Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

Communications Chair: Jeffrey M. Hammen   communications@ucctu.org
July 2016

One of the new initiatives UCCTU has undertaken this year has been to help in the recovery of military veterans who have suffered mild to moderate brain injury or PTSD in post 9/11 conflicts. Veterans are enrolled in 8-10 week individual programs through the SHARE Military Initiative at the Shepherd Center. Part of their rehabilitation is to learn fly tying and rod building. Our contribution is to take them fly fishing.

Former Navy piliot and UCCTU Fundraising Chair Denny Desmond has agreed to coordinate this program on behalf of UCCTU. Twice per month up to three veterans sign up for three-hour fishing trips to local waters. Denny makes the arrangements for these trips. This involves coordinating schedules of UCCTU volunteers, veterans and sources of transportation for the veterans; making arrangements for fishing equipment; and timing trips to optimize weather and water release conditions on the Chattahoochee River. Fraught with last minute changes, it is not an easy task.

A number of veterans have participated in the program this summer. Thank you to Denny for coordinating these trips and for the UCCTU members who have volunteered to help with the program. If anyone would like to help with these efforts, please contact Denny Desmond at ddesmond@mindspring.com.
Jim Harvey
Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

July Speaker - Jimmy Harris of Unicoi Outfitters - "Shorten Your Rod & Up Your Game - Getting Ready for Small Stream Fishing".

Renowned guide, fly shop owner, lifetime member of Trout Unlimited and all-around great guy (and fisherman) Jimmy Harris of Unicoi Outfitters will be our featured speaker at our July chapter meeting. 

 Come hear Jimmy give his "tips and pointers" for finding, approaching, and casting to eager fish waiting in the many smaller streams found in North Georgia. He'll also tell us what flies to use and how to present them. And, he may even share some advice on hunting and catching trophy-size trout. In addition to his activities with Unicoi Outfitters, 

Jimmy is a former Southeastern Council FFF Conservationist of the Year. He is also actively involved in supporting Project Healing Waters, Casting for Recovery, and Georgia Trout Camp. 

Join us on Tuesday evening, July 26 from 6 to 9 pm. The meeting will be held at Ippolitos Restaurant near the intersection of Holcomb Bridge Road and Eves Road in Roswell."

Visit Unicoi Outfitters at  http://www.unicoioutfitters.com/index.shtml

If you are interested in speaking at future UCCTU meetings contact Ken Mock, Programs Chair at  programs@ucctu.org
Trout Unlimited Teen Summit - Ryan Hartley

Ryan Hartley (in red) teaching casting at recent Rizzio Clinic
UCCTU Ryan Hartley reports from the Teen Summit

In June I attended the 2016 TU Teen Summit in Montana, joining about 20 other teens from all around the country. I experienced so much in 4 days, I honestly don't know if I can remember it all in chronological order, but I'll do my best. The first day we took some time to get to know each other and participated in fun team building activities. On the second and third day we began planning some projects to complete within the next year - projects such as a TU Teen Newsletter, and "Welcome Packets" for kids new to TU and fly fishing. I'm looking forward to describing more of our plans at the upcoming July meeting and working with UCCTU to implement some of them. 

In one of our discussions on the third day, participants described the challenges our home waters were facing. I spoke about the Chattahoochee and the challenges of having a river near a city with millions of people. I enjoyed listening to the other kids describe their local waters, and in a small way I felt like I had actually been to these places. 

Toward the end of the Summit we joined in a stream restoration project on Harvey Creek in the Montana backcountry. My participation was limited to being the "Nail Guy" of the group due to a broken wrist bone. It seemed as though my name was forgotten, and replaced with "Nail Guy" whenever a nail was needed. We reconstructed a section of fallen property fence to keep the grazing cows and their cow pies out of the stream. For our efforts we got to fish the creek afterwards. I was lucky enough to catch my first cutthroat trout, a fish on my bucket list. 

