We love our summer interns.

July 2016
Our Interns Make the Summer
By Linnaea Furlong

Intern Sarah Fiori weighs a juvenile raccoon.
Did you know that every summer SCWR offers an exciting Internship Program? We invite students with related majors to come to SCWR for the summer to learn wildlife handling and rehabilitation skills and pursue their interests in conservation and ecology.

Summer is our busiest time and without our interns, the staff and our stalwart year round volunteers would be swamped with the workload. What's more, college is out and it's a great time for some hands on learning. Enter the interns! This year we have three veteran interns and nine new interns to help us out.

Interns submit a resume and cover letter explaining their interest in the program. Once the applicants are selected, they attend a day long orientation to prepare for the rigors of the internship. Interns volunteer at least twelve hours per week and assist with anything that needs doing, from laundry to rescues. We think their hard work deserves a shout out, so here's a big thank you to all of our interns this summer and a little more about each.

Intern Mike Combs, the goat whisperer.
Sarah Loughran has interned since summer 2015 and has become our Assistant Laundry Manager, teaching the other interns how to do laundry the SCWR way.

Brenna Cunningham is our second returning intern. We'll miss her animal handling and pie making skills as she moves to Humboldt State University to pursue a wildlife conservation and management degree.

Josie Broderson volunteered as a high school student and came back to intern as soon as she turned eighteen. She can be found washing animal dishes absurdly often. If she's not elbow deep in suds, she's probably out cleaning enclosures or weighing animals.

Morgana Davis is one of our beloved Saturday interns and handled working with a mountain of cut up deer with grace. She stays all day Saturday and excels at finding good hiding places for the animals' food to encourage them to forage. 

Sydney Weil is always willing to jump in and run errands, picking up fruit, releasing animals, anything we ask. She's our second beloved Saturday intern and is a talented raccoon wrangler.

Mike Combs has developed a special affinity for goats and always has a moment to give our goat Annie some extra love. He also is willing to clean odd places, like the top of the wolf dog enclosure.

Nicolette Michel has become an expert on hanging laundry out to dry. She has also been a duck bus several times to take waterbirds to International Bird Rescue, and will be staying this fall as a docent.

Intern Sydney Weil shows off her freezer organizational skills.
Sarah Fiori has become an expert tour guide taking children on field trips around the wildlife rescue and answering all their questions, questions, questions! If she's not herding children, she's usually preparing food for our hungry wildlife hordes, or assisting in the hospital. 

Erika Galdamez has become a speedy powerwasher. No grime is safe from her wand! She's also eager to go and rescue animals, no matter the challenge. She's always ready to go with a smile in the morning, and brightens our days.

Yadira Garcia enjoys helping feed the animals and bravely drives the big red truck to pick up supplies. She's got a great attitude, even when handling vultures. She's also helped animals go the distance, delivering transfers to International Bird Rescue.

Katlyn Wolzen is always ready for a challenge, including microchipping, vaccinating, and worming nine raccoons all in a row. She never hesitates to go catch animals to weigh them or get them ready for release.

Mikayla Spain came in the fall and has stayed the rest of the year! She can always keep herself busy cleaning, but really shines with her calm, confident demeanor around the animals. Her next step is to become a SCWR Saturday Tour Docent along with Nicolette.

Do you know a student who loves wildlife, won't mind getting dirty or getting sprayed by a skunk and wants to learn? Encourage them to apply for our internship program!

Linnaea Furlong
Education Outreach Director

Tube Fox

Fox with an uncomfortable collar.
What do you do when you're a fox and you have stuck your head through a PVC coupling? Well this lucky fox chose to wander past the window of the Olsons. When this wildlife loving couple noticed the fox with the unwanted collar, they called SCWR. Soon they had caught the fox and brought it in. We were able to get the tube off with a bit of elbow grease and the fox was free! See the video of freeing the fox below.


After a few days to recuperate and enjoy free food, the fox was released back in the backyard it came from. Thank you to the Olsons for caring so much about their wildlife neighbors. Check out our Facebook page to see their release video. This fox is fast!

Wildlife frequently have problems with trash. We've removed lids, domed cups, baling twine and more from wildlife. Sometimes their injuries are so severe that the only humane solution is euthanasia. Please be responsible with your trash and don't leave piles where wildlife can become entangled or trapped. This fox was lucky. We don't want there to be another stuck fox.

Family Forest Movie Night

Visitors arrive at last year's movie night.
What to do with your family on these long summer nights? Come to SCWR on August 6th from 5-7 PM and bring the whole family! It's Family Forest Movie Night! 

We're watching Meet the Coywolf, eating coyote and wolf themed snacks, making coyote and wolf tails and ears, and visiting the wolf dogs and coyotes. Only $20 per family. You can't go to a movie these days for that price! Come have a howling good time with us!

Recommended for kids 6 and up due to the 53 minute length, coyote peril and some pictures of dead coyotes in the documentary. 

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