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July 2017
The long days of summer are here, which means more time
behind the lens and extended creative time outdoors! 
RHOdium FSND's continue to pass tests with flying colors!

Unbiased tests are par for the course in this tech-savvy industry and our new RHOdium FSND filters are being run through the paces. Several esteemed rental houses in the US and Europe have already tested and added these filters to their inventory due to their neutrality and durability. Now the filters are landing in the hands of established shooters for intensive testing. Most recently with DOP's Brian Hallett for Pro Video Coalition and Phil Holland for

Phil Holland is one of the top DP's amongst Red Digital Camera users and his knowldege of the technology within that community is second to none, which makes him an expert on the IR issues, especially when combined with ND filters, that Red has dealt with throughout the years. In a direct quote from Phil, " As time and technology have advanced in the motion picture industry our eyes have certainly been more focused on quality control. One thing that has challenged cinematographers is color consistency with traditional dyed Neutral Density Filters. With their new RHOdium FSND filters Schneider has stepped up to the plate using a rather state of the art process with an accurately measured thin layered ND coating bonded between clear water-white sheets, which if well maintained, could last a lifetime.This has produced a truly neutral filter across a broad range of density strengths, which is important as digital cinema cameras are becoming more sensitive to light.Clearly marked, protects against IR color casts, a neutral color rendering, and built to last.These are some of the things a color critical eye and the working cinematographer will enjoy with the RHOdium FSNDs." RHOdium FSND Test Chart by Phil Holland

Brian Hallett approached his test from both the motion imaging side as well as still photography, and how the filters would work across the mediums, allowing those shooters who cross platforms to benefit from having these filters in their regular go-to gear packs. Using the filters with both Blackmagic Design and Canon DSLR cameras, "In my opinion, these filters just worked well. For the little time I shot with these filters I saw zero color casting or tinting of my deep blacks in my video or still photography. Schneider allowed me to test all ten of the filters and I can say all ten proved the exact color accurate image as I expected. When delivering costly and expensive footage to a client the RHOdium FSND seems like a smart investment toward color perfect footage." Read Brian's full article on his test:

Rhodium FSND filter test by Phil Holland

Custom Filters

Schneider Optics has had a long and creative relationship with Cinematographers and Photographers by assisting in bringing their visions to life through custom made filters. Sometimes requests for a filter effect can even culminate in bringing that product into our cataloged family of products due to the value we feel it will bring to the rest of the visual arts community. A few example images of these filters are shown below. Maui Brown filters were made in a request for a filter that emulates the famous warm brown look of Maui Jim sunglasses. The Sahara Gold was created at the request of our friend Seamus McGarvey, BCS for the film "Sahara" to give the desert shoot a warmer (as in color temperature) feel. And probably most famously is the True-Streak filter line, which recreates the streaks synonymous with older and expensive anamorphic lenses. 

Whether your vision for a filter results in a main stream filter or a filter that is custom made just for you, Schneider Optics is committed to continuing our long tradition of creating products that help make your vision a reality. If you would like more information on creating a special look, please feel free to email us at  [email protected]

Filters clockwise from top left: Maui Brown, Sahara Gold, Blue True-Streak 

Mandy visits Schneider West during her travels!
Mandy Lea:
In Love with Light

Mandy's mantra is "The Mountains Made me Do it", and as a traveling landscape photographer she keeps only the most essential gear close at hand, always ready to capture the next great moment in time.
"Photography is all about light, and for landscape photographers that often means hiking out to a beautiful location before sunrise. I was not disappointed when I finally arrived at this beautiful waterfall. The sun was rising directly behind it, and so I wanted to capture both the magical starburst and the smooth flowing water of the falls. To accomplish this I stood my tripod in the water and pulled out my B+W Käsemann HTC Polarizer. This cut back the glare on the water and allowed me the proper exposure for the falls and the sun."
See the new B+W Mentor Series ad featuring one of Mandy's beautiful images made with the B+W Kaesmann HTC Polarizer in upcoming issues of Shutterbug, Landscape Photography, Outdoor Photographer, PDN and Professional Photographer magazines. 

Camera: Nikon D810 | Lens: Nikon 24-70 2.8 | Filter: B+W Kaesmann HTC Polarizer
Location: Great Smokey Mountains National Park 

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