July 2017
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June Client Minute To Win It Challenge
  The June Minute To Win It Challenge provided clients with a new workout each week and encouraged them to workout 30 minutes per day.  On random days during the month, they were given bonus minutes to workout more than 30 minutes.

Congratulations to the top 3 clients who worked out the most minutes in June:

Nicolette - 970 minutes - 1st Place - One FREE session
Angelica - 480 minutes - 2nd Place - 1/2 off a session
Gen - 365 minutes - 3rd Place - $10 off a session

Look for the winner of the July HIIT It Up and Body Fat Challenge in the August Newsletter!

Welcome New Clients &
Client Results Spotlight


  • Jeanne Hunt

Congrats on your results:

  • Jon and Lynn Kelly
  • Le Ann Allen
  • Anne Slusarski
  • Gen Hendle
  • Lori Rezek
  • Nicolette Kressner
  • Brent and Sherry  Kizer

Elgin Country Club Golf Fitness Clinics

Our Golf Fitness Clinics continue to draw rave reviews from members at Elgin Country Club! We stretched out some members before the tournament last Saturday. Golf Fitness can improve your game, add distance to your drives and more consistency to your short game!

Shape Up Secrets For Summer

Summer is a great time to get in shape for those outdoor activities we all love including visits to the beach, fests, barbeques, parties, carnivals, concerts and vacations. Below are some secrets to help you shape up and stay that way.
Burn More Calories in Less Time: Try Shorter, Intensive Cardio Sessions - Interval workouts, in which you alternate a short bout of hard exercise with several “recovery” minutes at a more moderate pace are among the most effective weight-loss methods you can do. They burn more calories than a longer, same-paced workout would because your heart rate stays elevated even when you drop the intensity back down.

Look Leaner Faster: Say No to Carbs at Night - All carbs cause your body to retain water, so by cutting back at night you’ll wake up feeling lighter, tighter and leaner.

Get Better Results: Push Yourself a Little Harder - If you ever wonder: Am I working hard enough? Odds are, the answer is no. To get the most of your fitness routines, check several times during your solo workouts and ask yourself if you are really challenging yourself. If not…then do it!

Speed Weight Loss: Take a Day Off - Yes, you read that right. So many people think that if they want to get in shape and lose weight fast they need to exercise like crazy every single day. Not true. Your body needs at least one or two rest days a week, where you either do a much easier workout or just totally take it easy. If you push yourself too much you’re going to put your body into a stressed state where it will actually hold onto any excess weight (rather than give it up) because it fears you’re going to run it into the ground and sooner or later it’s going to need those fat reserves for energy. So for best results, ease up once or twice a week.

Maintain Your Fitness Focus: Ditch the Reading Materials - I see so many people at the gym and they’re barely pedaling the bike or elliptical machine because they’re so focused on what they’re reading, be it a magazine, cell phone or newspaper.  It's okay to zone out, but don't forget why you're there. To get the biggest fitness bang for your buck, leave the reading material at home and listen to tunes or even a podcast.

Intensify Your Workout: Turn Up the Tunes - Research shows that a killer playlist can actually make you work out more intensely, without even realizing it. The speedier the tempo, the harder people tend to exercise, so boost your workout with upbeat songs. There’s even evidence that music makes workouts feel easier and more enjoyable. So turn those tunes up!

How to Survive Summer BBQ's & Fests
Summer weekends shouldn't mean you have to steer clear of healthy foods, nor does it mean you can't have a small treat either.  As with grocery shopping, plan ahead. 

Are you going to a barbecue? Make sure you are not skipping meals.  Offer to bring a healthy snack or side dish. Choose the healthier foods first and also opt for a smaller size plate. Choose healthy substitutions when you are able to. Drink plenty of water, especially with your cocktails and in between them as well!

Going to an outdoor fest? Don't skip meals ahead of time. Think about the choices you will have and plan ahead and think portion control. If you can't pass up that guilty pleasure, share it with someone and also drink lots of water too!   

Here is some food for thought (these are typical estimates):
A corn dog has 375 calories, 21 g fat 
Funnel cake has 760 calories, 44 g fat
Chocolate covered frozen banana has 240 calories, 4 g fat
Frozen lemonade has 280 calories, 0 g fat
Cotton candy has 225 calories, 0 g fat
Caramel apple with peanuts 400 calories, 10 g fat

Plan ahead and choose wisely!  
Stability Balls Basics
  Stability balls, also called "swiss balls," "physio balls" or "balance balls," are portable, inexpensive tools that can bring a new twist to your workout. Useful in group and home exercise settings, the stability ball can be used for core-specific workouts, weight training and balance challenges. Below is guide that will help you determine which ball is right for you.
      45cm ball    =     4’6” to 5’0” tall
      55cm ball    =     5’1” to 5’7” tall
      65cm ball    =     5’8” to 6’1” tall
      75cm ball    =     6’2” to 6’7” tall

Client Spotlight - Meet Nicolette

Nicolette has been training with me for over 2 years and she trains 1x per week. She wanted to expand her strength training regimen and uses her training sessions as education and motivation to support her goals of getting more tone and lean. Nicolette is one of the strongest clients I train and as you an see from the videos, there really isn't anything this SUPERWOMAN can't do!


Nicolette continues to get stronger and stronger...just take a look her arms! She's got GUNS! She's  able to do whatever crazy exercise I throw at her and she inspires me every session with her determination and I GOT THIS attitude! Keep up the great work!!!

July Featured Recipe - Healthy Egg White Bake
This recipe is for all those people out there that are always running late who say they have no time for breakfast much less a healthy breakfast! Here's the answer to your dilemma! The Healthy Egg White Bake is easy, convenient and a great way to get your veggies in too! No more excuses!!! 

Healthy Egg White Bake
  • 3-4 cups of chopped vegetables 
  • ​1 large or 2 small cartons of egg whites
  • Black ground pepper 
  • Non-stick olive oil cooking spray

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, coat 13x9 inch metal baking pan with cooking spray, chop vegetables, cover bottom of pan with vegetables, pour egg whites over vegetables, sprinkle with pepper. Bake for 30-35 minutes. Store in refrigerator and heat up as needed. Eat plain or put on whole grain toast, tortillas or pita pockets (pita pockets are great for on-the-go breakfasts). Top with fresh slices of avocado or salsa.

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