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Using Massage Tools for Self Massage

Self massage tools are super helpful in maintaining the benefits of massage between appointments and the best part is that they can be used at any moment in the comfort of your own home - no appointment necessary! Self massage can help with the everyday aches and pains brought on by stress, tension, poor posture or stressful work positions. It's also beneficial to maintain flexibility and faster muscle recovery during and after fitness routines. Here are a few ways that massage can help... 
  • Release restrictions
Restrictions in movement can come from bad posture, repetitive movements, and scar tissue causing the facial tissues to tighten. Relieving these restrictions allows the tissues and joints to move better with fewer structural dysfunctions and imbalances.
  • Flush out built-up toxins
2/3 of your body is water and muscles act as pumps, moving fluid through the body. Tight muscles aren't effective pumps; keeping fascia loose increases flushing and 'cleaning' in the body.
  • Relieve muscular pain
Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada found a decrease in inflammatory cytokines, or proteins, and an increase in mitochondria, the energy producing units in cells after a massage. Mitochondrial production is a sign of tissue recovery, which on the cellular level acts the same way as many pain medications.
  • Benefit blood and lymph flow (circulation)
Circulation is increased through physical manipulation and the release of chemicals, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells.
  • Promote relaxation
Massage helps the body to relax, slows breathing rate, lowers blood pressure, increases serotonin levels and helps decrease the negative effects of stress.
  • Create a healing response
When muscles are relaxed and the nerves are no longer compressed, they can resume their normal work of transmitting messages to and from the brain, which improves the functioning of the muscles and organs.
  • Relieve trigger points
Trigger Points (TrP) are small patches of tightly contracted muscle that feels like a knot. The muscle gets so tight that it constricts blood flow and can create pain in other locations away from the trigger point (referred pain). For example, trigger points in the piriformis muscle can cause pain in the hip, buttocks and leg (sciatic pain) which is not associated with damage to the sciatic nerve.
  • Help mobilize joints
Improve adaptability so your body is capable of responding to the demands of your lifestyle. Willow trees bend with the wind, but the stiffest trees are the most easily cracked.
  • Reduce soreness
Rolling clears the after-effects of exercise by pumping nutrition into the muscle and moving waste products out.
  • Reduce chances of injury
Your tires wear unevenly if your car's alignment is off, same for your ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders!
  • Stimulate muscles
Stimulate and open muscles to make your stretching more effective.
  • Keep joints aligned
An upright and aligned body is best suited to handle the stresses of gravity and is a great home to live in!

At NAO we keep a Moji handheld, the stick and a Protec ball at the counter and you might have noticed any one of us using them at one time or another. Here is Ron's tip on incorporating self massage into your daily routine...

Ron's Recipe.... I usually do self massage after lifting weights, and that is one of the most important parts of this whole self massage program, figuring out a time that fits into your routine and keeping it a part of your routine, but once you do, you will look forward to it as much as your workout.  For me, I roll out on the trigger point firm roller hitting the quads, IT bands and calf/soleus area five to ten minutes.  Then I use the five inch Protec ball on my hamstrings and calves, and then while leaning against the wall starting with the shoulders I work my way down my back. Recently, I've moved it over to the front side and roll it around on the chest area for another five to ten minutes.  Good stuff. 