It was hard for me not to get distracted by my surroundings. The snow topped mountains and huge grassy fields were like nothing I've ever seen before. Everywhere I turned looked like a picture on a postcard. I saw moose, bald eagles, and these funny little animals called ground squirrels. They weren't very afraid of people, and I couldn't stop thinking that they would make some great dubbing. I had a fantastic time, and now I have friends that live all across the country that share my passions. I look forward to participating in the Youth Leadership Council, and hopefully attending next year's summit. 
Georgia TU Trout Camp

Another successful camp - a report from Charlie and Kathy Breithaupt

This year the number of graduates from Trout Camp went over the "300" mark. As we closed up our thirteenth camp, we reflected on all the years and realized that some of our graduates are approaching 30 years old and some of our campers this year weren't even born when we held our first camp. Time flies and it goes faster each day!! 

The weather was as good as it gets with cool mornings, mild afternoons and no rain. However, we need rain so now that camp is over...bring it on!! The campers all seemed focused on what they were learning and picked up the skills quickly. The trout cooperated and, by the second day, every camper had caught a fish. We didn't break a single rod this year and only one person got hooked and that was a mentor so it doesn't really count. 

We had a happy, bright bunch of young folks who were interested in fly fishing and also in TU's mission with clean, cold water. This year we enjoyed a visit from Tara Granke, Headwaters Youth Program Coordinator, who spent a day interacting with the campers and staff. Her enthusiasm and good nature were a boost to all and we hope she'll return often. 

About two-thirds of the chapters in Georgia sent volunteers to mentor the campers. That wide spread support has been the strength of our camp from the beginning. We even had three college-age mentors, along with our four "Young Mentors," who added much to the camp and bodes well for the future. Those guys sure have more energy than some of the rest of us. 

As always our agency partners, Georgia DNR and the Forest Service, supported our activities and helped the youngsters understand more about the fish and the importance of the quality of their habitat. Our campers always enjoy the day of toting logs, shoveling rock and driving re-bar. And...their efforts make a difference in a stream. 

We would also like to thank Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School for allowing us to use their wonderful facility for these 13 years, and that includes great food and a trout stream on campus! 

While we like to talk about "over 300 campers," what we really like to see are young folks with the heart and mind to carry on the mission of Trout Unlimited. We can give them some skills and ideas and information and then hope it all comes together for the good of trout and water and the sport that we all love. 

We know our efforts are making a difference. Gotta start getting ready for 2017.

Charlie & Kathy Breithaupt 

Note: Charlie and Kathy work tirelessly for Georgia TU State Council, for Rabun TU Chapter, and especially for Trout Camp.  
Trout Unlimited Turns 57

Article from Blue Ridge Mountain Chapter Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited was founded in Grayling, Michigan, on July 15, 1959. The organization has done a great deal of good since then. Here is some of the early history as described on the TU National website: 

The 16 fishermen who gathered at the home of George Griffith [on July 15, 1959] were united by their love of trout fishing, and by their growing discontent with the state's practice of stocking its waters with "cookie cutter trout"-catchable-sized hatchery fish. Convinced that Michigan's trout streams could turn out a far superior fish if left to their own devices, the anglers formed a new organization: Trout, Unlimited (the comma was dropped a few years later) dedicated to ensuring that wild and native trout populations were allowed to thrive, as nature intended. From the beginning, TU was guided by the principle that if we "take care of the fish, then the fishing will take care of itself." And that principle was grounded in science. "One of our most important objectives is to develop programs and recommendations based on the very best information and thinking available," said TU's first president, Dr. Casey E. Westell Jr. "In all matters of trout management, we want to know that we are substantially correct, both morally and biologically." 

Those early words of wisdom are still valid today. The spirit is alive in our Georgia TU and USFS stream restoration projects focused on native fisheries and streams where trout can live and thrive a wild, as opposed to an artificial stocked existence. 

To read more on the history of Trout Unlimited and the organization's conservation achievements, go to http://www.tu.org/about-tu/history.
Fishing Dayz - August - Jones Bridge

Next Fishing Dayz - Saturday, August 6th

We'll meet at Jones Bridge parking lot around 9:00 A.M. and walk down the path to the river.. For those that would like to float, bring your tube. We'll be going for Browns. Lunch following at a local restaurant. 

