Hi everyone, I hope 2016 has been great for you all. I apologize for not updating in a few months. Since my last newsletter I competed at St. Anthony's, Wildflower, Escape from Alcatraz, and Challenge San Gil. For April, May, and June I was struggling with some sleeping issues and sickness and wasn't able to get in consistent training which was reflected in my racing. That's all back on track and I can happily say I was able to get my first win of 2016  on Sunday at Challenge San Gil. I still have a ways to go to get into top shape but I am happy to be moving forward. Next up for me will be the Boulder Peak relay where I will do the swim portion, Angela Naeth will ride and Abby Levene will run. From there I will go and seek to defend my title at IRONMAN 70.3 Ecuador.


Challenge San Gil
Querétaro, Mexico, July 3
1st Place - 4:36:41 - repeat winner (2015, 2016)
fastest swim and run splits, 2nd fastest bike split


First out of the water, thank you TYR!
Race Recaps
by Timothy Carlson, July 5, 2016

Read full article including how I use First Endurance products in my race prep and racing:
Race Date Location
IRONMAN 70.3 Pan American Pro Championship Panama
January 31 Panama
3rd St. Anthony's Triathlon April 24 St. Petersburg, FL
Wildflower Triathlon April 30 Lake San Antonio, CA
Escape from Alcatraz June 12 San Francisco, CA
Challenge San Gil July 3 Querétaro, Mexico

IRONMAN 70.3 Ecuador  July 31 Manta, Ecuador

Beijing International Tri Sept 11 Beijing, China


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Goggles:  TYR Velocity

Speed Suit:  TYR Torque PRO


Saddle: ISM PS 1.0

Wheels: Bontrager Aeolus 5 & 7

Helmet: Bontrager Ballista

Glasses: Smith Pivlock Arena

First Endurance EFS PRO

Shoes:  HOKA Clayton

Race Prep

Travel Tips



I travel a lot to races, across the US and Internationally including the Bahamas, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Lima, Mexico, Panama, and St. Croix. When taking your show on the road, use these tips to help you to arrive at the start line as rested and ready as possible. 

  • Always try and sleep as much as possible the week leading into the race. If you are like me and have trouble sleeping at the event then those extra hours in the bank will be your saving grace!
  • Pile up on the vitamins to avoid any sickness during taper on traveling. I take Vitamin D, Magnesium, First Endurance Multi V, BioAstin Astaxanthin, Zinc, Beet Performer, and a ton of water.
  • Bring snacks for when you are traveling. I know I always feel bloated and gross when tapering and I often forget to eat because I do not feel as hungry and I am when I am training. In order to complete a half or full ironman though you need to have the calories topped off. Do not be afraid to include a little salt in your diet as well. Salt Stick tabs work great.
  • Bring your pillow to races. It is best to feel as comfortable as possible when staying in hotels. I always travel with my own pillow as well as a small mini fan.