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We can consider the CONTRACTORS building these projects, as well as the  OWNERS/CONTRACTORS/PROTECTIVE 
(liability coverage for the owner of the project during construction), and the BUILDERS RISK (for property coverage on the project during construction), not to mention the ENTIRE facility ( PROPERTY and GL ) once completed/occupied! 
Contact us TODAY to see what we can do for you on these opportunities!  
Phone: 800-241-9759
E-mail: newbusiness@ciusgf.com
Don't "abandon" your VACANT DWELLING business!
From time to time, your insureds may have a vacant dwelling that needs coverage; and w hile many standard markets shy away from this type of exposure, CIU can help!

Here are a few examples of what we can consider:
*High Value Vacant Dwellings*
*Corporately owned Vacant Dwellings*
*Vacant Condo Units*
*Vacant Dwellings titled in the name of an Estate or Trust*
*Dwellings that have been vacant for long periods of time*
*Vacant Dwellings in PC 9/10*
Whatever the situation with your customer's vacant dwelling, give us the opportunity to provide you a quote!   

Send your submission to personallines@ciusgf.com.   

We will not abandon you!  Give us a call today!
Beyond the Office...
CIU was recently able to provide the Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club in St. Louis the opportunity for 24 children to attend a St. Louis Cardinal ballgame.
This long established non-profit organization (established in 1960) was established with the mission "to produce physically active, well-educated and hopeful youth with families at the center of our efforts.  We view this as needed to accomplish our vision of simulating the pursuit of knowledge, attainment of a healthier life and the skills for greatness."
The MDBGC was founded under a shade tree in St. Louis Handy Park by two neighborhood baseball coaches, Martin Luther Mathews and the late Hubert "Dickey" Ballentine.  Since then the Club has instilled the values of respect, restraint and responsibility within more than 2 million young people, ages 5 to 18.
CIU recognizes and applauds the efforts and accomplishments of the Mathews-Dickey Boys & Girls Club and are happy we could help support such an outstanding organization .

Miscellaneous E&O

When your risk defies an "easy" definition, try CIU!

Miscellaneous E&O is a broad and growing area within the Professional Liability category. 

Some examples of this type of account may include: 

-"One Off" or Unusual Consultants    

-Construction Managers

-Testing Labs

-Tax Preparers


-M&A Consulting

-Expert Witnesses

-Property Managers

-Mortgage Brokers


-Interior Decorators

-Safety Training

-Title Abstractors/Title Agents/Escrow Agents

-Public Claim Adjusters

Call an underwriter to discuss your specific risks (800-241-9759) or send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com 

"Notable Dates" 
for July...
Happy Anniversary to:
Christin Dancy (who has been with CIU for 16 years)
Becky Jennings (who has been with CIU for 10 years)
Robert Saitta (who has been with CIU for 9 years)
Ruth Elledge (who has been with CIU for 25 years)
Happy Birthday to:
Dave Hinrichs  (on July 3rd)
Commercial Lines  
Hotel (w/ pool)- $2mil/$4mil GL (w/ $300k Damage to Rented Premises coverage); $2mil Prop TIV. Spcl x-theft; RC; $5k aop/$10k w/h dedts. Based on $325,000 annual receipts. Fully sprinklered. $16,270
Used PPT Auto Sales/Service Risk- $300k Garage Liab; $100k UM/UIM; $1k Med Pay; $25k GKLL; $90k DOL (w/ $1k comp/coll dedts). 3 rating units & 3 d-tags.  Prior loss history. $6,495
Law Enforcement Training Academy- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil E&O.  80 students annually. $7,500
Fireworks Sales/Warehouses- $1mil/$2mil GL; $2mil Prop TIV. Basic; ACV. $10k property  dedt. $22,675
Paddleboard Yoga Instructor- $500k/$1mil GL; $1mil/$1mil E&O; $8k IM.  Based on $15,000 annual receipts.  $1,975
Light Mechanical/Meter Calibration work on Propane Trucks- $100k CSL Auto Liab. $236,625 Phys Dmg. 5 power units & 5 trailers; 500 mile radius.  $22,700
Garbage Service- $1mil CSL Auto Liab. $92,500 Phys Dmg. 10 power units; 100 mile radius.  $26,410
Self-Service Gasoline Stations (2 loc's)- $1mil/$2mil GL. $980k Prop TIV. Spcl-x theft. RC. $2,500 aop dedt/$5k w/h dedts. Based on $1.3mil annual receipts and 1.2mil annual gallons of gasoline. $11,260
Software Development/Engineering Firm- $2mil/$2mil Prof; $2mil/$2mil Data Breach; $2mil/$2mil Electronic Media Coverage. $25k dedt. $7.5mil annual receipts. 2011 Retro Date. $16,855
Roofing Contractor- $5mil Excess over GL, AL and EL. $300k annual receipts. $11,615
Personal Lines  
HO3- Primary. $1.2mil TIV. PC 4. Prior loss history (including a dog bite loss). $3,025
HO3- Primary. $405k TIV. Prior large water loss. (Includes a water exclusion.)  $2,540
HO3- Primary. $321k TIV. PC 5. Prior fire loss history. $5k dedt. $2,140
DP1- Primary. $153k TIV. Prior wind/hail loss history. (Includes a wind/hail exclusion.) $1,300
HO3- Primary. $680k TIV. PC 10. $2,500 aop/5% wind/hail dedt. $4,510
HO3- Primary. $1.3mil TIV. PC 2. $5,820