Welcome to our new Acupuncturist, Summer Hours Updated, and forms... A Quick Read!
July 2017

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New Acupuncturist!
anne louise smallen
If you did not get a chance to read about or meet our new acupuncturist yet, please read below and join us in welcoming Anne-Louise Smallen to NCA as our new acupuncturist!
Anne-Louise will be working Saturdays beginning July 1st, as well as covering some vacation hours and adding additional shifts as the need arises.

A note from Anne-Louise:

My name is Anne-Louise Smallen. I just moved to the Northampton area and I am happy to join Rachel and Katie as a licensed acupuncturist working for Northampton Community Acupuncture.  I like how well organized, compassionate and professional they are and how the clinic has been able to offer excellent services at affordable prices.  I believe that everyone should have access to acupuncture and they practice that.  

I graduated in 2008 from Tai Sophia Institute (now called Maryland University of Integrative Health) where I studied five-element acupuncture and furthered my knowledge of ancient oriental medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, an internationally known master of ancient and modern Chinese philosophy and techniques. I practiced in Maryland (Sunrise Acupuncture), in New York State (New Lebanon, NY) and Massachusetts: in Pittsfield (Moments House Cancer Support Center) and Great Barrington (Volunteers in Medicine).

I have great respect for, and confidence in, acupuncture because I have seen how well it helps people with chronic and recurring diseases. I consider it very important in treating gynecological and fertility issues, long term illnesses, addiction and recurring pain.  Although it is an ancient practice pre-dating modern science, it can affect hormones and keep them balanced and under control.

Acupuncture manages side effects of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, and mitigates the side effects of taking medication on a long-term basis.  Acupuncture is useful with many long-term ailments and engages the whole person in pursuit of health.  It works on the body, the mind and the spirit.  

After treating so many patients, I have become a convinced witness and a dedicated practitioner because it is such a helpful method of healing.  I hope you will consider me if you need treatments.  I currently work on Saturdays from 9 to 2 and will expand my hours in the fall.
Summer Hours Update
  Beginning July 1st, clinic hours will be as follows:

12-5  (Katie)

 9-2 (Rachel)  2-7 (Katie)

9-2 (Rachel)  2-7  (Katie)

9-2  (Katie)  2-7  (Rachel)

9-2  (Katie)  2-7  (Rachel)

9-2  (Anne-Louise)

Closed Sundays

Vacation/Schedule Changes:

We will be closed Tuesday, July 4th, for the holiday.

Katie will be off 6/30-7/9
Anne-Louise will be covering Thursday 7/6, 9-2
Friday 7/7  9-2

Rachel will be off 8/1-8/14. Additional coverage to be announced.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and flexibility with us, as we strive to grow and continue to offer high quality, affordable acupuncture to our community!

Updated Forms Coming...
Just a heads up to ALL of our new and returning patients - beginning in July, we will be asking each of you to sign an updated Informed Consent to Treat Policy, as well as an Arbitration Agreement, to include in our patient records. This is a requirement to be in compliance with our malpractice insurance policy, and we very much appreciate your cooperation.
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