News You Can Use  July 2016



The FAWCO Foundation Board is delighted to unveil our new logo.
When FAWCO adopted its new logo in March, The FAWCO Foundation Board decided to follow suit by developing a logo that reflects our relationship with FAWCO and the values we share.
Working with Accent Brand Consultants, the Board designed a logo that incorporates the FAWCO symbol and communicates our common aspirations, yet emphasizes the unique identity of The Foundation as a separate organization.
The Foundation was created in 1967 to give expression to FAWCO's original goal to promote cultural understanding and peace. Since that time, The Foundation has raised and disbursed over $1,340,000, while administering charitable and educational programs that support FAWCO Member Clubs and FAUSA. Through our Education Awards Program, $891,000 has been given to FAWCO members, their children and grandchildren to support educational aspirations and broaden cultural horizons. We have also awarded $450,000 to support charitable organizations championed by FAWCO Member Clubs and FAUSA through our Development Grants Program. Since 2009, the Foundation has supported FAWCO's Target Programs which bring critical global issues to the attention of FAWCO clubs, attracting total contributions of $337,000.
With the release of this announcement, The Foundation has begun the process of employing our new logo on our website and in other applications. We will continue with our rebranding process by reviewing our mission statement and tagline over the coming months.



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We have news about the News You Can Use! From now on, we will be sending out the NYCU quarterly - in March, June, September and December. By publishing issues at these times, we feel you will be getting the vital information you need exactly when you need it. News that you really can use! Of course, there will be special editions as well when we have something important to share.

Look for some new NYCU features as well, such as follow-up reports on our EA recipients.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. See you again in September!