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July 2017 Newsletter
Convocation of US Conference of Catholic Bishops   [July 1-4, 2017]
CCCR continues to carefully follow developments of the Convocation of the USCCB.  You may want to follow the livestream at  You may see coverage in coming days elsewhere.

Change in the CCCR Board Membership
Jim Moudry has decided to step down from the CCCR Board. 
The Board will miss his guiding presence, deliberative wisdom, and insight over many years.  
No July Open Forum or Council of the Baptized Meeting
The Council of the Baptized Open Forum does not meet in July. Join us for the next Open Forum on Tuesday, August 8th, at 7 PM, when we will consider issues around ordaining women.  
You may want to read the Council of the Baptized paper on the ordination of women, which was published in February, 2017  It may be found by clicking Catholic women and holy orders: The time is now
Opportunities:  Be Involved

Here are some ways you may consider contributing to the work of CCCR and CoB:

1.   In the spirit of the Convocation of the USCCB in Orlando, e-mail your hopes and concerns for our Church, and for our Archdiocese to Archbishop Hebda at .

2.  If you have an interest in any issue that you would like to see pursued,  send an e-mail to:   CCCR and the Council of the Baptized at .  Let us know your thoughts.

3.  Consider a ttending FutureChurch retreat on women deacons.  It will be in San Francisco, California, September 8-10, 2017. More information:   Women Deacons Retreat .   
RRRecommended Reading  

Click on the following links to get to these recommended readings.

Women deacons by Phyllis Zagano  - Sebastian Gomes ( Salt and Light, June 3, 2017).  [this is a 30-minute Youtube video.]
DeaconChat: A conversation about women deacons  -   [a joint project of the  Association of Catholic Bishops, FutureChurch, and Voice of the Faithful. [this is a website.]

The uncertain future of parish life  T. Howland Sanks, (America, June 2, 2017).

What does it mean to be a Catholic scientist?  - William E. Carroll ( Big Questions Online , May 9, 2017).

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