If you have more questions contact Ken Mock, Programs Chair at  programs@ucctu.org
Conservation & Advocacy

Martins Branch Stream Restoration Project

Mark your calendar - July 30th to join Upper Chattahoochee River, Foothills, Oconee River, Rabun and Savannah River TU Chapters for a brook trout stream restoration project on Martin Branch near Helen, GA. Martin Branch is a tributary of
the Chattahoochee River. We will be building and repairing in-stream structures to improve stream flow and provide habitat for brook trout. The workday is led by UCCTU and is open to anyone. Bring a friend or young relative!! A hat and work gloves are the only equipment needed. We will work with the Forest Service and DNR until about noon. Lunch and water will be provided. You might want to bring a change of clothes for the ride back.

So that we know how many lunches to prepare, please register with Bill Lott at 404-735-9989 or by email at conservation@ucctu.org.

Depart the Waffle House, 1470 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell GA at 7:15 AM (sharp) to carpool [arrive early for breakfast] or meet 8:30 am at Martin Branch on the Chattahoochee River Road - the intersection of FS 44 and FS 178.

From Helen GA take GA 17/75 North toward Robertstown.
At Robertstown, pass Hwy 356 to Unicoi and turn left over the Chattahoochee River at the Flea Market.
Just over the river, turn right onto Polar Stump Road.
Follow Poplar Stump Rd. along the Chattahoochee River as it turns to gravel and enters the Chattahoochee WMA.
Park at the FS 178 Bridge. It is the first bridge that crosses the river to your right.

This will be a great opportunity to contribute directly to the preservation of trout habitat. We hope you will join us for some fun and camaraderie on July 30th.

If you are interested in getting more involved in Advocacy or Conservation contact Advocacy/Conservation Chairman Bill Lott at  conservation@ucctu.org
Project Healing Waters/Share Military Initiative

Seeking Volunteers

UCCTU is teaming with Project Healing Waters to teach wounded veterans how to fly fish. Accordingly, we are seeking volunteers to provide instruction. Project Healing Waters has affiliated with SHARE Military Initiative, which is based out of Shepherd Spinal Center and assists veterans who are recovering from brain injuries and/or PTSD. For more information, visit http://www.shepherd.org/patient-programs/care-for-us-service-members 

Although there will only be a few veterans at a time needing instruction, we need many volunteers for this effort so that each one is only needed once a month or less. This will only be on weekends and entail basic instruction that includes casting, tying knots, mending, etc. 

If you are interested in getting more involved in this project and helping the warriors who have given so much to provide the freedom we enjoy contact the Project Coordinator Denny Desmond at 770-992-9242 or at  fundraising@ucctu.org
UCCTU Summer Raffle sponsored by Alpharetta Outfitters

Chance to win Patagonia Waders and Patagonia or Korker Boots. 

Drawing moved to August 27th meeting/picnic.

Approximate value: $600.00

Tickets are

$3.00 each or 4 for $10.00

Tickets can be purchased online>>>>>

See a UCCTU Board members to purchase your raffles. We will only be able to process cash and checks at the July meeting.

If you have any questions about our fundraising contact Fundraising Chairperson Denny Desmond at  fundraising@ucctu.org

News Bites
Don't forget to pay your UCCTU Voluntary Dues  Here

New 2016 Georgia Fishing Regulations.  All Mountain Trout waters are now OPEN year round.

Contact Fulton County's Georgia DNR Officer Mark Puig if you see any poaching or violations while your fishing next time.
Ranger Hotline: 800-241-4113
Cell: 404-997-3214
Email:  Mark.Puig@DNR.STATE.GA.US

Check out the new Chapter Website at  ucctu.org and leave comments in the Shout Out box. 
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Jim Harvey recently caught this 42 inch Striper 

From Chris Scalley, River Through Atlanta Guide Service - "Summer Browns"

Great summertime trophy brown trout on the Chattahoochee today with River Through Atlanta Guide Service. Way to go Kevin!
Seth Sullivan was the guide holding this specimen brown

The angler who caught this fish is a participant in the Catch and Sweet Release summer trout fishing tournament taking place all of July 2016 This hen measured at 23" likely weighing upwards of 6lbs on a 9ft 5wt fly rod!

Chapter Meeting - June 28, 2016