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Marie-Claude Stockl
Greetings from NY where summer is in full swing. It has been a year since I became President, and I am enjoying the momentum of a fast-growing organization.
Today, I am heading to the beautiful Raven Hill Farms in Florida, NY, where I'll meet the participants of the C3 certification class. I hear they are "an amazing group of people". Some have experience with Equine Assisted Learning, and I can't wait to learn how they plan to use the E3A facilitation model.
There is a special date around the corner: August 1st. That's when we offer a FREE webinar: "Opening the Gate to the Field of Equine Experiential Education", from 8 to 9 pm ET. Check it out on the website and sign up! When you join the seminar, you will be included in a drawing to win a free C1 Training (pre-requisite for C2 and C3 certifications).
August 1st is also the last day to get the early bird price for the E3A Conference. Don't miss it! The date for the First International E3A Conference is September 14-16, 2017 at the Calvin Center near Atlanta, GA. We have an outstanding program of speakers in the morning, and activities in the arena with horses every afternoon - and plenty of networking opportunities in between.
And on the topic of international presence, some of our members are sharing the E3A model with people at the other end of the globe. Scroll down for Joe and Starr McAlexander's important work in Singapore.
All this progress is made possible by you, your generous horses, and the volunteers who serve on the board and various committees. To all, a heartfelt thank you. Enjoy your summer, and see you in September.
Happy trails,

Marie-Claude Stockl

   Upcoming Training Deadlines

For a complete list of the 2017 Calendar of Events & Trainings, click here.

Confused about Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) options? Then you may want to register for E3A's new webinar!
Opening the Gate to the Field of Equine Experiential Learning: Bringing Horses and People Together for Positive Change (Webinar)
August 1, 2017 (8:00 PM ET) Register Now!
When it comes to EAL, there are different names and requirements, with various approaches, and numerous purposes for experiential learning with horses. If you or someone you know currently works with horses or wants to, or is interested in incorporating horses into an existing coaching or consulting business, then you will want to attend this webinar. We'll explore the E3A approach to partnering with horses and what sets us apart. You will also have a chance to win a FREE C1 training to set you on your way (a $75 value and a pre-requisite for attending C2 and C3 training and certifications).


Interested in becoming certified? Act now and you could be certified by the end of October for as little as $2075*. Level 1 certification consists of a Teleclass (C1), plus 6 days (C2 and C3) under the tutelage of two master trainers in the arena. We limit enrollment to small groups to give you lots of personal attention.

C1: Introduction to Equine Experiential Education
Facilitation Method (Teleclass)
Sept 12, 2017 Register Now!
Oct 5, 2017 Register Now!
C1 is also being offered on Sept 14, 2017 in person as a classroom session at the 1st International E3A Conference in Hampton, Georgia. See the conference details below and join us at the conference to take C1, network with E3A members, and learn how to take your EAL business to the next level with the E3A approach!    

You can still get early bird registration for  
Level 1 Certification in Anna, Texas on Oct 20-Oct 26.

C2: Foundations of Equine Experiential Education Facilitation
Oct 20-22, 2017. Early Bird rate is $925 through Sept. 20. Register Now!

C3: Advanced Equine Experiential Education Facilitation
Oct 24-26, 2017. Early Bird rate is $1175 through Sept. 24. Register Now!

Bundle C2/C3 at the same time for $2000 and save $! 
Total cost of the certification, including $75 to cover the cost of the C1 teleclass is $2075. This is our most cost-effective certification package.

Having trouble registering? Call us at 775-376-2530.

1st International E3A Conference: Early Bird Deadline August 1
Early Bird Registration Deadline is August 1!
1st International E3A Conference:
Inspired Leadership through Equine Partners
September 14-16, 2017
The Calvin Center
Hampton, Georgia (near Atlanta)

The 1st International E3A Conference is almost here and we would love to see you at the conference! In addition to interactive, morning classroom sessions, the afternoons are filled with arena sessions with the horses at the Calvin Center, providing an in-depth view of the E3A facilitation process in action.

To get a preview of some of the topics to be covered, watch these video interviews with our keynote speakers:

Dr. Linda Pucci
, Inner Resource Center, LLC, Everything I Needed to Know About Leadership, I Learned from My Horses

Lissa Pohl
, University of Kentucky, Department of Community & Leadership Development, Seeing How to Serve - Like a Horse: Leveraging Your Somatic Intelligence to Transform Others

Ginny Telego
, Wager's Way, LLC, How to Master the Art of Trusting the Process

Follow us on Facebook over the next few weeks for video interviews with other conference speakers!

For further details about the conference program, registration, and accommodations, visit today!

  Member Spotlight on Carrie Brady 
Carrie Brady
Possibilities Farm
Wilton, Connecticut

Carrie Brady and her horses
Carrie Brady is the founder of Possibilities Farm in Wilton, Connecticut and the new E3A Membership Support Committee chair

I started designing my home farm when I was five years old, but it wasn't until I discovered E3A 40 years later that my dreams came true. As an executive and later as a healthcare consultant, I regularly encountered teams and individuals who did not recognize the possibilities in themselves and their situations. As a result, they tended to see only problems, not solutions. When I learned that some medical schools were using horses to teach doctors how to work more effectively with patients and colleagues, I knew equine experiential education was my calling. 

