christmas in july pear
Good Grief, Charlie Brown!
Only a few days left to take advantage of our Christmas in July shipping special. Festive opportunity for free shipping when you purchase our Medium Gift Box of fresh Asian Pears during the month of July. Your gifts will ship once these deliciously juicy pears become available during our Fall harvest.  

Don't forget to tell us your desired delivery date as well as your holiday gift message when you shop. We'll notify you when your fruit is hand-picked & ready to go. 

Be sure to use promo code JulyXmas when you visit our online store!  Click here to read more or  to shop online .

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tree decor for holidays
Tree Decoration

We have our very own holiday ornaments hanging in our orchard - Asian Pears. Each growing in the summer sun are starting to look like the size of holiday tree decor.   

In the weeks ahead, our Asian Pears will swell into larger sizes. Their flavors will ripen getting sweeter by the week. At the same time, their unique colors will become visible and bright.   Excited to enjoy your favorite pear variety this Fall? Just email us to be notified when its harvest begins.  

What is your favorite pear?
Dried Asian Pear Curry

Because our dried Asian Pears are as versatile as they are flavorful, we are always experimenting with them in the kitchen.  

Our latest twist is a delicious curry dish featuring the "pear-ing" of beef and dried pears in a korma style curry. Korma suggests a creamy style; for our dish - the curry spices, meat, dried fruit and fresh veggies are accented with coconut milk.

Click here to download this spicy Summer recipe from Chef Lesle.


Dried Asian Pear Xmas