or read about social entrepreneurs doing great things for the world, while making a profit, and wish to be part of that?  Or look at your retirement account and think "I've spent a lifetime building that, now what can I do with it that will actually help people, while earning market returns?"

If so, that's how we started too.

But we couldn't find a structure or an organization to help us understand what "impact investments" were available, or how to come in contact with entrepreneurs that needed money, or how to do due diligence.  So we decided to focus on local sustainable food, and our neighbors and friends here in Central Texas, and we built that organization:  Austin Foodshed Investors.

We'd be happy to help you start the journey toward shifting a small portion of your investable portfolio toward doing good while doing well.

And, just as we try to help our client companies find the perfect mix of capital - from a variety of sources where AFI is just one potential - we're glad to share with you what we, as Impact Investors ourselves, have learned about other, non-AFI opportunities to place capital with triple-bottom-line (planet, people, profits) organizations.

To get started, register with the AFI Investor Network.   Sign-up is easy.  There are no joining or participation fees.  There are no minimum deal participation requirements or minimum investment amounts.  There are no regular meetings.  ( We do currently require that all investors be "accredited", per the SEC definitions.)

Next, we'll schedule time to sit together and explain the impact investing landscape, learn of your goals, and provide you with resources and contacts.  You'll make all your own investment decisions (we're not an advisor), you'll control your funds (we're not a fund), you'll have the opportunity to personally interact with cool local  entrepreneurs (we are a matchmaker).  There is no charge for this.  We just want to share what we've learned, meet interesting people, and have some fun.

Interested?  Contact AFI Co-Founder and Partner Curt Nelson at  Or, if k now of someone else that might be interested, please forward this email.

Women Social Entrepreneurs: Meet Impact Haven

AFI friend Liz Deering has launched Impact Haven, a collaborative community empowering innovators and change makers in Austin, Texas.

Haven exists to support the whole woman in her career and social impact through workshops, mentoring, and networking.  Go Liz!
What an Honor...

We feel so dang lucky to get to do this work.  Each of us gets such enjoyment, and entertainment, and satisfaction from meeting people trying to transform the world, the region, and themselves into something better for all.

It is an honor to invade your inbox with this newsletter, an honor to meet in person, and an honor to be asked to help.

Thank you, and Cheers!

Curt, Jarred, & Eric

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