E3A was exactly the resource I needed. I've always incorporated creative, experiential approaches into my work and knew that spending time with my horse often led to significant breakthroughs in my thinking, but partnering with horses professionally was new. E3A helped me realize that equine experiential education actually built on skills I had been developing throughout my career. I wish I had received E3A training years earlier - it is useful for anyone working with individuals and teams, even without horses.

Mere and Potato
When I attended C2 I didn't have a barn or a program, and my beloved horse had passed away, but I had passion and commitment. Approximately one year later, I had built my farm, found two extraordinary equine partners, and started seeing clients. Possibilities Farm quickly became reality thanks to the exceptional E3A training and the colleagues I met. One of my C2 classmates, Melinda Brown, also has horses at home and flew out to help soon after my horses moved home. Her ongoing guidance has been invaluable. Marie-Claude Stockl recently helped me find my third horse partner, a mini named Paddington, and Mindy Chernoff, a C3 classmate, mentored me in starting horse circles, which my clients love!

Swinging Open the Gates
My experience with E3A leaders and members is why I'm so excited to give back to E3A through the Membership Support Committee. The recent member survey generated many ideas for how to better connect the incredibly talented E3A members with each other. A new directory for certified practitioners is being developed that will help you find mentors and experts, and we recently launched a new series and format for member networking calls. New resources also are being added to the E3A member website. If you'd like to be involved in the new committee or have membership support ideas, please contact me at I'm grateful to E3A for helping me live my dream and for the opportunity to support others in realizing theirs. Believe in yourself, listen to your horses and heart, trust the process and watch the magic happen!
Spirit Song Brings E3A to Singapore!
Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy (SSYEA) Introduces E3A to Singapore

The Spirit Song-EQUAL Team at SSYEA
Joe and Starr McAlexander, owners of Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy ("Spirit Song") of Anna, Texas, have taken E3A international. They have introduced the powerful questioning model and Personal Development and Wellbeing training to a premiere facility in Singapore, EQUAL-ARK Singapore Ltd. (Equestrian Assisted Learning for At Risk Kids). EQUAL's mission is "to help vulnerable youth remain engaged in the community through education and employment, through a philosophy of equine-assisted learning."

Joe and Starr made the connection with Singapore in 2011 through meetings with the chair of EQUAL and the chair of the National Equestrian Centre of Singapore, touring both facilities. After comparing approaches and experiences working with at-risk youth, both organizations discovered a common goal of tapping into and interacting with the connection between horses and kids. The discussions with EQUAL accelerated in 2016 in the context of the E3A facilitation model. EQUAL already had an incredibly talented young staff and a working, remarkable program. They had little exposure, however, to herd dynamics, reading horse behavior, and working with horses at liberty. In December 2016, EQUAL sent three of their staff to Spirit Song in Texas for a two week intense, targeted learning experience. According to Joe, this learning experience was "a turning point" for both EQUAL and Spirit Song.

Kathy Moore with the EQUAL Team at SSYEA
After several days of meeting and connecting with the horses at Spirit Song, the EQUAL team participated in a one-day Personal Development and Wellbeing (PDW) workshop at Spirit Song conducted by Joe, Alison Selby (Equine Manager at Spirit Song), and Starr. Each equine-assisted activity in the PDW workshop guided the EQUAL participants through Awareness, Alignment, and Action in which they determined individually, and as a group, what they would do differently when they returned to EQUAL. The EQUAL team was then immersed in a seven-day program that started on the first day with Master Trainers PJ and David Stegen guiding them down a path of experiencing the power of Powerful Questions, used in both personal and professional life. The next five days were devoted to integrated activities with the Spirit Song staff - observing horse behavior, learning about herd dynamics, and designing and conducting activities using the E3A five-question model. Tying a ribbon around this amazing two-week experience, Master Trainer Kathy Moore, on the last day, guided them to a new level of appreciation of what it means to connect with the horse as a partner. The takeaway from this phase of the process was an awareness by EQUAL about how to use each of these experientially learned factors to promote an understanding of specific ways to leverage strengths to enhance growth and development, both individually and collectively.

A Debriefing Session at EQUAL in Singapore
Starr and Joe recently traveled to Singapore to visit EQUAL in April of 2017, observing multiple equine-assisted learning sessions and the first two pilot sessions directed to elder care. EQUAL had already begun the process of integrating into their program the actions they identified four months earlier in the PDW workshop at Spirit Song. After five days of observation and debriefing, Joe and Starr helped EQUAL define five actionable areas to explore and implement based on experiences to be gained over the next several months. Spirit Song and EQUAL continue to cooperate each month through on-line conferencing. EQUAL has scheduled Spirit Song for additional workshop training in Singapore in August and December of this year. EQUAL also plans to attend the E3A August 1 webinar as well as a C1 teleclass in preparation for future E3A training.
Starr and Joe McAlexander are co-owners and directors of Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy, located in Anna, Texas, 50 miles north of Dallas. Starr has been an English Centered Riding Instructor since 1997, is a former U.S. Pony Club Education Director for the Dallas Pony Club, and Horse Management Judge for USPC Regional rallies. Joe is a Registered Professional Engineer, bringing to the team his years of experience in corporate/people management and motivation. Along with staff member Alison Selby, LMSW, Starr and Joe received their E3A Certified Advanced Level II Certifications as Personal Development Trainers in 2016.

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