July 2017 News & Notes
What to Do When the Foundation Collapses

One family found out the hard way when the foundation of their city of Syracuse home collapsed after a recent heavy downpour and weeks of unrelenting rain. With rain and mud washing into their basement, they made their first call to Common Councilor Susan Boyle, who in turn, reached out to Home HeadQuarters for help.

Home HeadQuarters fast-tracked emergency assistance for the family from a variety of sources, including Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding through the City of Syracuse and additional funds through the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC). Work to repair the foundation began immediately on the home to ensure their safety and was completed with minimal lasting damage to the family's belongings.

If you know a family in need of emergency home repair assistance, please refer them to Home HeadQuarters' Urgent Care Program.
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Local restaurant favorite Laci's Tapas Bar is holding their 7th Annual Laci's Give Back Challenge! The Facebook contest will award the proceeds from Laci's August fundrasier to the non-profit with the most "Likes." 

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Working with Your Realtor
Saturday, August 12 | 10 am-12pm
Home HeadQuarters | 538 Erie Blvd. West

You're invited to learn the role of your realtor, forms you may need, understanding your purchase contract, pre-approvals vs. 
pre-qualifications and what funds you need to close.
Meet CNY Affordable Realty staff  and enjoy light refreshments.

Register now to: (315) 671-6008 or info@homehq.org
Meet Laura Jones

Laura Jones is Home HeadQuarters' newest friendly face in our ever-busy lending department. Laura joins the organization as a lending administrator, helping to organize customer loan applications to get them into the system and on the way to underwriting. She also helps out at the front desk and provides customer assistance.

In her previous job, Laura was a customer sales and service representative, but decided that she wanted to focus her efforts on helping people, especially those that live in Syracuse. She remembers as a child going with her Grandmother to her job at a local non-profit organization and decided that one day, she too would work in the non-profit sector.

Is there anything that surprises her about her new job? "I can't believe the number of loans and grants that go out these doors every day," says Laura. "All the people we help, I didn't really expect or imagine that many."
Thank You To Our Newest  Block Blitz Sponsors!
We're Counting Paint Brushes...

How are you getting ready for the 2017 Block Blitz on September 14? Whether you want to sponsor your company's volunteer group, know a contractor that wants to give back or just want to donate a few of your favorite plants, we need YOU! The event gets volunteers, skilled contractors, landscapers, students and more to come out and improve the homes in a 3-4 block area--all in ONE DAY!

For more ways to get involved, visit our Block Blitz page on our website here!
New York State Land Title Trust Association Convention Lands in Syracuse...and in the Block Blitz

While Land Title Trust professionals might seem unfamiliar to many of us, it seems that Syracuse and Home HeadQuarters' Block Blitz will soon be on their radar at their 2017 Annual Association Convention. NYSLTA's new president is from Rochester and wanted to introduce the mostly down-state contingent up to Central New York. As part of the convention, NYSLTA holds a charity auction, which, this year, will support HHQ's Annual Block Blitz.

Taking on Commercial Development on North Salina Street with a Little Help from HHQ

Lisa Welch doesn't call herself a developer. She prefers to describe herself as someone with a growing appreciation and passion for her urban environment. Lisa, a planner with the Syracuse Zoning office, first met her new project on North Salina Street in Syracuse when she discovered the building was losing another owner who had given up the project.

"The last two owners had completed some renovations, but they weren't complete or fully up to code requirements," said Lisa. "I just decided then and there that I loved the idea of working on this project and jumped in with both feet!"

The building, which had housed a furniture store, a glass shop and antique store, and also housed the various families who ran the stores, needed extensive updates, especially bringing the building up to existing fire code. Lisa applied for and was awarded a National Grid Main Street Grant and also took advantage of Onondaga County's Green Infrastructure Program and State and Federal Tax Credit Programs. She soon found however, most programs reimbursed after project completion and it was difficult to find financing during construction.

"My local banking partner is great, but I also needed additional funding to bridge the reimbursable grant and tax programs.  Banks are not always able to loan money to cover those gaps in timing," said Lisa. "I needed something that could act as a bridge loan until I could get reimbursed from the grant and tax programs."

Lisa was working on the building with a local contractor who regularly performs as a general home improvement contractor with Home HeadQuarters' customers. He told Lisa to call and find out if HHQ had launched their new commercial lending efforts because he thought it would be perfect--especially for a project like hers.

Lisa Welch is now the inaugural customer of Home HeadQuarters commecial lending program, and neither party can figure out who is more excited. Lisa is hard at work making renovations, seeking tenants for the upper floors and a retail component for the first floor while trying to discover who keeps dumping tires behind her building. Home HeadQuarters staff is working to roll out the program to an already-growing list of new and existing businesses.

"We need to attract people to our city to keep it viable and I'd like to think that I'm doing my part in giving back and helping to sustain our community," said Lisa. "I also think Home HeadQuarters is the most positive group of people I've worked with so far on this project, I think you guys are as excited about this project as I am."

For more information on commercial or investor financing, please contact Johanna Anderson at (315) 474-1939 or info@homehq.org.
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