CIU  Recognized  as a Five-Star MGA!

CIU was recently acknowledged as one of only thirty Five-Star MGA's (as voted on by agents just like you) in the 4.05 issue of Insurance Business America

IBA polled thousands of agents nationwide to find out what you are looking for in an MGA, and to see which MGA's were meeting (or exceeding) your expectations; and out of 144 total MGA's who were "rated" in this survey, CIU was recognized as the only one specializing in the Midwest region to earn the Five-Star rating distinction.

So thank you for awarding us this honor!  We are blessed to have such wonderful agents, and that is why we work so hard for you! 

And thanks also to Insurance Business America for compiling and publishing this information!

It's not "just" a premises exposure...
Premises exposures present a very real hazard for our insureds.

Even if they "only" have an office where their own employees work (and customers rarely visit), they can still have a premises exposure.  (Think repairman, delivery person, etc.)

Or, if your customer has any "common areas" like Condo, Townhome, and/or Homeowners Associations; then they have a very real premises exposure.  

Commercial property owners (who "only" lease out space to tenants) also have an exposure; even if their tenants carry their own liability coverage.  (Property owners are often named in suits brought against a tenant, regardless of their involvement in whatever "situation" may have caused a claim.)  

Vacant land and/or vacant buildings also have a premises exposure (if someone comes onto the premises, either with, and/or without permission).  

And of course, property owners with actual on-site operations (retail shopping centers, warehouses, apartments, etc.) have a very large premises exposure.  

But we can help; because we can consider premises exposures of ALL shapes and sizes!  

Everything from Lessors Risk (Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, etc.) to Real Estate (Development Property, Vacant Land, Vacant Bldgs, etc.) and anything in between (Mercantile, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Apartments, Condo, Townhome and/or Homeowners Associations, etc).  

**We can consider these risks for GL 
AND Property coverage!!**

Send your premises-driven risks to 
newbusiness@ciusgf.com today!
No contractor is too big or small... we can help with them ALL!!

Whether it's a one-person "handyman" operation, or a large-scale Commercial General Contractor, we want to be your go-to market for ALL CONTRACTORS!  

-Excavation, Grading and Land Clearing
-Street and Road work
-Fence Erection
-Painting (interior and exterior)
-Tower Erection
-Tile and Stone work
-Landscape and Lawn Care
-Utility Contractors (Cable, Sewer, Water, Power lines, Gas Lines)
- Metal Erection
-Construction Managers

Call your underwriter, or send your submission to: 
How "HIGH" can 
you go?   (On Dwelling Values, that is!)

Do you need a market for  High Value Dwellings ?

CIU has 3 markets available to offer you a competitive quote!

Whether it is a Primary, Secondary, Vacant, Tenant Occupied, or Corporately Owned Dwelling; we can help!

Send these risks to
Marsha Peck, Ext 236, mpeck@ciusgf.com

There is no limit to how "high" we will go to help you write 
Commercial Lines  
Software Development/Engineering Firm- $2mil/$2mil Prof; $2mil/$2mil Data Breach; $2mil/$2mil Electronic Media Coverage. $25k dedt. $7.5mil GR. 2011 Retro Date. $16,855
Commercial Property Owner (Lessors Risk Only)- $3.2mil TIV. $5k aop dedt w/ 2%/$25k min w/h dedts.                                                               $12,920
Marina w/ Floating Metal Docks- $1mil/$2mil MOLL; $200k TIV (docks) w/ $10k dedt. ACV.  $37k GR. $7,280
Food Delivery- $1mil H&NO Auto. $2,500 dedt. $295k estimated delivery receipts. $4,500
Event Promoter- $1mil/$2mil GL (excl prod/completed ops). $500 BI/PD dedt. Includes blanket AI and WOS. 20 events a year. $5,925
Vacant Commercial Bldg- $500k/$1mil GL; $778k TIV w/ $2,500 aop/1%, subject to $5k min w/h dedts. 5,500 sq ft. $5,490
Sheep & Alpaca Frm (w/ dog kennel on site)- $1mil/$2mil Liab; $780k TIV w/ $5k dedt. $47k GR. $9,710
Personal Lines  
HO3- 4-family rental dwelling. $313k TIV. $2,115
HO8- Owner Occupied.  $303k TIV.  2 prior water losses. $1,830
HO3- Owner Occupied. $694k TIV.  PC 9. Log construction. $2,800
DP3- Vacant Dwelling. $650k TIV.  $5k sublimit for water damage (due to large prior water loss).  $2,690