Massage Tools available at NAO
  Massage Balls
Massage balls from The Orb, Trigger Point, RAD Atom, RAD Rounds, and Acuball.
It's easy to apply pressure directly to the point where discomfort is felt by using the floor, wall or any hard surface to stabilize the ball. 
  • Foot, calf, tibilias
  • Anterior glutes, psoas
  • Upper back, chest/pecs, lats/side torso,
  • Neck and arms
Heatable Acuball
Combines acupressure with heat for effective pain relief. You heat it in the microwave for one minute before use and put it on the floor or against a wall and use your weight to roll around on trouble spots, "trigger points" or knots.
  • Shoulder tension, pain between or around shoulder blades
  • Spine, back and neck
  • Feet and hands
  • Chest
  • Entire body, really
Foam Roller
Trigger Point Grid and Y rollers and RAD Helix roller.
Foam rollers can be used for toning exercises and are excellent self-care massage tools to help relieve tension and improve posture.
  • Low, mid and upper back tension
  • Leg pain, Quads, Hamstrings, IT bands, TFL, hips, gluts, calves
  • Lat pain
Rolling Stick - Massage Roller
The Stick, Pro-Tec roller, Moji Curve PRO, RAD Rod with RAD Atom.
They are very versatile and can be used all over the body to relieve pain and tension - especially in the legs.
  • Shin, backs, sides and fronts of legs
  • Inner thighs 
  • Neck, arms
  • Feet
Moji Hand Rollers and Foot Roller
Moji Mini PRO and Moji Foot PRO.
These easy to use rollers have several stainless-steel massage spheres that roll as you move them. Pinpoint your massage by pushing your fingertips into the top sphere, called the "Target Sphere" and apply pressure while rolling. For the most intensity, use the heel of your palm against the bottom "Intensity" sphere and apply pressure onto your calves, shins, IT Bands, or PSOAS.
  • FREEZE for an Ice Massage
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain
  • Targets hard to reach areas in neck/shoulder
  • Calves, shins, IT Bands, or PSOAS 
  • Can be used on entire body
  • Or use the foot specific one for sore tired feet
Self-Massage Tips
  • Relax - if you are tense while you massage yourself, there will be no benefit. Get yourself into a comfortable position.
  • Use massage balm or massage lotion rather than oil. Oil tends to just leave a mess and it's difficult to wipe off when you have finished.
  • Concentrate on trigger points - these are the "knots" in the muscle tissue, and they feel harder than normal muscles and are tender to touch. Massaging these areas can help reduce pain.
  • Warm the muscles, perhaps by massaging in the bath. Warm muscles tend to loosen up better than cold muscles, so massaging in a warm environment such as a bath can help.
  • More is not always better, don't zone out and wind up working one area for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Instead, be diligent over your entire body and address all the muscle groups. A few minutes a day is better than once a week for half an hour.
  • A common mistake is to over-massage an already inflamed area. Overdoing it on compromised soft tissue can lead to more inflammation and a longer recovery period. Again, focus on a specific spot for no more than 10 to 15 minutes, then move on.
  • Our body's muscles and connective tissues are complex and sensitive; they react to stimuli such as pressure, heat, and speed differently. With pressure, it's a matter of easing into it and not going too hard. Going too hard, too fast causes the muscle to seize up when what you want it to do is release. Think of warming up into the massage, like you would a workout, and then avoid going too hard.
  • Tools can't sense your muscles relaxing; only your hands can. When using any implement to self-massage, stop occasionally to check in with your hands and feel how your muscles are reacting.
  • Self-massage is excellent upkeep, but some pain and injury doesn't respond well to massage, that's when it is time to call in a pro.
Coming in July
NAO FUN RUNS: July 17th Only
We won't be doing our Fun Run on July 3rd, but drop by NAO on July 17th to join us in a 5K walk or run. Everyone starts and ends at NAO and then we all head over to either McGivneys or Bullwinkles.

Fun time, fun prizes and good company.

Drop by NAO to register, all registration forms must be in before 6pm. The runners begin precisely at 6 pm at the Nugget Alaskan Outfitter (walkers are encouraged to start at 5:30pm). All runners/walkers are entered to win door prizes at the final destination. Participation is FREE and at your own risk, so please read all info provided.

Fourth of July 
We will be closing at 6pm on July 3rd and will be closed all day on July 4th. Have a great 4th of July! 
Did you know...
The Nugget Alaskan Outfitter has a few other ways to help you save money...

Quantity Discounts:
Buy 2 or more pairs of socks and get a 20% discount on each pair.
Buy 12 pairs of commercial fishing gloves get 10% off, or buy 72 and get 20% off.

Special Group Discounts:
As a thank you to all active Military personnel - when you show us your military ID, we will give you a 10% discount on regularly priced items.

Foster parents can enjoy a 20% discount on regularly priced clothing, outerwear and footwear when you sign up for our FosterWear Program. All you need is your OCS card and a drivers license.
Members of Juneau Trail and Road Runners (JTRR) qualify for a 10% discount on all running footwear, clothing and gear.

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