July 2016

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Do More 24™
Thank you LCMC volunteers and staff who called over 500 donors during Do More 24™, an annual phone-a-thon organized by the United Way of the National Capital.
The event was a huge success! Including prizes and offline donations, you raised $13,248 for adult literacy in Montgomery County! What a difference you made in only 24 hours.
LCMC Tutor Honored with Service Award Bill
After retiring in late 2011, Bill Torrey found LCMC and began tutoring students. In May 2016, Bill received the Volunteer Award at the Nancy Dworkin Outstanding Service to Youth Awards Ceremony for his work with LCMC and the Jewish Council for the Aging (JCA).
Click here to read the full article about Bill's experience as a tutor with LCMC.
We are always looking for  volunteer tutors. Click  here for a schedule of upcoming information sessions and workshops.

Short-term volunteer opportunity: 
We are looking for a volunteer who can spend one to two hours in our office teaching a student how to use an Android ProScan tablet. The student speaks English fluently, but would like to use her tablet to improve her reading and writing. The volunteer will show the student basic functions of the tablet and help her download free English-learning applications she can use to practice reading and writing.

If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Jennifer Szabo at jenn@literacycouncilmcmd.org or (301) 610-0030.
Student Stories: On the Job Meiyue
Student Meiyue Liu describes her responsibilities at work. Thank you, LCMC tutor Robin Kautz, for the time you spend with Meiyue.
Click here  to read about Meiyue's job experience.

Student Stories: Arriving in the United StatesAmerica

Students write about coming to the United States. 


Click here to read about their experiences meeting new people, seeing new things, and being with family.

Student Writingstudentwriting
"Now I can read English news, watch English TV, listen to a radio, write a letter, and email to my son's teacher."
     - Wei Li, ESL Student
When adults learn to read and understand English, their lives change more than you might think. Click here to read how English literacy has changed students like Wei Li.
Rockville Rewards
Starting September 15, get your Rockville Rewards card for $15! At this price, your card will pay for itself after just two visits to a restaurant, shop, or other business. If you purchase your Rockville Rewards card from LCMC, we will receive 100 percent of the proceeds.
Click here to view a list of discounts from participating businesses.
Look out for more information about the Rockville Rewards Kickoff Day on September 15 and how to purchase a card.

Recent graduates of our tutor workshops.

Javiera Alarcon
Jane Alperson
Ardys Andrade
Godfrey Barrow
Brittany Bond
Sandra Bozworth
Alamu Chockalingam
Catherine Giovannetti
Alicson Knowland
Nancy Longo
Kris Martin
Janine Morris
Leslie Pool
Marsha Sutherland
Siva Venkatachalam
Ashley Williams
Leslie Zeman

Thank you for your support!
Kalpana Ahmed
Edward Alton
Jennifer Backus
Shelley Balis
Carol Bartlett
Andrew & Barbara Benson
Jay & Courtney Benson
Tom & Megan Benson
James Benson
Bethesda Friends Meeting
Gretchen Blankenship
Marcia Blisard
Marilyn & Joel Block
Joyce Bobber
Myles Boylan
Michele Cade
Cecilia Calaby
Capital Digestive Care
Eric Carzon
Myron & Nina Chace
Jim & Meg Chandler
Marlene Cohn
Rhea Cohn
Rosemary Colston
Marsha Colten &
 Robert Cohen
Community Foundation for    the National Capital Region
Dean & Karen Cooper
Edward & Debra Corwin
Sally Cummings
Norma Dancis
Mary Ann DeLuca
Debra Demske
Phyllis & Don Demske
Sue Demske
Dollar General 
 Literacy Foundation
Betsy Duff
Margo Dunlavey
Doug Dunlop
Carol Dymond
Anne Eggers
Noel Epstein
Eugene & Agnes E. 
 Meyer Foundation
Folake Fabunmi
Candee Flanagan
Barbara Flynn
Cindi Fox
Barbara Francisco
Mary-Ellen & David Friedland
Justin Friedman
Carol Gardner
Janet Garman
Melissa Garson
Paul Gaskin
Marilyn Gaut
Barbara Gifford
Elaine Gillespie
Claud Gingrich
Susan Girgis
Ellen Gold
Juddith Goldberg
Mary Goodie
Kay Greig
Gail Haag
Josia Hagner
Selma Hall
Terry Harbonic
Jim & Elizabeth Hastings
Kevin & Courtney Hastings
John Hastings
Janet Hauber
Susan Hebert
David Helfand
Doug & Margaret Hemmig
John Henika
Herb Block Foundation
Sheri Hild
Jeannette Honsa
Michael Hyman
Ann Jackman
Ronnie Jaffe
William James
Jean Jawdat
Jessica Jones
Michael Kabik
Margaret Kalacznik
Janet Kandel
Deirdre Kaniewski
Rebecca Kaplan
Rachel Katz
Suzanna Kelley
Bernice Kisliuk
Brenda Kline
Ellen Korb
Louis & Iris Korman
Zachary Korman
Jessica Korman
Heather Kraus
Samantha Kupferman
Holly Larisch
Mary Lewis
Richard Lieberman &
 Helene Weisz
Brenda Maas
Jennifer Maloney
Maryland Charity Campaign
Elliot Maxwell
Montgomery Coalition for  Adult English Literacy  (MCAEL)
Patricia McCarthy
D.P. McCaw
Frances McKown
Susan McLaughlin
Dorea McMahon
Elizabeth Meyer
Thelma Meyer
Marianne Miller
Ahmed Mohamed
Mary & John Moore
Amanda Moore
Morris & Gwendolyn
 Cafritz Foundation
Christine Neil
Ruth Ann & Dard Nelson
Carolyn O'Conor
Anita Okrend
Helene S. Oskard
Paul Pantano
Hunter Payne
Victoria Perkins
Anna & Vinnie Perrone
Ken Phifer
William Price
Jessia Pryor
William Ratcliff
Mary Rephlo
Linda Rhoads
Gina Robinson
Marie & Lloyd Ronick
Debbie Ruskin
Dan Sadler
Kathy Sampson
Elaine Schlossberg
Song-Hee Schmidt
Roslynn Seidenstein
Gar Seifullin
Virginia Shull
Meredith Smith
St. Mark Presbyterian Church
Martha Stephens
Julie Stewart
Katherine Stewart
Anne Sturm
Jennifer Szabo
Lee Talisman
The Allstate Foundation
The Boeing Company
Tracy Threefoot
William Torrey
Mark & Andrea Turnowski
Stephen Turow
United Way of the National  Capital Area
Patricia Vacca
David Van Tassel
Danielle Verbiest
Barbara Weitz
Renee Weitzner
Wendy Williams
Stephanie Williams
Kathryn Winsberg
Miriam Wolk
Susan Wranik
Dale Yablonowitz
Rivka Yerushalmi
Francoise Yohalem
YourCause LLC
Michael Zuckerman