July 2017 News
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Upcoming Events:

July 6 - August 10:  Kansas City Regional Office Behavioral Resource Team Hosts Tools of Choice for Parents.   Click here for information and enrollment.

July 18:  EMT Training offered at KCRO.   Click here for more information and to sign up.  

July 21 - Jackson County Parks and Rec Picnic and Dance.   Click here for more information.

July 26:  DPI fundraiser at Chipotle, Independence.   Click here for a flyer!

August 2:  Autism Acceptance Event at Kansas City Regional Office.   Click here for flyer.

August 11 - 14:  DPI fundraiser at Five Below!   Click here for flyer.  (Flyer required for DPI to receive donation.)

August 19:  Midwest Ability Summit!   Click here for flyer.

August 25 - Jackson County Parks and Rec Dance.   Click here for more information.

September 7-10:  DPI Papa John's fundraiser.  Stay tuned for more info!

September 8 - Jackson County Parks and Rec Dinner and Dance.   Click here for more information.

September 15:  Arc of Missouri Education Summit.   Click here for flyer.

September 29:  DPI closed for Staff In Service

October 23:  DPI Pizza Ranch fundraiser.  Mark your calendars!

We are so thankful for all the donations we receive that help strengthen our services and leverage our precious dollars.  

Right now, DPI is accepting the following in-kind donations:
purchase of the following supplies:
  • Hand towels, paper towels, chucks, personal hygiene wipes, Clorox clean up wipes.
  • Party supplies: napkins, plates, plasticware, birthday decorations and holiday decorations used for special celebrations.
  • Grocery store gift cards to purchase food supplies for lesson plans, snacks and celebrations.
  • First aid supplies including: latex-free band aids, ice packs, batteries, paper tape, latex-free disposable gloves, cotton balls, large Ziploc bags, sanitary pads/tampons, Qtips, cotton balls, hand sanitizer, and more.
  • Puzzles.
  • Plastic storage boxes (large with lids for storing programs supplies, decorations, etc.).
  • Gift cards to office product stores or office products including: pens, printer paper, 3-inch black binders, post it notes, blue 2-pocket folders.
  • Art and Craft Items: easels, tables, display supplies, paint brushes, paints, canvas, sketchbooks, and more.
  • DJ services for upcoming events (Let us know if you know someone who would like to volunteer to provide these services.)
  • Sensory integration supplies including: hand held massagers, scented lotions, lighting and sensory balls (Contact Amy Cox at acox@developingpotential.org  for specific list from our suppliers.)
  • Soda pop donations for each site (soda sales are used as fundraiser for activities).
  • Car wash passes, gas gift cards and oil change gift cards for DPI vehicles.
  • Passes for group activities in the community (Contact Amy Cox at acox@developingpotential.org for specific needs by location throughout the year.)
  • Carpeting.
  • Painting.
  • Holiday gifts:  We collect new items throughout the year that can be used as holiday and birthday gifts for the individuals we serve.  In November, we publish a list of specific needs for the holidays.  For many of the individuals we serve, these are the only birthday or holiday gifts they will receive. 
  You can support DPI by hosting a drive for these items at your 
place of employment, with your civic organization, in your neighborhood or 
at your place of worship!  

Let us know and we will help you plan and organize your supply drive.
Email acox@developingpotential.org
DPI in the Community

With Sadness and with Joy...
In June, we said goodbye to Loretta Shore as she retired after 17 years with Developing Potential.  Loretta loves, loves, loves our individuals and she will be greatly missed by all.  We wish Loretta great joy in her new adventures in retirement.  

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center now offers an Educational Essentials Kit for the newly diagnosed. The kit includes practical information as well as our newly published Essentials of Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet. If you or someone you know needs this important information please visit our website to sign up for a kit.

DPI Employment Connections
Welcomes Gayle Mallicoat

Gayle started working for DPI six years ago at the Independence site in a 1:1 capacity. Having never worked with individuals with development disabilities, she came aboard having the heart knowledge, but certainly not the head knowledge. "I had a lot to learn, and learn I did!  I couldn't have asked for a better staff to teach me about this awesome position," says Gayle.  

After a year in Independence, the Lee's Summit site was ready to open and Gayle moved to that location. "It was an exciting change and I loved being a part of making it grow in so many ways. As we were able to serve new individuals, we had a lot of challenges and goals to set and meet.  We worked hard to create a wonderful atmosphere that fosters independence, creativity, individuality and mutual kindness and respect."

Still working as a 1:1, Gayle felt a strong desire to branch out a bit this year. After engaging with individuals in many volunteer capacities over the years, she really felt a draw to consider supporting those that were seeking employment. After speaking with the Community Employment staff, Gayle realized that this was a perfect fit! Gayle went through specialized training which included shadowing Angela and soaking up her vast amount of knowledge, Gayle is now enjoying this new phase of her career in ways she says she never could have imagined. "What a pleasure to meet with these fun, thoughtful, hardworking and driven young men and women on a weekly basis. To watch them grow and bloom at their chosen jobs is just too wonderful for words. I look forward to becoming a valued member of this team and being a part of tremendous growth in the employment program," beams Gayle.

Are you a job seeker interested in receiving services from
DPI Employment Connections?
For more information, contact Lori Oxborough at loxborough@developingpotential.org or 816.525.6000 ext.112.
DPI Health and Wellness:
Summer Heat

Temperatures are soaring across the area and we want you to be prepared!  Excessive heat can lead to sunburn, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
Heat Cramps:
If someone is experiencing heat cramps in their legs or abdomen, get them to a cooler place.  Have them rest and replenish fluids with about 4 ounces of cool water every 15 minutes.  You can also lightly stretch the affected muscles.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion:
  • Cook, moist, pale, or flushed skin
  • Heavy sweating
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Exhaustion
If someone is exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion you should:
  • Move them to a cooler place
  • Remove or loosen tight clothing and apply cool, wet towels to the skin
  • If conscious, give small amounts of cool water
  • Watch for changes in condition
  • If the person vomits or begins to lose consciousness call 911 
Signs of Heat Stroke (LIFE-THREATENING):
  • Hot, red skin which may be dry or moist to the touch
  • Changes in consciousness
  • Vomiting and high body temperature
If someone is exhibiting signs of heat stroke, you should:
  • Call 911
  • Move the person to a cooler place
  • Quickly cool the person's body by immersing them in cold water, spraying them with cold water, or covering the person with cold, wet towels or bags of ice
Your health and wellness depend on you staying cool this summer.  
Thank you to Trinity Church of the Nazarene for your support of DPI through Servanthood Sundays!  We appreciate all you do!

Thank you to our newest volunteer, Scott, for helping us in the office and helping us prepare for events!  We really appreciate your support.
DPI Recycles!
Please bring your used print cartridges to any
DPI location and we will recycle them. 
Cartridge World makes a donation to
DPI for each cartridge we recycle!
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